Albertsons has a Buy One Get One Free sale on select Gillette Men’s Disposable Razors through 7/3. Use a Buy One Get One Free manufacturer coupon from this week’s (6/3) P&G insert and score 2 packs of razors FREE!

Buy 2 Gillette Custom Plus Disposable Razors, 10 pack $9.59
Buy One Get One Free (through 7/3)
Use  Buy One Gillette Male Disposable Razor, Get One Gillette Male Disposable Razor Free, up to $11.99 (limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip) from P&G 6/3 (exp 6/30)
Final Price: Free

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80 thoughts on “FREE Gillette Disposable Razors at Albertsons!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused if the coupon stated that buy one get one Custom plus 3 4ct why is everyone getting the same ones i didn’t see the 4ct ones they were all 12 count so is the coupon regional can someone explain

  2. sully says:

    my coupon says buy one gillete good news or custom plus 3 get one custom plus 3 4ct free  
    the bogo sale at my albertson was on the good news so i could not get both for free

  3. Anonymous says:

    No go for me in central Florida :( Seems to be regional… when I type in my zipcode on the website it reroutes me to instead of so maybe thats a clue :/

  4. I think you have to pay $20.00 OOP to get the $5 Catalina. On Wednesday, I got 10 free razors (and nothing else) and no Catalina. Today I was with my mom while she was grocery shopping. I threw 8 free razors in with her groceries and got the Catalina. Her OOP was around $75 for her groceries.  Just a theory, but that’s the only difference I could think of between the two transactions.  (Jewel-Osco store)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Gillette at my store were $9.19, BOGO. I bought 10, and it printed out a $5 catalina for my next purchase.

    I did NOT see the “Daisy” razors for BOGO though- might go back to check tomorrow after work.

    I’m in Southern California, Los Angeles.

  6. Anonymous says:

    is this just a regional offer. i cant seem to locate it in dallas?

  7. Lisa Mcnally says:

    where is everyone getting the daisy razor coupons from?? are the gillette disp razor coupons from this last sunday???

  8. Kelsie Kikel says:

    total was $216.18 and got all 22 of them for free!!! no $5 catalinas tho =/

    • Anonymous says:

      I read on the other board that someone bought the six packs plus another P&G item (Covergirl) and used the three bogos plus the makeup coupon and the $5 catalina printed for her.

      • Kelsie Kikel says:

        really?! man, i wish i would have known that yesterday! i got a couple catalina’s but they were for meat, produce and something like a free dozen of eggs or one roll of paper towels when u spend $5 on your next trip. oh well! lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if this sale is at all Albertson’s?  I went to mine and didn’t see any signs posted and checked the ads and didn’t see any sales specifically for the razors.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was just going to ask the same question. I just got back from Albertsons and I live in AZ. They did not have the Gilette Razors B1G1 free. Is this sale suppossed to be at all Albertsons or certain states???? I’m confused. I was really looking forward to this one.

      • Anonymous says:

        They weren’t on sale at my Albertsons either (Shreveport, LA).  I asked the cashier to scan to see if the sign was maybe just missing, but the second one did not come up as free.  

        • Anonymous says:

           I am not sure if it is a regional sale or not.  I do remember that they had to put in my phone number (the Albertson’s savings card thing) before it took the second one off.

  10. The sale is on at Jewel-Osco stores, for those of you in the Chicago area.  My store was well-stocked on the shelf as well as a free-standing display.  I got eight of the 12ct Daisy (w/bonus Venus) 8.39 and two Gillette 10ct 8.49.  Only paid tax of 3.47 for all 10!  (No Catalina here though.)

    • Forgot to mention that although my receipt shows 5 identical BOGO MQs, it’s because the scanner couldn’t read the barcode on the men’s BOGO MQ.  The cashier decided to scan a ladies one again.  I have 4 more of the men’s BOGO MQs, so I’m waiting for the store to restock.  There were about 10 packs of men’s, so that’s why I only took two.  Luckily, there were at least 40 packs of the Daisy.

  11. Does the $5 catalina roll into the next transaction….ie Buy 6 razors, use 3 B1G1 Q’s…add in a filler to get the $5 cat to print, then do the same thing in the next transaction, but use the $5 cat to roll it? or does there have to be a minimum balance after all Q’s are scanned? Can’t find an answer to this anywhere, please help!

    • Jane says:

      I did not get the cat to print…so far have not seen any posts that it has?  (maybe I missed it)  The ad says “minimum purchase requriement calculated after manufacturer coupons redeemed”.  I went today and bought 6 (used 3 coupons) and did NOT get the cat…but DID get 6 packs of razors..that is 78 razors!!!  YIPPEE!!

  12. Anna Buliga says:

    when a coupon states 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip, does that mean per transaction or for the whole time you’re there?
    thanks a little confused

  13. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know any locations in Southern California, that the Daisy disposables are buy one get one free?

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s really funny to me that people say oh i got this for free nothing is free you still have to pay for the coupons, gas to go to the store, and taxes , i’m not hating or anything i love couponing it makes me fee so good to safe money, i love it, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me , it gives me the flexiblity to spent some of the money that i saved on my kids needs, and also to live a liitle, what is life if you are not living it, so don’t hate me for saying it but it’s true

    • Julie Layer says:

       I think it’s really funny you don’t think any of us save money in the end since it goes to gas and buying coupons but then you say you get to do fun things with your kids from the money you have saved from doing the same thing we are all doing. I am not hating either but can I borrow your magic carpet to go to the store next time? I do not pay for my coupons and I don’t pay tax where I live, and I have to buy gas anyway so…….funny, huh.

