$2.00/2 – Kotex Natural Balance Products, Excludes trial size – (coupons.com)
$2.00/2 – Kotex Natural Balance Products, Excludes trial size – (couponnetwork.com)

Check out this hot deal on Kotex Natural Balance Liners at Walmart! Right now we have two new printable coupons for any Kotex Natural Balance products that will save you $2.00 on two packages. The 16-count box of liners is priced at just $0.94, so you can score two for free with a coupon!

Buy 2 Kotex Natural Balance Liners, 16 ct $0.94, Regular Price
Use $2.00/2 – Kotex Natural Balance Products, Excludes trial size – (coupons.com)
Or use $2.00/2 – Kotex Natural Balance Products, Excludes trial size – (couponnetwork.com)
Final Price: FREE!

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34 thoughts on “FREE Kotex Natural Balance Liners at Walmart!”

What a nightmare! I just came back from Walmart and the lady said the coupons are only valid on big packages.. I showed her the coupon and she said no no no!! only big packages.. I was so frustrated… I stayed there until they called a manager… and then again the manager said the same thing… ugh! I fought till the end… and she said ok fine only this time… is so frustrating… I dont even want to shop at Walmart any longer… I’m tired of them…

After printing the coupon, the coupon reads ”
Not good on Liners 14-22 ct.”

tried the 22ct. liners at walmart…they wouldnt take it!! argghhh!!! how do othr people use it with no problems…4, 8 boxes free??? on which ct. exactly??? lol sooo frustrating..

Just a heads up to anyone who hasn’t done this deal yet. The coupon from CouponNetwork.com has a different bar code than the one from Coupons.com and it wouldn’t scan @ my Walmart. Coupons.com has the more traditional barcode and the other has the newer barcode that’s on two lines. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the info, Brittany!

Does anyone know how much the U by Kotex liners are at Walmart? I found them at CVS for 1.54 (16 pk)

the cashier would not accept my coupon, she said it had to be more than $0.94. and mention that they were trial size, she also asked a supervisor and she also said it had to be more than $0.94. By they way, they were not trial size!!

Got 10 packs…. did not clear the shelf… at first the guy asked where I got the coupons from  so I told him. He was not sure if they took coupons from coupons.com  I showed him the policy  and told him that coupons.com is one of the main coupon sources online but still he asked a front end manager if they excepted coupons from coupons.com. She was like ya, as long as they scan… and they sure did!! :) I never hear of Walmart only taking from some websites….. Any ideas if that is true?

Target.com also has this coupons to print :)

just printed this coupon.. not sure if its just my computer but the bar code printed weird! :/ .. hope its scanable!!

dont really like walmart so i’ll check target :) but i think these are actually priced a little over $1 at my target

Same here, I rarely go into WalMart.  It might be free at Target, or you’ll pay a few cents.

There’s also $1.50/2 coupon in my area’s 5/20 SS. So .38 cents for 2 or .19 cents each is a good deal too

Got 4 packs for free at my Walmart with no problems (thank goodness).  Even if you don’t need these for yourself, I know these would be welcomed at homeless shelters/food banks as people often don’t think about donating these kinds of products.

At first my walmart told me I couldn’t use the coupons because she said they were trial size after a few minutes of me telling her they are not trial size and her getting a manager they would only let me use one coupon because she stated the second coupon was a copy because computers only let you print one coupon and i tried explaining I got them from two different sites but she wouldnt take it so I returned the other two that I couldn’t use a coupon on. I try to stay away from walmart they are not coupon friendly.

when they tell you the coupon is a copy and it is clearly NOT a copy just calmy explain to them that each website allows you to print 2coupons per person. and also educate them that the best way to tell if a coupon is a copy is the barcode in the upper right hand corner is DIFFERENT! some cashiers and managers definately need more training on thier own coupon policies. hope next time you have a better experience. :)

yeah thats why whenever im getting something for free or trying to use more than one of the same coupons i just use one coupon at a time… or go to more than one cashier because although its time consuming it saves you the frustration!

