Check out this hot deal at Walgreens! It seems that several of the Register Reward deals are overlapping this week. With all the Register Rewards, a few coupons and a rebate, you’ll be able to score $50.00 worth of Proctor & Gamble items and make $2.06! The rebate ends today, 6/5, so don’t wait!

Requirements for Rebate

  1. Buy $50.00 worth of participating P&G products between 4/29 and 6/5.
  2. Mail the completed form found here and original sales receipts with prices and items circled.
  3. Write in UPC codes on the form.
  4. Rebate must be postmarked by 7/5/12.
  5. $10.00 rebate will be issued within 6-8 weeks in the form of a VISA gift card.
  6. Limit one rebate per name, address, or envelope.

Buy 1 Gillette Venus ProSkin Razor $10.99, Regular Price
Buy 1 Gillette Venus Cartridges, 4 ct $12.99, Regular Price
Buy 1 Olay Foaming Face Wash $3.99, Regular Price
Buy 2 Cover Girl Eye Shadow Singles $3.99, Regular Price
Buy One Cover Girl item, Get One 50% off, through 6/9
Buy Venus Razor & Refill, Receive $8.00 Register Reward, through 6/9
Buy 1 Olay product, 1 Venus product & 1 Cover Girl product, Receive $5.00 Register Reward, through 6/16
Buy 1 Olay product & 1 Cover Girl product, Receive $3.00 Register Reward, through 6/16
Use (2) $1.00/1 Covergirl product, excludes trial/travel sizes, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 6/3 (exp 6/30)
Or (2) $1.00/1 Covergirl product, excludes trial/travel sizes, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 5/13 (exp 6/30)
And $1.00/1 Olay Facial Cleanser or Facial Moisturizer, excludes trial/travel sizes, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 6/3 (exp 6/30)
And FREE Venus Razor, when you buy (1) Venus Cartridge up to $12.99, excludes disposables, trial/travel sizes, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 6/3 (exp 6/30)
Pay $19.97, Receive $16.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.79 each

Repeat Scenario and send for mail-in rebate
Receive $10.00 mail-in rebate
Final Price: $2.06 Moneymaker!

 Thanks, Hip2Save

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141 thoughts on “P&G Moneymaker at Walgreens: Overlapping Rewards and Rebate!”

  1. Anonymous says:

     I did it as above (except got the mascara instead)  and didn’t get the $3 one-the store manager (who is very nice) didn’t know anything about it and couldn’t do anything since it wasn’t advertised, The register did take off the higher amount for the cartridges (17.99) when it should have taken the lower amount $12.99 which was the price of the razor, I also used a bogo covergirl mascara coupon and the register took off the $8.99 instead of the 50% off one.
     There is definitely a problem with their new registers and when the cashier isn’t paying attention it goes through incorrectly and shorting the store because they won’t get that amount back.

  2. Carla says:

    I did this deal three times this week… On the third one the cashier forgot to ring up the second CG blush and my total came to $18.99 and I got all the $16RR!!! If I had more coupons I would use all I had lol esp since my Harris Teeter lets me use the RR there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I did this scenario twice today (minus the Hawaiin Tropic suntan lotion) and it worked perfectly, I changed it up a little, but ended up paying next to nothing and will still be a MM!

    1-Olay BW-8.49
    1- Venus Razor 11.99
    1-Venus Refill 16.99
    2-CG+Olay sculpting blush B1@6.79 got 1 for 3.39 (these were on clearance )
    4 -Nice Jello
    6- Hawaiian Tropics suntan options 2.59 ea (clearance price)
    2-Got2b powderful 1.69 ea.
    B1refill get Olay bw free -7.99
    B1 refill get razor free- 14.99( coupon actually took off 16.99, but cashier adjusted. I told her it was the razor but she said the system chooses which one to deduct…..?????)
    2/1 Venus razor/ refill
    6x 2/1 Hawaiian Tropic
    2×2/1 CG (got this in tampon box)
    3x 2/2 wags Hawaiian Tropic q
    20 in RR

    Total came to: 3.13 got back 16.00 in RR and will send away for 10 CG+Olay deal so this will be a little over 3 MM if you don’t include the RR

