$1.00/1 – Starbucks Refreshers Beverage, 12 oz can – (starbucks.com)

If you’re a fan of Starbucks Refreshers, hurry to print a $1.00 coupon! Then hold it until 6/3, when Starbucks Refreshers will be on sale at CVS, two for $3.00. You’ll also receive $1.00 Extra Bucks when you buy two. Combine the sale price, the Extra Bucks deal and the new coupon to score two drinks for free!

Buy 2 Starbucks Refreshers, 12 oz $1.50, On Sale 6/3-6/9
Buy Two, Receive $1.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1, 6/3-6/9
Use 2 $1.00/1 – Starbucks Refreshers Beverage, 12 oz can – (starbucks.com)
Pay $1.00, Receive $1.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: Two for FREE!

Thanks, Wild for CVS 

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44 thoughts on “FREE Starbucks Refreshers at CVS, Starting 6/3—Print Your Coupons now!”

Coupon no longer available for the refreshers. =(

the site says it has ended :(


Coupon is no longer avalible

i couldnt find these at my cvs last time so hope i find some!

These are gross.. I’m sorry I love energy drinks.. Anything from Monster to Red Bull, but I couldn’t even finish these…

So interesting how different people’s tastes are – my wife LOVES these refreshers.  All 3 flavors…
She is a HUGE coffee fan though, and from my understanding (I haven’t tried them myself) these have coffee hints?

I don’t like the flavor of coffee but these are pretty tasty.

I double checked with my better half.  She says they don’t taste like coffee at all…so I was wrong thinking that they did.  

Does this ECB roll? I just got 10 coupons from a clipping service for $1/1 and I’d like to use them all..

The limit is 1 per card. You will get the first $1 ECB and you can use the same ECB to purchase another starbuck refresher but it will not give you another ECB. You still can use the remainder of your coupons. CVS usually set a limit on their sales products that has ECB. HTH.

At cvs 5/27 you can get orbit white gum 2 three packs for $1 each! which makes it about .33 cents each pack! :)

The coupon is still there, I just printed 2 of them. KCL, what’s the limit on this one?

 looks like it’s a limit of 1 ECB,  otherwise they’ll be .50 each

I keep trying to print this coupon and nothing is happening. All its showing me is a picture of a printer receiving information from a computer. Everything is plugged in properly and still nothing 

I keep trying to print this coupon and nothing is happening. All its showing me is a picture of a printer receiving information from a computer. Everything is plugged in properly and still nothing 

Since no-one in my town had these during the last sale. I plan to be at CVS at 12:00 a.m. when the ad changes. LOL

no more prints allowed for me  :(

Don’t understand why anybody is questioning the need for “fillers”. If they are going to be on sale at CVS 2 for $3.00 and you use 2 – $1.off ea. coupon that means that you pay $1. and then you get a $1. Extra Bucks Reward.

Its just confused newbies, theyll figure it out pretty fast here on kcl’s website!!!:D

Just printed 2 coupons and after that it said I had printed all that I was allowed to – or words to that effect. Anyway, the coupons I printed have a really long life – expiration date is 12/31/2012

These are absolutely delicious!! I’ve never been able to find these in a CVS as of yet but I managed to use all of my “free” coupons at Rite Aid. I mentioned this to my local CVS so he assured me he would get some in stock since that “other store” was carrying them. Hopefully they’ll get them in time! So glad I got this coupon!

hope i get a couple before everyone hoards them! 😀

Couldn’t find any last time and I was really curious about how they tasted.  

I couldn’t find any for a long time either. I finally found them with the other refrigerated drinks at walgreens.

they taste pretty good, like a fruity spritzer! a little zing of soda taste, refreshing taste to it!

I’ve only tried one, but it just tasted like fruity store brand soda.  Nothing special and certainly not worth the full price.  It is a lighter than soda though.

My CVS has a coupon pull tap by the Starbucks Refreshers for $1 off any one ,fewwww…. no need to print coupons the tap was full so I got about 15 coupons from it with plenty left

I just tried to print again and got a different message:  “Oops, you caught us adding more coupons.  Try back in a few minutes.”  Maybe we will be in luck…

I just did it right now.  So it should work.  I had that message a minute or two ago.

I was never able to find these in stock anywhere before the free coupon expired last week. Hopefully I’ll be able to try them this time.

ShopRite in SJersey had them last weekend. Got 2 for free w/Q’s from one of the past inserts.

Must not be a reset, since I am not able to print any more of this coupon.  Fortunately I happen to have a $2/2 Amp energy products coupon, and since the Amp drinks are included in this deal, I’ll get two of those for free instead.  I can’t stand them, but at least hubby will be happy!

where did you get the amp coupons?

The coupons were from a tear pad at my local gas station. I grabbed two.

I tried to print, but it says I have already printed it the allowed number of times.  Is this not a new coupon since the previous one, or is it the same one?

I think its the same, I got the same message

No fillers needed at cvs only at walgreens.

I am so confused about the fillers. Would you need a filler to get this deal? It’s two items and two coupons so I’m not sure. I do know that each transaction needs to be seperate, but I am so confused about the dang fillers!

Fillers are only needed at Walgreens,,, Cvs you can combine 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 cvs coupon on one item and as many extra bucks as you want in a transaction

i believe you don’t need a filler for this one, and you can do it all in one transaction.  you are giving them 2 items, each with it’s own coupon.  the register will track the 2 drinks and print out the ECB on your reciept at the end of the transaction.  you will be paying $1 out of pocket, but you will get the $1 ECB back for your next shopping order so it would be like it was free.

if you had other items to purchase you could do this transaction first seperately, then use the $1 ECB towards your second purchase.

the only time a filler would come in is if you had a total purchase that was less than the ECB.  for example, you had a $4 item and a $6 ECB.  you cannot get cash back on an ECB, so it would be a waste of $2 if you didn’t get a filler item.  i think the fillers you’re getting confused about are the ones that you use at walgreens.

also if your total came up to 5$ & your ECB was 6$ you dont have to buy any filler item if you dont want to. they can just  adjust your ECB down, but you loose that 1$.

i tried doing that once  but loosing less than a dollar and the cashier never lets me do that!! for example a $4.99 item and using $5 EB they always make me buy something although its just a penny!!

I think this happens because you need to pay the sales tax. I know in SoCal you can’t use your ECB to pay for the tax on your items.