This Sunday, there will not be coupon inserts due to the Memorial Day holiday.  We hope you have an enjoyable weekend and look forward to some good coupons next week!

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One thought on “Sunday Coupon Preview: Week of 5/27”

  1. Coupon Queen says:

    HI KCL-you do a great job each week. I have started to print out your weeks rundown of coupons and put them in my binder with all my uncut coupons. If I need something, I only have to look on the “coupon cover pages” and see if you have it listed. Maybe this trick would save fellow couponers time to save them clipping. If you have time, could you provide a link with the coupons on excel with the use by dates for all coupons? That way I can utilize excel sort function with not only the date of the week of the coupon but also the use by date and delte off all the coupons from a given date so I know when to throw out my coupon books. I can also quickly add coupons that appear regionally. OK so, now I am getting fancy but excel is an awesome tool that couponers can utilize to be more efficient with their time and save all that clipping and sorting!