  4. Anonymous says:

     I did the transaction as was posted but didn’t know about the unadvertised $3.00 Catalina RR and the $5.00 P & G Catalina RR and the lady checking me out didn’t know about them either so I didn’t receive them. Is there anyway to get them now?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry if you read the post and did the exact deal how come you didn’t know about the RR? KCL posted them. You will need to call the catalina company at 888-322-3814 ( i would put their email but i think they will remove it). Make sure you have your receipt, the company will verify if you bought the right product and if the machine was working. If you bought the correct item they will mail you a gift card. hth.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know about the unadvertised $3.00 Catalina and $5.00 PG Catalina, and the lady who checked me out obviously didn’t know about them either, so I wasn’t able to get those rewards back. Is there any way to get them back now that I know about them?

  6. Carla says:

    AWESOME!!! Paid $21.35 got $16 RR back!!!! The rebate is over now, but I had used that already!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I went to Walgreens today to do this deal, so I got the razor, cartridges, face wash, and cover girl eye shadow using all the coupons listed in the outline of the deal. I also got free Olay body wash using the coupon a previous poster mentioned with buy a Venus refill, get Olay body wash free from P&G. I had two $10 register rewards to use with it, too.. I had 5 newspaper coupons and 2 RRs, for 6 items so I threw in a filler item to make it 7 items with 7 coupons, thinking I would be okay, but the computer wouldnt take the second $10 RR… Any ideas why? Can I not use more than 6 coupons in a transaction, or was it because the two RRs were from the same product? Just wondering what went wrong… I am still new to this, only been couponing for a couple weeks! Thanks!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It sounds like your remaining balance was less than the $10 RR with all your coupon usage. Remember it does not cover tax. Always ask what is your balance before tax  so that way you can change adjust your transaction. Walgreens does not allow RR rollover for the same product. But it does happen sometimes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I went to Walgreens today to do this deal, so I got the razor, cartridges, face wash, and cover girl eye shadow using all the coupons listed in the outline of the deal. I also got free Olay body wash using the coupon a previous poster mentioned with buy a Venus refill, get Olay body wash free from P&G. I had two $10 register rewards to use with it, too.. I had 5 newspaper coupons and 2 RRs, for 6 items so I threw in a filler item to make it 7 items with 7 coupons, thinking I would be okay, but the computer wouldnt take the second $10 RR… Any ideas why? Can I not use more than 6 coupons in a transaction, or was it because the two RRs were from the same product? Just wondering what went wrong… I am still new to this, only been couponing for a couple weeks! Thanks!!

    • Anonymous says:

       I haven’t had any problems using 2 RR from the same product in the next transaction.  Is it possible that the total before tax was under the $10?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Okay I love a deal a much as the next but this deal is WAY TOO COMPLICATED…and with 128 comments…I am going to save myself and PASS!!!

  10. I tried the b1g1 @ walgreens using the mascara & they wouldn’t let me do it because it was already 50% off, but that was just the clerk, not a manager.  I got it without the coupon & then hated the mascara,ugh!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Eligible Products for the July rebate are:
    • COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation
    • COVERGIRL & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation
    • COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush
    • COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer
    • COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer
    • COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector

  12. I tried this a week or so ago on the schick razors and it wouldn’t let me use the $$ off coupon.  Is there an order I need to present them in?  I did the B1G1 coupon first and then tried to use the $$ off coupon and it wouldn’t let me since the razors were B1G1 50% off at Walgreens.  Also my store has the new registers (which I HATE!!)

  13. Paulino Rdz says:

    Is that an inmoral work?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm. Looking at the picture of the person makes me wonder what kind of FREELANCER job she does?.. lol 

  14. I tried this transaction tonite at my Walgreens. DID NOT RECEIVE the $8 RR for the Venus Razor/Cartridge. The manager said it was because “you have to BUY both items and you only bought one because you got the other free with your coupon”. I was very disappointed.

  15. Vanessa says:

    Is this still working as of june 6, 11:00 pm central time?

  16. I was able to get the $16 in register rewards and then used them to get deals on the ProGlide razor and refills.  There is a B1G1 free coupon when you buy the cartridges.  I was able to get 2 shaving systems, and 2-4ct refills, along with cleanser, body wash and some other freebies for under $30.00! 

