Save $1.00 on Cutter: FREE Citronella Candles at Walmart!
$1.00/1 – Cutter Products – (
Available under zip code 90210
$1.00/1 – Cutter Products – (

Here’s a great freebie to pick up at Walmart with these new coupons for any Cutter product. These Citronella candles can be found for just under $1.00, so free plus overage with this coupon!

Cutter Citronella Candles $0.97, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Cutter Products – (
Or $1.00/1 – Cutter Products – (
Save $1.00 on Cutter: FREE Citronella Candles at Walmart!Final Price: Free, plus $0.03 overage

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44 thoughts on “Save $1.00 on Cutter: FREE Citronella Candles at Walmart!”

I cant find the coupon for this! dose anyone know if they took it down? Please help and thanks!

This is a silly question, but I assume that when a specific zip code is mentioned, it means that you can only use that coupon in that zip code, right?

Seattle price $1.97 each also.

There are smaller ones in our area (just a bit north of Seattle) that are $0.97. I did see the ones you are talking about for $1.97 but there are smaller ones too :)

I had the same problem. I tried to use these coupons at my walmart and they told me that I didn’t grab cutter candles and I told them they were in the cutter box and they were ringing up cutter. She then walked away from the register without saying a word and they both looked at the coupon and she came back and said “you can’t use these coupons because the item you have is not in the picture” I tried to tell her the coupon says ANY Cutter product but she wouldn’t listen. I just said forget them then. It’s very frustrating. Some cashiers take it so personal when we use coupons like we are taking money from them.

I had 4 coupons from the paper, and 3 I printed. Took them to Walmart just for these candles (I never shop there and hate it!) and we tried to use them at the self-checkout but it locked up the machine. The cashier overseeing the self-checks was so nice! She came to help and took us to a different check lane and manually put them all in, because they wouldn’t scan!

For the people having trouble locating them, I checked in 3 spots before finding them and like the other’s mentioned I found them in the outdoor furniture and barbeque section. They are small votive sized individual candles, but I did bring the box up to the cashier which was good because she asked if I had even gotten any Cutter brand products! 

Walmart has been doing that to me a lot lately.  I do a lot better when I go at night and one of the managers isn’t there.  She allows the coupons but you can tell she doesn’t like it.  I am going to stick to CVS and Walgreens unless its something I can only get for free at walmart.

I got these at my walmart but the cashiers and managers are all getting really cranky about coupons.  I also got some of the hot shot spray which they had marked wrong for 2.00 on the shelf but was ringing up $2.78.  They did give me the price in store but they had to go to the back and look at it even though I took a picture and showed them. I love couponing and usually don’t have any problems but lately it seems walmart is not wanting to abide by their policy.

I’m a huge bug magnet at dusk. I don’t like to spray chemicals on my body. I’ve tried Skin So Soft, fabric softner sheets in the pocket, and personal fans. The smell of Citronella turns my stomach. Do they really work?

 I found these in the Walmart Garden area.  Also, there was a bigger size for Citronella Candles (17 oz) on clearance for $2 (original price $5).  Bought a few big sizes for $1/each after coupon.  Can’t wait to try them out when we go camping!


I just made $0.18 by buying 6 of these! I, too, had the regional coupon, so I didn’t have to use printer ink. :)

I’m sure the store owner would love to hear of this experience.  If it were my business, I would want to know that workers were running off business.

Unfortunately there is no store owner to Wal-Mart.  Poor Sam Walton is turning over in his grave because of the way his customers are being treated.  I live in cooperate headquarters country and Sam used to show up and greet  customers at the door as a greeter.  Not in this day and age.  The only thing they are concerned about is about the $$$$.  The vendor is the one to complain to because they will complain to Wal-Mart.

That’s hard to believe since stores seem to operate by their own rules. 

 Oh my, not a good trip. Sorry Ashley :(

My checker had to go ask a manager on this coupon and the Sierra Mist coupon (since they were both going to be free). They worked after that though!

ARGH! WHY DIDN’T I SEE THIS BEFORE SUNDAY? I bought three candles for $0.97 a piece! I could have gotten them free with an overage!

 Laura, you can always take back the receipt and your coupons for a refund :)

i went to 2 different walmarts today looking for these, but they were all sold out! so i ended up using the target coupon for $3 off spectricide products at walmart and got a bottle for free. target has that coupon for a product that they never seem to have in stock anyways.

make sure you take the container with you… when you check out… cuz on the bottom of the candle … there is no cutter logo printed on the candle

 Good to know :) Thanks!

they are so small, i used my coupon for the bug spray that was $1.96. I think .96 for bug spray is a good deal. 

 I used the coupon without any problems, I used 5 of them. They are really small but we go camping so they will be used up in no time.

I just got this at Walmart the other day. There is no label on the actual candle itself indicating it is from Cutter.  Not even on the sticker on the bottom.  The coupon beeped (asking if the coupon amount was correct) and I was basically told that it wasn’t for the right product.  Even a manager came by and said the same thing!!  I insisted several times that they could suspend the transaction so I could show the manager the packaging it came from in the garden center, but the pretty much implied I was lying!!  :-/  

I took the display box along up the register with me since the product itself had no indication that it was a Cutter item and had no problems using the coupons

 Good idea Jason!

I took it up too on my 2nd trip for more ( I learned the first time!). The cashier still seemed like they didn’t want to believe me but it worked out fine still.

Walmart is getting really nasty about coupons here.  I only go when I know I am right 100 % on my coupons and I have to make them do it.  They should have taken your coupons because they are legit, they did here.

I used one of these as well and the register beeped, but mine beeped only because the product was .97 and the coupon was for $1, after the cashier looked at it she put it through just fine :). I tried to print me another sine I wasn’t able to get my paper last week, but I can’t find them on the anymore……does anyone know if they have removed the coupon?? I use these candles alot and would love to score some more.

Got mine today.  The were out of the green ones, but they had plenty of white, blue and red left.  I also got the black flag fly paper free as well.  The flies keep getting in the house because the kids keep opening the door. 

I found the Citronella when I went outside of the lawn and garden area.  It was to my left where they had all the outdoor stuff and BBQ stuff.

i had used the coupon when this deal first came out and the cashier would not accept mines since the coupon beeped! 

I could not find these at my Wal Mart! Anyone have any suggestions on where to look? looked inside near the bug repellant and outside in the garden center too…they had bigger cit. candles for $2, but none for .97   I am in southwest OH

I found them in the garden center with some other cit. candles. There weren’t many but I live in NJ.

I found them on the top shelf on the back wall next to the door that goes out to the garden center.

 They were on the isle with insect and bug killer for a garden.  They are votives and are in a blue box.  There are white and red in my store.  They were on the top shelf.

There was also a $1/1 Any Cutter product 5/20 RP (Exp. 7-31) in my region. Check yours to see if you might have it as well.

Awesome thanks for the heads up! What region?

THanks! found it…was about to print, but hubby said lay off the printer (low on ink) and then I read your comment :)

I got them in my insert as well! Love when I actually get a coupon I need!

 Thanks for the heads up!
I got this $1/1 in my 5/20 RP also. It came in my Houston Chronicle, Tyler Morning Telegraph, and the Dallas newspaper also. Now, I just have to check to see if my wal-mart carries Cutter products…

Im in the HOuston area too….no luck at my walmart. Only found some for $1.97

 I wished I had read your comment before I printed. I found them as well. I guess I got extra now.