These are the coupons sitting on my printer this morning.  We don’t see coupons for fresh meat very often so I’ll be using the Tyson coupon.

$1.00/1 – Tyson Fresh Chicken, available at Walmart – (
Can only be used in Texas

$0.75/1 – Simply Potatoes Steamables, 10 oz – (

$1.00/1 – Hanover Baked Beans – (

$1.50/1 – Brach’s Bagged Products – (

$1.00/1 – Softsoap Brand Liquid Hand Soap Pump, 8 oz or larger – (

$1.00/1 – NUK Product – (

$1.00/1 – BullFrog Sunscreen Product – (

$0.50/1 – Morton Sea Salt Product, excludes 4.4 oz fine sea salt – (

$0.50/1 – Breyers Blasts! Product, 48 oz – (

$0.55/1 – Sunsweet Dried Fruit – (

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31 thoughts on “Printable Coupon Roundup: Tyson, Simply Potatoes and More!”

The Tyson coupon itself says nothing about only use in TX just the as that printed out under it. Im gonna try it anyway!!!! My Kroger has Tyson on sale for .99 a pound this week!!!!!!

How can an AD term be enforced when it’s not actually printed as a term on the coupon?  Now we need to know terms outside the terms?   :/

I can’t find an arrow, all it shows is a picture. :(

Darn- finally found that sneaky arrow, and it tells me I have already printed the coupon.  If I did- it has been forever ago.

Wish I would’ve seen the meat coupon last night, I just bought some yesterday! Oh well, now I have a coupon for next time! I never see fresh meat coupons!

The Tyson Chicken is Only Good in Texas. I wasted precious ink to find this out!
next time I will read the comments section first! Anyone want my coupons out there in Texas!!!

Mad bout the Tyson coupon…anyone in Texas wanna trade???? :-)

I can’t print the ice cream coupon. It tells me that I have already reached my limit, but I have never printed these.

 same here

 they may be out of the coupons.

me 2!

The Tyson coupon can only be used in Texas, and was a big ink hog. Just wanted to let everyone know so they don’t waste a full page of ink on a coupon they can’t use.

Im going to town to try mine just in case, Im in Ohio but im gonna give it my best shot! The worst they can say is no…

Hi collsers! Does the coupon print at the bottom of the page?? ( cause if it doesn’t I can just stop my printer once the coupon prints) I live in Texas so I could use this coupon..Thanks

It prints at the top of the page–lucky you!

Awesome!! Thanks for your quick response!!

I don’t see the softsoap coupon on the colgate website.  It just shows a picture.

 Same here…

Hit the over button next to the picture.  You have to sign up then you can print.

What over button next to the coupon???? I must be blind

The Tyson coupon print out says it can only be used in select markets in Texas.  

 I just noticed this, too…not on the coupon, but on the advertisement???  What’s up with that?

MommaMeeeA – I didn’t notice that.  Darn it!  I’ll note the restriction on the post.

great….i wish i had seen this before I printed up two since it takes a whole page….wasted ink

 I didn’t print the advertisement (because I’m way low on ink myself, didn’t want to waste it) but the coupon very much does not say only in Texas…

When the coupon is at the TOP of a page with an ad on it, you can learn to guage how long to let it print before deleting the print task on your printer.  For me,  I let the printer begin, count to 5, then cancel the print task.  This lets the coupon print, but not the whole ad so I save on ink.  HTH.

I don’t see anywhere on my printout that it can only be used in Texas. I’m gonna try anyway.

I must have missed the fine print about Texas too. I’m in Michigan and used two of these coupons yesterday at my local Kroger with no issues at all.

Really? I’m in Ohio. Maybe I’ll give it a try anyway.

“Morton” sea salt?  :)

 CAbshire – You’re right.  Thanks!