  17. Ashton Davis says:

    Ok so this question as probably been answered, but I’m still confused! :(  I want to use the CVS mascara deal for a $10 covergirl rebate when you spend $20 I found and the P&G deal. I paid $1.13 and saved $16.74 I have done this deal 2 times. Does the $20 count before coupons or after? And if before when I send my receipt in will they say nope this doesn’t count? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunetly it wont because that rebate is product specific. It has to be Covergirl + Olay products. HTH :)

      • Ashton Davis says:

        ok I see now! RATS! thanks anyway but for future rebate offers does the amount needed count before coupons or after? 
        If only the P&G worked with the bounty, charmin, and gillette! I did two transactions at walgreens for the gillette cartridges and razor that printed a $4 RR and the BOGO coupon made the razor free! I know still a lot of $ for razors but my dad really likes that kind and complains when we are out and has to use others! haha! I tell him wait because they will go on sell and otherwise they are very expensive!  And i did the bounty and Charmin deal at Kmart for their spend $30 on P&G get $10 back!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys! Can I use they buy 1 Venus refill get 1 body wash or shower body lotion free with this deal?

  19. Charity Name says:

    I missed this, but I already made this into a bigger money maker once I stopped by the clearance section at my local walgreens.  Used most of my coupons going to waste and it made many of the items free or less than a $1 for a total of $86 worth for $9 (mostly taxes). . 

  20. Jennifer says:

    I did this and I actually realized that in the same P&G insert there was a BOGO free Olay body wash (or bar etc) when you get the Venus cartridge (up to 7.99 value).  I decided I would try (1 manufacturer coupon to each the free razor and the free body wash despite the fact that both were dependant on the cartridge purchase) and it worked!!!!  I got another $15 worth of free body wash (7.49 each).  No problems scanning, no argument!

  21. SALE TAX A= 7.75% Victorville, California – Wags 
    C/G 1SHD BOGO 50% OFF
    C/G 1SHD $4.23
    C/G 1SHD $1.99
    OLAY FACE WSH $4.23
    VENUS PROSKIN $12.99

    I used:
    2/$1 C/G
    1/ VENUS Buy CRT get Razor FREE
    So it took off:
    My TOTAL W/ COUPONS= $23.15 (Including tax)

    Also in the end of the transaction CATALINA printed out $8 RR $5 RR & $3 RR so it gave me $16 RR I could use towards other transactions. ;) plus I get to mail in the Rebate for $10
    I actually did this a 2nd time to get the rebate offer for P&G. So I spent $46.30 all together minus $32.00 RR which is cash back equal to $14.30 minus $10 from the Rebate I will receive from P&G which equals to $4.30 in the end total. I am new at this so correct me if I am wrong. I still am very proud comparing to how I use to spend my money now I know how to use it and not loose it. 

  22. Hello, 
    I just wanted to advise that I live in California, city of Victorville, and even though it was still an amazing score for the purchase I end up paying $3.38 my total was $23.35 the prices listed above where either a dollar or two higher then expected then again each city, state, or region differ from tax or prices. I just want to say Thank You! I am a newbe and well this was my fist purchase with first batch of coupons send to me 6/3 ;)

  23. I did this deal tonight at my Walgreens (Indiana) and my prices were a little different, but to my surprise…   the register took off the cartridge price which was higher!
    Razor – 11.99
    Cartridge – 13.49
    Olay Face Wash – 3.99
    2 Covergirl Eyeshadow – 3.99 & 1.99 (50%)
    Total -  35.45
    - 13.49, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00
    OOP was 18.96
    & Got 16.00 in RR back making the total for all 2.96 or .59 each!!

  24. Just did this deal and all the RR’s KCL listed printed for me! Woohoo!! I only did one transaction since I only needed $20 to make the $50. I didn’t think I was going to make the $50 by today until I saw this post. I LOVE YOU KCL!!! I’m in So Cal and the cheapest cartridge was actually $13.99 and the cheapest razor was $12.99, however the register took off the max for the coupon $12.99 so it wasn’t a big deal! 

  25. Anonymous says:

    what does overlapping rewards mean :(

    • Anonymous says:

      When you use your register rewards from a previous week to help offset the cost . It makes your out of pocket less and then you get new one with your new purchase. Hope that helps!

