If you are looking for a subscription to All You Magazine, you might want to jump on this deal. Through Ebates, you can score 52% cash back on a purchase. A subscription to All You is $19.95. When you take into account your 52% cash back, you’ll be paying $9.58 for a whole year of All You! This magazine more than pays for itself with all of the great coupons that come in it.

As an added bonus, new members to Ebates have their pick of a $10.00 gift card to Barnes & Noble, Target, Home Depot, or or a $5.00 gift card to Ebates. You will receive this gift card after you have made your first $25.00 purchase! Maybe consider purchasing one more magazine and getting your total over $25.00. You will receive 52% cash back on your entire purchase made at

Here’s how to get this deal:

  • Go to Ebates.
  • If you are a new member, select which gift card you’d like to earn.
  • On the main page you should see, under “Featured Stores” (it is written in green).
  • Click the logo.
  • It will automatically take you to and monitor your cash back.
  • Type in All You Magazine in the search bar at the top.
  • Add it to your cart and pay. (If you wish to earn your gift card now, add another magazine to your cart to get your total over $25.00. You will earn 52% cash back on everything you purchase, except for books.)
  • Your cash back will be added to your Ebates account as soon as it is done processing.

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10 thoughts on “Today Only: All You Magazine Only $9.58, Plus Free $10.00 Gift Card!”

  1. sully says:

    they change it to 32% back still a great price almost $1 an issue

  2. sully says:

    im not sure if i undestand this the magazine is 20 bucks but im gone receive a 52% discount so i will only pay 9.98 

    • Linda Maness says:

      right now at Walmart they are 2.99, so basically 3 x 12 = $36 either way you save money.  anything less than $36 is a great deal to me…whether i get the gift card or not.  And i always buy 2 because there are always great coupons and 1 is just never enough right?:)

      • Linda Gibelyou says:

        Since I missed out on several deals, you comment is helping me to pay the regular yearly subscription price since I just received my last issue!  I couldn’t remember what they cost at the store, thank you!

  3. I mentioned this to another coupon site, but the woman told me that she never posts this deal because people rarely get their money back on it. While she didn’t see it excluded, it can change through out the day. She said to beware. Now I’m worried.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if you can by two issues for double the coupons and to get the gift card

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ugh, I signed up recently but not this way. Wish I went this route, but regardless, All You is worth it for all the coupons they provide.

  6. I think it is finally time to try out this magazine

    • Anonymous says:

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