Extreme Couponing Tip: Print 3 Coupons to a Page

Looking for another way to save on printer paper and ink? Whenever you can, print 3 coupons at a time!

At many printable coupon websites, including Coupons.com, Target.com, SmartSource.com, CouponNetwork.com, and RedPlum.com, you can print multiple coupons at once. Selecting and printing in sets of three can conserve ink and paper.

Many times, when you only select one coupon at a time, an advertisement will print either before or after the coupon. Another consequence of only printing one or two, especially from Target, is the coupon(s) will print in the center of the page. But when you print coupons in sets of three, this maximizes paper space, saving you money in the long run.


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hi, i have a question regarding printing from coupons.com. until recently, i had been able to print 2 per computer from that site by hitting the back button. over the last couple of weeks, I can’t seem to do that anymore. anyone encounter the same issue? any tips for getting it to print 2 again? thanks!

If you don’t want to print 3 coupons from the site you are on, you can always print your first copy (press cancel if an ad starts to print below it) and spin the paper around and print the second copy of that same coupon on the other end of the sheet and then a target one fits perfectly in between them.

I was wondering if anyone prints coupons the way I do. I select “print” if I think I may need a coupon for an upcoming sale but not sure and don’t want to waste ink and paper on a coupon I may not need. My computer is not connected to the printer so it is in my list of print jobs, I then click “pause” write down the date, coupon description and and print number. Then, if I need the coupon, I go to the notepad on the computer and click “resume” connect the printer and print. It seems like a alot of work, but I have gotten really good at it and can do this in just a few seconds. I can also see the list of coupons I have available to print because I have them all written down. Does anyone else do this? Thanks so much,

That is a great idea!  Does it affect the expiration date?  I would just be so paranoid of my computer needing a hard restart and losing the print jobs!

I have noticed that some expire the same day next month. So if I “printed” it today, it would expire June 18, others will expire a different date. So I’m not sure. After I actually print the coupons out if I need them, I have another notepad named “printed coupons” that I just copy and paste from my regular notepad named “coupon print numbers.” That way, I have a list of coupons I have actually printed out also. I have not had a problem with losing any print jobs… I go through and clean out my print jobs every couple of months of coupons I never used, I just hit “cancel. “) Also, for the coupons I print through swagbucks I put a + at the end of the description so I know that I will get points if I use that coupon. :) 

Oops, I didn’t see your response and posted almost the exact same answer to Brittany’s question! At least we both agree :)

I’m glad we both agree – it’s nice when you get a second opinion on something too!  Especially on something as complicated as BOGO coupons! :)

i have a question for someone. Can I use a bogo qpon and a $3/2 qpon on the same 2 items?

It sounds like you’re talking about the Pantene coupons.  You couldn’t use 1 BOGO coupon with 1 $3/2 coupon because you can only use 1 coupon per item.  The BOGO coupon makes 1 of the products free and the $3/2 applies to 2 items, so you’d be using 2 coupons on one item.  You COULD buy 4 items and use 2 BOGO coupons and 1 $3/2 coupon.  The BOGO coupons would make 2 of the 4 items free and the $3/2 coupon would apply to the 2 products that aren’t free.  HTH

my rite aid takes them, but then again my lovely shopfriend puts through manually what wont scan. also w/ rite aid(some) you can use an in ad Q with a video values and still use a mfr Q and they all scan. last week i was getting the loreal hair gloss for 99cent a box when i bought 2.

That’s awesome that you have a cashier that will do that for you!  Technically though using the $3/2 with 1 BOGO coupon wouldn’t be right because like I said you’d be using 2 coupons on 1 item (the free item), which isn’t allowed.  I’m not sure if this would affect whether or not the store would be reimbursed, but we all know that you can’t use 2 manufacturer coupons on 1 item.  It would be different if it were a BOGO sale and you used the $3/2 coupon, but Rite Aid’s new policy doesn’t allow that either…oh BOGO you make me GO NUTS!

i guess every rite aid interprets thier policy thier own way. last week i was able to use the BOGO  Q on the speed sticks which were BOGO in store and just pay the tax, but at another rite aid mngr told me that they wouldnt do it and i couldnt use the Q at all

No, you can’t. You would have to buy at least 3 items to use both coupons.  Are you talking about the Pantene coupons? I bought 4 pantene, used 2 bogo and 1 $3/2 (the $3 coupon applied to the two I was buying, and then I got two free). 

 thank you! I was referring to the Panteene coupons. :) I will buy 4 then

I cut the unused 2/3 of the paper when I only print one coupon and then when I am printing just one coupon next time I hand feed the shorter sheet of paper.

I recycle paper to use for coupons and so do not worry about wasting paper.  I try to work it out so that the opposite side is blank if possible (like if the paper I am recycling only has words on the upper part of the page, I insert the other end).  Even if there is writing on the other side of the coupon, it doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t personal info.

I also use my printer’s draft or fast mode.  It uses less ink and prints faster, but I’ve never had any issues with them scanning.

i found the grey scale takes way too much black ink

 On my printer, you can do fast or draft mode, even if you print in color…  it just uses less ink.

thanks for letting me know that. I love the fast printing but hate  the amount of black that i use. i did find a website that  hadgreat deals on refurbished ink carts. like 43.00 for3 blck and 2 color(hp 74 and 75) i cant remember that sites name uuuurg!!