    • Anonymous says:

      It means that you will receive three different Register Rewards if you do the scenario above or a similar scenario. There are multiple rewards for purchasing Olay, Venus and Cover Girl products and you will receive them all instead of just one.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Having read this top tip I nipped to WAGS to score this deal. Given there were a few pricing differences, plus I got blush instead of shadow (LOVE Revlon ColorStay shadow), my oop was still less than a dollar… No complaints here, what a fabulous deal! Thanks KCL, love you and your site :)

  27. After much debate I decided not to do this deal. I hope I don’t regret it. I only needed to do it once to finish off my rebate. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I know it was a bit oop up front if you didn’t have any previous RRs. I went through the same debate..but at the end of the day I couldn’t pass up basically free Venus Razors.

      • Of course this morning I regret not doing it ;) Oh well. I don’t NEED any of that stuff for a LONG time. Better off that I didn’t do it. I’m really bad at doing EVERY deal that is posted. Maybe this will be my kickoff to not doing that anymore :)

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol I hear you! No more razor buying for me for the next six months ! I’m plenty stocked

  28. Anonymous says:

    I know its a little late to post this but I saw in the comments below that some people were saying the proskin catridges were $16.99. Well they were but the REGULAR VENUS CARTIDGES were $12.99. The single razor was $10.99. It even said it on the tag. I did the scenario above and it worked!! I didnt do the second one because i already bought some thing else for the rebate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes ditto on that…I went tonight and found the same thing: the Proskin Cartridge refills are $16.99 but the standards were $12.99. The standards fit the handle to the Proskin razor as far as I know. And yes the deal still worked just fine. I had already bought the Lash Blast mascara at CVS so I used that on the deal too. I’m stocked on razors for awhile. And laundry detergent too. How about a good tp or paper towel deal soon????

  29. Anonymous says:

    Could you use the buy one venus refill, get one olay bar, bodywash it shower gel AND use buy one venus cartridge, get one venus razor on a refill cartridge, razor and one of the olay products

  30. Guest says:

    plus if you go on to dailyfeats websight and register and do a couple feats you can get a reward $5 off $35!!! takes a couple days to email u tho…

  31. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please help me out! I went to wags yesterday and purchased a cartridge and then a razor, but i did not get a rr for them. The manager explained to me that since the price of the razor was less the amount of the rr it wouldnt issue it to me because it like im getting money back and not paying for my stuff. Btw i did use bogo coupon. The cartridge was 12.99 and the razor was 10.99, but it rang up for 5.99. The bogo coupon took off the 12.99 instead of the 5.99, so i dont know what to do. Should i redo it with a different manager to see if it would work? Need help please! Thanks in advance

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t know why it didn’t work (not 100% familiar with what exactly the requirement is) but it sounds like the manager doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  That explanation sounds as bad as when I hear a cashier say “but it’s not on the picture…”

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry that happen to you. It should have printed the RR for you because the purchase requirements were met buy any 2 razor products in the same transaction. If that was the case I should have NOT gotten my ecotrin and Starbucks refreshers RR since they end up being free  with my coupons. It was a MM for me. They will be reimbursed for those coupons by the manufacture.  The managers can override the system and printed you the RR. My wags manager had to do that for me a couple of time. This manager had no clue.  Return the product and get your money back unfortunately you lost your coupon. Next time if that happens cancelled the whole transaction and keep your  coupons. Try to redo the transaction again. HTH.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks so much, i will go back today to see if it would work. Luckily she gave me my coupon back.

  32. Hi

    I live in Colorado and the prices here are way higher. 
    For the  Gillette Venus ProSkin Razor  the regular price is $12.99, the Gillette Venus Cartridges, 4 ct $16.99, Regular Price and my store does not carry Olay Foaming Face Wash.  The only item that was the same price was the Cover Girl Eye Shadow Singles $3.99, regular price. 

    I was so excited to try and do couponing for the first time, but now I am dissappointed because I wasn’t able to get the deal like you posted above.

