Ever heard of Shopkick?  It is a FREE Android and iPhone app. It gives you access to exclusive deals at stores like Target, Macy’s, Toys R Us, Best Buy, and more. When you sign up now and after you complete your first “Walk-in,” you will receive a free $25.00 Restaurant.com gift certificate!

Here are the steps to get your Free Restaurant.com gift card:
  • Click here and sign up.
  • You will then receive a text message with an app to download.
  • Click it and download it.
  • Once you have done your first “Walk-in” to a partner store, your Restaurant.com gift card will be dropped into your Shopkick account. The easiest partner stores to find are Best Buy, Old Navy, Target and Crate & Barrel. That being said, all stores that are participating can be found very easily on your phone.

What’s a “Walk-in”?  You will receive kicks just for walking in a partner store. Just open the Shopkick app at the entrance of a partner store (like Best Buy or Target) and walk inside. A green bubble will pop up and let you know you’ve collected the kicks.

What are “Kicks”? Kicks are the loyalty points you get from using Shopkick.  Once you collect enough, you can trade them for gift cards, Facebook points and lots of other rewards. You can earn kicks by “walk-ins” at participating stores like Target or Best Buy, by scanning select items, and by linking your Visa card to shopkick and making purchases at the partner stores. The app will let you know when the kicks apply to each scenario.

To take advantage of offers:

  • Open Shopkick and either click on the “nearby tab” or the “faves” tab to see stores around you (the faves tab lets you access your favorite stores no matter where you are located, whereas the nearby tab only shows the stores closest to you).
  • Tap on the store where you want to check out offers, for example Target.
  • After tapping on Target, you’ll notice that you can walk into the store for points (called kicks) and you also see mobile coupons.
  • Once you’re at the checkout and you want to us a coupon you found on shopkick, go back to that coupon and tap on “use it” – this pulls up a code or barcode for the cashier to use to give you the discount.
I completed my first “Walk-in” at Target. My Restaurant.com card was deposited within minutes. Also, I was very excited to see that all of the Target mobile coupons were available through Shopkick automatically. I even had a $5.00/$50.00 coupon available to use at Target! Then as I left, I actually found myself driving around with the app open, so I could see if there were any other stores close to me that were participating. :) 

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12 thoughts on “Get Exclusive Coupons & Deals with Shopkick! (Plus a FREE $25 Restaurant.com Gift Card!)”

  1. jason says:

    shopkick is great.  the main stores that give out the walk-in kicks (target, best buy, sports authority, old navy, wet seal, toys r us) are all in the same cookie cutter shopping centers over here in each town, so if i wanted to, i could really rack up the kicks (they’re all spread out though and i’m too lazy to drive from one store across the parking lot to the next) 

    usually walk ins will get you around 50 kicks. this week they were giving out 200 kicks for most walk ins to celebrate the target stores going live with walk ins. 

    today i went to target, (200 kicks) and stopped by old navy (200 kicks), used a shopkick $10 off $40 coupon at old navy and used my linked visa card (spend $50 get 500 kicks).  if i had remembered to scan the items at target i would’ve had another 280 kicks.  so today i made 900 kicks just for walking in and using my debit visa card like i usually would.

    500 kicks would get me a $2 target gift card, and 875 will get me a $25 restaurant.com gift card.  i haven’t redeemed any of my kicks yet though, i’m at 11,000 and was hoping to hold out for one of the bigger rewards, but i always forget to turn on the app when i do walk ins so  i think i may just redeem some gift cards instead.

    so glad target does walk ins now.  i’m there at least twice a week!  i just gotta remember to turn the app on when i come in or leave!

  2. Petra Clarke says:

    Do only specific targets participate? I downloaded the app a few months ago and walked into my local Target but it didnt do anything? Besides having the app open when i walk in, is there anything else I need to do to get it to register that I am in the store? Thanks

  3. It keeps saying it is sending me a text message but none has appeared. And now it says I am signed up on the website…but no text has come so I can download the app. :(

    • jason says:

      try going to the app store/android market and download it from there.  hope that helps

    • Anonymous says:

      Just wondering if you had any luck with it! I’m having the same issue and now I downloaded it through my Android but am not sure if I will recieve the $25 restaurant.com gc! =( Was wondering if anybody knew how that works?

  4. Katie Mort says:

    I can’t get it to verify so it won’t give me the gift =(

  5. Kalai Mohandos says:

    The other day, I went to Target. After I was done with shopping, the bill came to over $60. I then got into my car and found a small photo on the app saying $5 off for purchase over $50. So I went back to Target and showed the message to a woman at the register. Unfortunately, that photo didn’t have a bar code and as a result, she said she can’t take $5 off. Can someone tell me how do I get the bar code to appear? (I tried clicking on the photo, but nothing happened). Any help/tip is greatly appreciated.

  6. Lyndee says:

    I love shopkick!  It’s so easy.  I’ve gotten $35 in Target gift cards.  Love free stuff for just walking into stores I’m going to anyway!