Currently at Gevalia they have a killer deal! You can score 4 boxes of coffee and a coffeemaker for only $9.99 shipped! KCL readers have spotted similar bags of coffee at the grocery store for at least $7.00 a bag.

Here’s how to get this deal:

  • Click Here.
  • Select your 4 boxes of Gevalia coffee or tea.
  • Add your free coffeemaker.
  • Set up Auto Delivery.
  • Note: Your first shipment will be billed to you at the promotional price of $9.99 + free shipping. Your subsequent Auto Delivery shipments will be subject to the regular coffee and tea prices listed on the website + free shipping. You can cancel Auto Delivery at any time. Simply log in to “My Account” on the site and click on the “Auto Delivery Orders” link under “Your Orders.” Then select the Auto Delivery order you would like to cancel.

Admittedly, the free coffeemaker included in this offer is not the highest quality coffeemaker.  But, we have heard from numerous readers that it works great and they really like it. As such, you may not want to make it the primary coffeemaker in your home. It would, however, make a good coffeemaker for a cabin or a dorm room.

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23 thoughts on “Coffeemaker & 4 Boxes of Gevalia Coffee—Only $9.99 Shipped!”

  1. Autumn Grant says:

    This is great!  I am hosting a big event in August and this coffee will go a long way in keeping my volunteers happy.


  2. I have done this deal two different times over a 15 year period (Gevalia invited me back with a special offer when I canceled). I am still using both coffeepots…one every day and one is in our rental cabin. Have never had any trouble and the coffee is great. Can’t beat the price on this one!

  3. So just to be clear, after the first purchase of $9.99.  I am able to cancel auto delivery prior to being billed for my next shipment?

  4. Julia Ragsdale says:

    I love this coffee maker. When our carafe broke, we called Gevalia to buy a new one and they sent us a whole new pot for free :) Wonderful customer service.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE my Gevalia coffee maker!  I’ve had it for years and it is better than the $40 one I got for my wedding.  This deal is totally worth it.  Just be sure to cancel your auto shipments once you’ve fulfilled your purchase requirements : )

  6. Joanna Kohnen says:

    I just ordered this! After my issues with my Keurig, I figure I had better have an extra coffee maker on hand from now on. :)

    • Joanna Kohnen says:

       My coffee maker arrived today! (Considering the Holiday weekend, I’d say that was pretty darn fast!) Now I just need to figure out how to “unsubscribe”…

    • Joanna Kohnen says:

       Officially unsubscribed! Now to decide whether to keep the coffee maker, or give it as a present to my neighbor who loves coffee!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    so making sure… you can cancel the next order before you are billed?

  8. Trish Rivera says:

    Worked for me, thanks!!

  9. i just now ordered this and it is $9.99 when you click the link above! my father loves their coffee and i drank it plenty of times at his place and fell in love so when i saw this awesome i had to purchase I’m so excited!!!!

  10. luda says:

    I just ordered,it worked for me!Thank you!

  11. How is it shipped free? Mine is saying $5.95 for shipping.

  12. LauraMarie says:

    Thanks I have been waiting for this deal! I need a extra coffee pot and free is the best price!

  13. I tried this and the final cost is $19.99. Am I doing something wrong?

    • did straight to their homepage? i’m asking because on their homepage they have the same deal but for 19.99 but if you click on the link above i got it for 9.99 so definitely try it again!

  14. Rose Deacon says:

    I did this deal once  thinking it was a good deal and the coffee pot broke within 3 months. I threw it in the trash