    • Anonymous says:

      prices are a bit higher in miami as well but this is what i did & it worked fine.  sometimes you just need to do minor adjustments to the scenarios so it works for you.  hope this helps

      1-venus razor $11.99
      1-venus refill $16.99
      1-cg shadow $3.49
      1-cg shadow $1.75 (50% off)
      1-olay towelettes $3.99

      coupons used:
      1-free razor wyb refill
      1-2/1 for razor
      2-1/1 for shadows
      1-1/1 for olay

      received $8-$3 & $2 RR
      will submit for rebate with some pantene that i had previously purchased

    • Chelsea says:

       I live in CO too, and did this deal, only paying $8 OOP :) not a MM but these prices are way better than retail! And I got all the RRs :)

  33. Mary Smith says:

    I also have a question about these rebates, the P&G will be my first one, do you have to mail them the original recipts, or can you make copies? I have to send in quite a few recipts with other things on them, and I would hate to not have them if I needed to return something. If not, by any chance do they mail them back to you?

    • silly gal says:

       most rebates want the original receipts but it says on each rebate what the requirements are…make sure to keep a copy of everything you submit in case you don’t get the rebate so you have proof you sent it in though

    • Anonymous says:

      Most rebate wants the original receipts to prevent people from returning the products and getting their money back on top of the rebates.  Just do separate transaction with rebates offers so you don’t to worry about returning something.  Most store has a 30 days return policy. Your rebate will take approximately 6-8 weeks.  And yes they will return all of your receipts and paperwork if your rebate is denied with an explanation of why it was rejected.  Had that happen to me.

      • Mary Smith says:

        Thank You so much, that is true, I just save everything, its hard to just mail them all off, one of them has over $200 of camping gear on it. But I will just make copies and hope all the pieces to everything are there! LOL…

        • Mary Smith says:

          Oh, if you dont mind me asking , because Im new to all of this, but why would they deny a rebate? Just want to make sure I did it right. Thanks!

          • Anonymous says:

            Not at all. They denied my claim because most of my transaction came close to $0.00 out of pocket with my ECB, I used too many coupons.  Evidently they have no clue what  ECB are for. I could of contested but I figure I already got those items practically free and I didn’t want to go through the hassle, I left it alone.  And besides there will be other rebates offer. Just make sure you read the restriction on the rebate forms very carefully. Happy couponing :)

            • Anonymous says:

              That happened to me also. I used catalinas and MFR coupons to buy remaining pantene products and they said that the rebate was rejected because I used coupons. However, I don’t see anywhere on the rebate form that it won’t be honored if coupons are used. Does anyone else see that? I am debating whether I should argue it- I feel like it’s false advertisement

            • Anonymous says:

              I have read in other forum where people did contested and win but be prepared for being

    • Anonymous says:

      This one asks for original receipts. Most rebates do. But always make copies for yourself to keep.

  34. Keli Kucera says:

    I had a question regarding these P&G rebates…and can’t find the answer anywhere else…hoping someone here will know. If you mailed in for the $15 P&G rebate last month, can you still do this $10 one also? I can’t find anything that says you can’t on the rebate form, since this is a different rebate than that one, but was wondering if they will say that’s covered by the “1 per household” limit, even though it’s a different reabte form, dates, etc…..anyone in the know on this one??

    • Julie says:

      It is a seperate rebate so you will be able to do it.  I did both and have already received the debit cards back on both of them.  The 1 per household is per specific rebate, so you could not do this $10.00 one again however if they start a new one in June or July then it basically resets and you are eligible again.  HTH!

  35. Marta Lopez says:

    No luck here.refill was 17.49 and razor was 14.99 :( not a good enough deal for me 

    • Anonymous says:

      im in so cal…and tried the deal despite that the razor was 13.99 and the refill was 17.99 :( after rebate/rr…all the items came down to about $6 including tax..still not a bad deal..but not a moneymaker…

  36. Purchase $20 in the following products (before coupons) and get a $10 gift

    CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless
    FoundationCoverGirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 FoundationCoverGirl
    & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting BlushCoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless
    Serum PrimerCoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless ConcealerCoverGirl &
    Olay Simply Ageless Corrector

  37. Anonymous says:

    Do the RR roll? I don’t understand how this could b a MM if you use the $16RR from the first transaction on the same items on the second transaction and still get the RR.