I went to buy the kotex liners this morning and they wouldn’t take my coupons.  They said that they don’t take internet coupons because they don’t scan.  She also told me that she is not allowed to manually put them in.  Not a fan of walmart. 

 A sweet little old lady cashier at Target once told me that if coupons are in Black and white, the person has copied them. I was nice enough to show that most coupon policies allow black and white copies and that people do this to save on ink, I then showed her how the coupons had different numbers on them and that most sites allow 2 prints per url address, and that if someone has more than 1 computer in their house, they could print 2 from each computer. I said these numbers are linked to that person and they could have their printing rights revoked if they did copy them. Respectful couponers do not want that because that is where most of our high value coupons come from. She thanked me for showing her and then said that Target should teach them this stuff. She then called 2 more cashiers over and said show them what you just showed me.
As for Wally World. Did you have your policy with you? KCL preaches carrying those policies, and it is very important to do so. I have needed mine a few times, to politely show them what it says. Did they even try to scan it? They have a very clear cut policy. They do have to have a “scannable barcode” as per their policy, but if they didn’t even try to scan it, that is not right. It is a shame, but hey just go to a different Walmart after all they aren’t all like that:)

I should have had the policy with me.  I will print those and put them in my binder.  I have never had an issue with a coupon until now (I have only been couponing for 6 weeks).  She did try to scan it and it wouldn’t scan.  

 Awe I’m sorry that is too bad, still try it at another walmart. I had a movie coupon that would not scan at 1 wal-mart, but worked fine at another. Welcome to the wonderful Krazy world of couponing:) Honestly I started about 2 years ago, and there is no way I can ever go back to the “old way” of shopping ever again. Good luck on all your Krazy capers:)

I took an internet coupon for Friskies cat food (cans) BOGO to my local
WalMart and the coupon wouldn’t scan. I immediately thought “Oh, No here we go I’ll have to fight to get my free can.” I told the girl that it was not a counterfeit coupon and that I had gotten off of Friskies Facebook page. She really didn’t say anything but called over a front end supervisor who then instructed her how to take the value of the coupon off. Whenever one of the internet coupons doesn’t scan, I feel that the cashiers think it’s not valid. 

Janet, you are lucky most stores won’t do that. Good for you:) I know the stores that I have built a “relationship” with with manually enter Q’s for me, but usually not Wal-mart.

You can print this coupon also at Target.com.  It’s a manufacturer coupon.  So I printed two from Target.com and two from coupons.com. 

My wal mart didnt accept my coupons because they would end up owing me money snd they dont do that so they didnt accept them… so i went to target and got them for free instead and with no problems!

 Yes they do! In their coupon policy you can either have the overage applied to your cart or physical cash back! Just need to remember your coupon policy when you go to Wal-mart!! Most employees (well from what I’ve encountered) DO NOT know their own coupon policy…its sad!

So true!!!! They really are not trained on their own policy. Walmart has a very nice printable coupon policy that is colorful and very informative for customers saying “overage will be applied to other items in the basket or given as cash back to the customer”. It is amazing how many cashiers have not been trained on this. It is not their fault, but still really frustrating! :(

Just got back from Walmart, picked up 8 of these.  There were plenty of them however I would urge those of you who want them to go soon.  At my Walmart, they were making a deal about the ‘one per purchase’ on the coupon and had me do separate transactions.    

Cashiers really need to get trained on coupons. “one per purchase” isn’t the same as “one per customer” or “one per transaction”.

I used a coupon the other day that said “available at….” and the cashier didnt want to accept it. I had to pull out a different coupon that showed “redeemable at…” so she could see the difference.

I’m going to have to go soon if I want any. People are really bad shelf clear-er’s out here at my Wal-mart!

 That is how it is at my walmart AND target as well, if i dont go within hours of seeing the posting on here, I will not get any.

I printed off four of these coupons, can I use them all in one transaction? 

 Absolutely! =) Doesn’t say anywhere that you cannot use them in one transaction. Woohoo I’m pretty excited about this coupon!

 Thank you! :) I am excited too!