Carefree Liners As Low As FREE at Kroger!

$0.50/1 – Carefree Product, any, Limit 1 coupon per person – (
Available under zip code 90210

Hurry to print a coupon that will save you $0.50 on any Carefree product, and head to Kroger! If your store doubles, you’ll be able to grab a package of liners for free! (If you don’t have a store that doubles coupons in your area, liners cost just $0.94 at Walmart, so only $0.44 after the coupon.)

Carefree Liners, 20 ct $1.00, Regular Price
Use $0.50/1 – Carefree Product, any, Limit 1 coupon per person – (
Carefree Liners As Low As FREE at Kroger!Final Price: FREE with coupon double!

Thanks, Coupon Katarina 


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6 thoughts on “Carefree Liners As Low As FREE at Kroger!”

  1. Kelly says:

    I went to Fred’s today and got my one coupon doubled so mine was free also.  Get a fred’s card and buy fred’s brand items and get cash back.  not sure how that works as I have only just signed up.  Good luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Kroger I work at already had their sale on these last May. Luckily there coupons for them out. I got a bunch of coupons online and bought tons of these – for my sister, friends, and cousins.  I personally don’t use these (more like CAN’T), but my sister does. Her birthday was coming up so I got about 100 of these (not an exaggeration, my coworkers there were annoyed when I came up to the register after a looong Senior’s Day) and payed less than the cost of 8 of them, including the costs of buying the coupons off eBay.
    The sales over and my room is full of packs of these waiting to be gifted to other females or donated next time I go to Goodwill or the R.O.C. thrift store.
    It was surprising to see how many girls buy these and don’t use the coupons. It was even more surprising how many girls didn’t go find a newspaper when I told them they could get the pads for free!

    • Anonymous says:

      Quick question, doesn’t Kroger have a limit 5 identical coupons per transaction in their policy?  I would love to buy more than 5 at a time, but I thought they had a limit?  

  3. Anonymous says:

    wish my local kroger would double printed coupons. their coupon policy is so strict. i hate shopping there with coupons. they won’t take a printed coupon over $1

  4. Cece Kitson says:

    never mind found it :)