    •  You do the scenario as posted pay $19.97 receive $16 Register Rewards back so it is like paying $3.97. Then you do it exactly the same but DO NOT pay with Register Rewards you will not receive the Register Rewards. $3.97 times 2 transactions is like paying $7.94 then you submit for the $10 rebate. So its like being a $2.06 money maker when you figure in the $32 Register Rewards you still have left.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I think I’m going to see if I can just do the razor/cartridge deal twice. Going to add in the Covergirl mascara deal I got at CVS today and I think I’m over the $50 before coupon limit.

  39. Anthony Phillips says:

    There is also a $10 MIR when you purchase $20 worth of Covergirl and Olay products!!!! It can be found on the covergirl website and it was also mentioned in P&G 6/3.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s only for the covergirl&olay product lists on the rebate which items you can buy

      • Anthony Phillips says:

         Ohhh, I see that now, thank you for clarifying. I got a little too excited and completely missed that, ha.

        • Anonymous says:

          I did the same thing!! It’s still an awesome rebate!! :)
          Subject: [krazycouponlady] Re: Moneymaker on P& G Products at Walgreens: Overlapping Rewards and Rebate!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Am I able to use: B1 venus cartridge G1 razor free + B1 venus refill G1 olay bodywash free + $2.00 off venus refill IF I only buy 1 Venus refill/cartridge?

    • silly gal says:

       not that I know of as both coupons seem to be tied to the cartridge so it’s most likely going to beep on you

    • Anonymous says:

       I was wondering if I can do that too. because I have the same coupons you have to i’m wondering if I can just buy one cartridge and use the 2 BOGO coupons to get the body wash and razor for free? wondering if anybody has done this already

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you’d have to purchase 2 cartridges to be able to use both BOGO coupons. KCL posted a similar scenario for the CVS P&G rebate deal earlier this week and in that scenario, 2 cartridges were purchased along with one olay bodywash and one razor in order to use both BOGOs.

  41. Anonymous says:

    The cartridges cost over $16 over at my walgreens!! Don’t think I will be doing the deal

    • Lisa Bailey says:

       Everything at my Walgreens (Lake Forest, CA) was over what KCL posted too….but luckily I had some RR from last week so i was still able to cash in on the deal.  The cartridges were $15.99 and the razor was 12.99 that I bought- the face wash was 4.23 (sale price), so yes, everything in So Cal is probs more, if that’s where you are from too!  ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, So Cal is more…I paid $13.99 cartridge and $12.99 razor, foam $4.23…2 covergirl eyeshadows for total $23.45 and got $16 RR….So definately better than full price.

    • Chelsea says:

       My Wags had the razor for 11.99 and cartridges for 16.99, but I used the $2/1 and ended up paying $8 OOP from rolling the Brainstrong RR :)

  42. Anonymous says:

    Buy 1 Olay product & 1 Cover Girl product, Receive $3.00 Register Reward, through 6/16
    , I can’t seem to find these deal in the ad… 

  43. Anonymous says:

    The mail in rebate only has 8 slots for the upc codes.  How are ya’ll doing this scenario and writing all 10 items down?

    • Anonymous says:

      you can write the other items at the bottom or sometimes I will print a second form out and put them on there and label it has page 2

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point mpham! Since I’m buying multiples of one item, can I use just one UPC code and add the price for all the same item? Instead of having the products’ UPC codes twice with the price of just one, use the UPC codes once with the price totaling the cost of two ????

    • PW Coupon says:

      Why list all the items, 2 razors and 2 refills is $47.96 so then list one olther item…bingo…$50+.

  44. PW Coupon says:

    Add $4 more money makey by also using the $2 P&G cpn from 5/13 ($2 off Venus razor or refill)…use to cartridge/refill purchase…brins it down to $17.97 with $16 RR each and $10 MIR…$6.06 MM!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think you can use a B1G1 with a $ amount coupon

      • PW Coupon says:

        2 items 2 for the razor (BOGO conditional on the refill) and one on the Refill.  Should work.