OK, I dont know how to do that! 

Absolutely, anytime I print I try to find 3 I will use, I have what I call junk paper. Paper with nothing printed on the back like those things you get in the mail from the ins. co. that use a whole page of paper and have 1 line of type at the tope of is just the address page for a window envelope. And any documents. we did a refi on our house to take advantage of lower rates 2 yrs ago. The mortgage company sent us 4 copies of the same documents that were at least a ream of paper each 2 in my name 2 in my husband 1 certified 1 not. We kept 1 and the rest unless there was important info. I have been printing on the back. I use the full page ones as scratch paper, and I even let my kids make paper chains out of the scraps after I cut my coupons. No waste in this house!

Me too!! We refinanced last yr and had TONS of useless printed material…I used the back of them to print out tons of coupons!!! 

Same if you go to the hospital…they print tons of useless docs(but at least they ask if you if want them to recycle it for you)….that you can flip over and print coupons to….!

 I knew I liked your name for some reason. lol Great minds think alike!

Whenever I print directly from a Bricks link (when it only lets you print one at a time), I always flip the page over and print the 2nd coupon so it’s on the opposite side and end of the page.  If there is no ad in the middle of the page, that’s where I’ll print single Target coupons.  You have to be very careful when doing the “flip and print” though; I’ve lost a few coupons because I flipped it wrong.
I also always watch the printer when I’m printing single coupons.   If I see that the coupon itself is done printing, but the printer is still going, I’ll hit ‘cancel’ to save ink on the advertisement.

 I do most of these methods too! I’ll try the cancel part once my replacement ink arrives! Are stores still able to redeem coupons if there is Ad material on the front? I messed up the $1 Reach coupons and the advertisements overlapped :c!  Although the barcode is still visible I wouldn’t want to create a hassle for my own mistake and $1

If the barcode is present, and they can make out at least some of the coupon, it might be worth a try. Worst case, they say they cant use it…..

Has anyone had issues with many places not taking black and white printed coupons anymore?

Jamie, I have never had an issue with places taking black and white coupons, that is all I ever print in with my laser, not ever a problem once, anywhere!

I only print in black/white and draft and have never had a problem anywhere and I’m not using a laser printer.

I’ve never printed in color…as a matter of fact, my color cartridge has been out of ink for years…..

i’ve noticed that alot of sights wont print in b&w even if my printer is set that way(target). i also realised that only printing in b&w (grey scale, fast and economical print settings) i go through my black ink WAY too fast, it has to print the lovely pictures. ive tried to print them smaller to save ink and you can see everything clearly but it wont scan:}any body have tips on the most cost effective print setting on your printer. i have an hp photo smart c4480.

YES! I tried it, it worked!  You need to cut strips of paper out retaining your width of 8.5″ and three strips measuring approx 3.75″.  Only load one at a time and be sure they are fed straight.  I got an error afterward but so what, just hit your cancel/clear button and its all good =) Go on and print another and avoid the advertisements.

I have not tried this; however, if you adjust your page print size and cut your paper w/ a paper cutter I think you could actually get away with the coupon only.  You may get an error msg that your print job didn’t go through but thats the point. =) Just a suggestion.  I will try it and let ya’ll know.

I can’t recommend enough getting a laser printer, not only do you save money on ink, but you have a lot less hassle at the checkout with coupons scanning. Laser printers print much more crisp so the coupons usually always scan without any problems at all!

How much do those run?

I bought an HP laser jet thats wireless for $100 at Amazon with free shipping.  It’s saved me money because it costs less to print (I get toner on ebay for it for about $15-20, the generic brands but it’s always taken them no problem) so I think it’s well worth it. Plus being a wireless I can print from anywhere in the house!

I’m going to look into this….someone else mentioned this and I’ve been having trouble lately with my coupons scanning…this laser printer might eliminate this….

after i can see my coupon i hit cancel print and most of the ad gets cut off

I have my printing options set to let me preview before printing. Then with the facebook coupons, I can see if there is an ad or not. If there is an ad, I usually cut my paper into thirds, so they are the perfect amount of space for a coupon! Then, if the add is BELOW the coupon, I can just slide one of those sheets into my printer. If the ad is before the coupon, you just gotta suck it up and print the coupon with the ad!

….and then flip the page over and print another coupon on the backside of the ad…! 

Definitely a good plan!  If they print one to a page, I flip it over and print another on the opposite end :)      Otherwise, I use the ad pages, half pages etc for making shopping lists, etc.  I have a clipboard they go directly onto, and that always travels with my binder :)

Me too! 

The ones on facebook you have no choice and they ALWAYS have an ad. Ugh!!!!!! If I printed your coupon, I’m interested in your product! No need to waste my ink and your time putting together an ad!

Hit cancel as soon as you see that your coupon is done.

I do, but my printer is old and never cancels. Thanks, though! :)

If you flip the paper over, you can print more coupons on the back side where the advertisment is. I do this whenever I can. It doesnt do much to save on ink, but it helps a little with the paper waste, and I have never had a cashier refuse my coupon because I “recycled” my paper on the back side of it :)

Just make sure you turn your paper the correct way, etc. I have printed a coupon on the back side of a coupon before, which stinks when you really needed both coupons! Lol