      • Anonymous says:

        sure Julie you can barrow my magic red carpet, i wasn’t hating or anything, i do think everyone that uses coupon and shop smart do save money, but when someone and even myself i do say i got this for free honey look, and it’s exciting and all that, but what i’m trying to say is that it took you money and time to get that item for free right?.

  15. Kelsie Kikel says:

    i got 10 packs last night for free! would have gotten more but a fellow couponer was in the middle of clearing the shelf when i got there, she had a cart full! but it’s ok, im gonna go back today and use my last 6 bogo coupons and score some $5 catalinas! so stoked =D

  16. sisterbroadwater says:

    This razor is not the right one for the coupon we have…the coupon is for the custom plus 3 and this one on the bogo sale is only the custom plus…2 blade not 3

    • Anonymous says:

      The coupons I have are for Any Men’s Gillette disposable razor and Venus/Daisy razor. In order to use the one for the Custom Plus 3, that would be if your store has those included.  All the men’s bins were cleaned out last night and one of them did read Custom Plus and Good News….so, I don’t know.  May be different stores with different ones included in the sale.

      • sisterbroadwater says:

        Custom Plus (not custom plus 3) and good news are the mens razors on sale.  Someone on here mentioned the coupon they had was the custom plus 3 one and someone else said that’s the one everyone is talking about so go get some razors.   I wasn’t aware there was a different coupon too…I’ll have to look into that when I get home today I guess.  Thanks!

        • Anonymous says:

           I have two coupons.  One for the Custom Plus 3 or Good News up to $8.49 and the other was any Gillette disposable razor up to $11.99.  One coupon was from last week’s ads and the other from the P&G insert that came out in the middle of May and doesn’t expire until the end of June.

  17. Anonymous says:

    yay so exited my hubby needs some

  18. Anonymous says:

    did this sale end today 6/5 ???? or does it keep going?

  19. Yaret says:

    so the stores B1G1 deal will end on 7/3?

  20. Iris Garcia says:

    Is this promotion good for Texas??

    • Anonymous says:

      i live close to longview tx, the next one would be in Dallas, are they doing it at any of those.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Krazycouponlady, is there a possibility we will ever see matchups for the Albertsons llc stores?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Does any one know if this is working in central Florida?

  22. Jadda says:

    Does anyone know if this is at the LLC stores in NM & AZ as well? Sometime our promotions are different : (

    Thanks for the heads up on this awesome deal!

  23. Anonymous says:

    i dont  have that coupon but i have one that says : buy one Gilette good news or custum plus 3, get one custom plus 3 4ct free
    ..can i make a deal work with  this?

    • Julie Layer says:

       That is the coupon everyone is talking about, you have it, now go get some razors!!!

      • Anonymous says:

         Those were completely out at my store BUT the lady Gillettes (Daisy) are also in the BOGO Promo and we also have a BOGO/Free coupon for those as well!!  The Daisy’s are the two I picked up tonight.

      • Anonymous says:

        i was wondering cuz the limit price on my coupon says 8.99 instead of 11.99…can i still get both for free? How is that going to work? Thank you for your help!

        • They will only go by the “(max value)” stated on the receipt. I actually went in twice to get this and the first time, i got lucky and got them both for free, but when i came in to Albertsons again to grab the Daisy ones and found another of these, they charged me $.70 due to the difference…

          • Anonymous says:

            ok so if the razor is 10.49 and my coupon says 8.99 i d pay 1.50 for both? its still not bad.

  24. Anonymous says:

    With the sale being B1G1, they will allow for a B1G1 coupon to cancel out the price of the first product?

    • Anonymous says:

       I bought two this evening.  Store promo (BOGO) covered price of one and the coupon covered the other.  They checked with manager to be sure.  Paid $0.57 for tax for both.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow.  I am going to have to stock up on razors now!  I know which Cashiers at my local store are understanding about coupons and which ones are as difficult as possible.  Thanks for letting me know it worked for you!  I checked their coupon policy, and it doesn’t have this scenario mentioned at all.  I saw the Catalina info posted above – this is definitely a good deal!

        • Anonymous says:

           I believe I read on another forum (they had actually copied/pasted a portion of the policy), that with an in-store BOGO event you can indeed use a BOGO coupon.

    • Yes, you will get one free from the sale and the other one will be free from the coupon.

  25. Anonymous says:

    It gets even better!  For every $20 spent (P&G Promo) (starting 06 June) there is supposed to be a $5 Catalina.   So, if my math is correct, buy 6 @$9.99, three are free with the in-store promo, three are free with the BOGO coupon and you have a $5 Catalina for your next transaction (pay the taxes!).

    • Anonymous says:

      I just went and got this deal but no Catalina printed

      • Jane says:

        Ad says purchase must qualify AFTER manufacturer coupons…I guess this is why….didn’t work for me either:)  Still FREE!!!

        • Anonymous says:

            OK, that was weird, or maybe I am just new.  Are we not allowed to post
          a link to another site where we read information regarding the topic at
          hand?  If so, I do apologize.  I wasn’t aware.

        • Anonymous says:

          True I still scored a great deal as well! Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    • In order to get the $5 catalina (at Albertsons?) you have to buy 6 no more or less than 6 to get the $5 catalina? Today I bought 4 and yesterday I bought 2. So if I go tomorrow and buy 6, $5 cat!? I will try it. Thanks!

  26. does not make sense to me where do you get the free