      • Anonymous says:

        walgreens will allow a bogo and an additional $$ coupon as long as the $$ coupon is for the item you are paying for, not for the free item

        • Anonymous says:

           so you can still use the $2 off any venus razor or refill to the refill you are buying right? because you said since they will accept the additional $$ coupon for the item you are paying for so, you can stil use $2 off thinking it’s for the refill/cartridge in conjuction with the BOGO venus refill/cartridge get venus razor free, am I right on this one? so buy one venus refill/cartridge and buy venus razor, use BOGO venus  coupon and $2.00/1  venus refill/cartridge or venus razor, I hope this will work

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, just make sure your $2.00 applies to the item that you will be paying for not the item made free by the bogo coupon :) Subject: [krazycouponlady] Re: P& G Moneymaker at Walgreens: Overlapping Rewards and Rebate!

  45. Anonymous says:

    I NEED HELP!!! I accidently forgot to put one of the reciepts in the envelope. Can i send in a second one (the second one will total $50)? Im pretty sure they wont honor the first one so Im hoping if I send in a new one theyll honor that one. Im worried about the fine print aswell.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would call the number on the rebate form 1-855-361-0670 and let them know what’s going on and I’m sure they will work with you to get your rebate submitted :)

      • Anonymous says:

        THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I just have to send in a new one. Unfortunetly I sent in one reciept but not the other. Luckily theres been a lot of good sales so I can easily get to $50 again :) 

        • Anonymous says:

          your welcome :)
          Subject: [krazycouponlady] Re: P& G Moneymaker at Walgreens: Overlapping Rewards and Rebate!

  46. Anonymous says:

    I cannot figure out a way to break this up so I can roll my rewards and receive all of the rewards back

  47. Anthony Phillips says:

    Is it possible to use the B1G1 Covergirl lashblast Mascara from P&G 6/3 along with $1/1 off Covergirl and do the same with the razor and cartridge B1G1 from P&G 6/3 along with the $2/1 from P&G 5/13?

    Supposedly the Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara is on sale for $6.99, making it $5.99 after $1/1 coupon, plus the free one you would get with the B1G1. Would the 50% off part apply to the one I’m actually paying for or would it not work because I’m getting the second one for free?

    Sorry, lots of questions.

    • Anthony Phillips says:


    •  There’s also a $10 MIR when you purchase $20 worth of Covergirl and Olay products!!!!!!! It’s at and is available until 7/15!

    • Anonymous says:

       I think yes… you can use the B1G1 CoverGirl Mascara with $1/1 off CoverGirl product as what I understand on their coupon policy. The 50% off item is the one the store will deduct based on my experience, and it varies by store ($6.99 + $3.50 half price = $10.49 – $3.50 from bogo qs – $1/1 = $5.99 plus tax).

      •  Thank you, that’s what i thought. I figured they would take the 50% off the second one and then the B1G1 would also apply to that. The Walgreens I usually go to scans the B1G1 coupons and the register instantly puts in a price. I noticed this because I used the razor B1G1 a couple days ago and it automatically took off $14.99 even though the coupon was only up to $12.99. I thought it was a little strange.

  48. MISSKUE says:

    is this scenario all in one transaction?

  49. I’m slow.  How is it a moneymaker?

    • Anonymous says:

      because you will do this twice so you will pay 19.97 twice which is 39.94 minus your register rewards from both transactions which is 32 minus the 10 rebate which makes it a 2.06MM. HTH :)

      • Anonymous says:

         I don’t know if I’m blind or what but I can’t seem to find these deal “Buy 1 Olay product & 1 Cover Girl product, Receive $3.00 Register Reward, through 6/16″ in the ad.  Please help.

        • Anonymous says:

          The $3.00 catalina is unadvertised…the $5.00 P&G catalina is for the olay, covergirl and venus and it’s not in the ad…I believe there were catalinas printing last week advertising for this deal. I hope that helps :) Subject: [krazycouponlady] Re: Moneymaker on P& G Products at Walgreens: Overlapping Rewards and Rebate!

          • Anonymous says:

             Thank you very much… I will try this one today!!! I hope it will work for me..

            • Anonymous says:

              your welcome! they printed for me at kmart so I’m sure they will print at walgreens :)

            • Anonymous says:

               You said, the $3 is catalina, is catalina and RR the same?

            • Anonymous says:

              yes it is the same
              Subject: [krazycouponlady] Re: Moneymaker on P& G Products at Walgreens: Overlapping Rewards and Rebate!

            • Anonymous says:

               Thank you very much!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        RR from both transactions? i believe the second transaction won’t generate RR anymore because you’re buying the same items..

        • