$0.75/1 – Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce, 28 oz or larger – (facebook.com)

What better way to start out the summer grilling season than with a new coupon for Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce! Right now you can save $0.75 on one bottle. This coupon isn’t easy to get, however, so follow the instructions closely:

  • Head to the Sweet Baby Ray’s Facebook page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Having Trouble Entering” in tiny, black print.
  • Scroll to the bottom again and click on “Click here for alternate entry.”
  • Enter the contest, and a blue button will appear that says “Get Your Coupon.”
  • I tried this in Internet Explorer and it worked. I’ve heard reports that other browsers are not working, so I’d probably stick to IE for this coupon.

Once you finally have the coupon, take it to Walmart where you can grab a bottle for just $1.24!

Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce, 28 oz $1.99, Regular Price
Use $0.75/1 – Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce, 28 oz or larger – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $1.24

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22 thoughts on “Save $0.75 on Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce: $1.24 at Walmart”

must have been regional i got a $1.00 off any size in ss 5/20

these are .78 cents at food 4 less right now thru tomorrow so with the coupon you will only be paying .03 cents!!!! better hurry on over to food 4 less!!!!

I live in Sacramento, CA. Wal-Mart does price matching.
The Foods-Co Ad has 18 Oz bottles for $0.78
The SS 5/20 Insert has $1/2 on the front page.

This would make them:      $0.28/ea!!!!

Please get rid of this SPAM and block the IP address.

they are .78c at food 4 less right know

I didn’t get a coupon!!!!

The 18oz size of this is on sale this week at my local Price Chopper (Lake George/Albany, NY area) “Buy One Get One Free” and priced at $2.49.  The coupons I have are from the front of last Sunday’s insert (I think it’s SmartSource), for $1.00 off two bottles (no size listed), so I paid $2.49 for two, got my $1 off, and basically paid $1.49 for two, or $.75 each.  Already stocked up for rest of summer and beyond! 

And, if anyone is looking for an even better BBQ sauce deal, KMart stores in this area have Kraft BBQ sauce this week for $1 on sale, and there are coupons from one of the inserts for $1 off two..my KMart will double this (if you spend $25 BEFORE coupons), up to five coupons per day, so you could get $2 off two, and buy 10 for FREE! (If you have other groceries to get as well to help you reach the $25 minimum, and use other coupons not doubled to bring your total down, of course!)

Meijer’s had Sweet Baby Ray’s on sale for $5/5. With .75 off MQ is ,25 cents ea.

Ralphs CA they are $1.00 each but i can’t print the coupon

Cant print coupon:((((

Thanks KCL for your easy to follow, step by step instructions to print this Qpon.  We truly appreciate all your hard work and info you provide  to help us! :) This is my fav BBQ sauce btw!!!

Coupon is for the large bottle. All the bbq on sale is for the 18 oz and coupon is for the 28oz bottles.

there was a sweet baby rays coupon on the front of my inserts from last week. they are on sale for 99cents at ralphs and albertsons, and they are only 78cents at food4less!

The coupon is only for the 28 oz bottle which is not the same as all the ones on sale for a dollar or 99 cents.

It only printed once but worked on Safari!

My husband wanted to buy some Saturday since they’re only $1 @ Fry’s. I wouldn’t let him since I didn’t have a coupon. Now I have 2 and they’ll both be free since my store rounds up all Qs to $1!

I was only able to get one print.

I think I will try this out before I stock it, I believe they are .99 at Albertsons until tomorrow.

My husband LOVES Sweet Baby Ray’s. It’s one of his favorites to use on the grill. 

Yummy! I just stocked up on this. I actually ended up finding a sale from Food 4 Less .78 each! Making it .28 each! I trust in you guys that its good! LoL I stocked up :) BBQ this weekend! Sad part of my trip at Walmart today, the cashier gave me a hard time about my coupons :( She was so nice in the beginning and then an evil clown came out! 😛 I paid no attention to her, I just explained where I got my coupons-she was accusing me of copying my coupons on the Dentyne gum I bought and the Eartbound coupons I received in an email! I just told her I wasn’t doing anything wrong and did not understand why I was being questioned-she muttered something-I just paid and walked off! ugh! I hadn’t been to Walmart in a long time and when I come back it turns out to be a little hassle in the end. But its all worth it! I hate people who do no like couponers! or Coupons in general! Love the coupon community! LoL

It’s really good!

This will be 50 cents each at Giant Eagle – Sweet Baby Ray’s are 2 for $4 this week :)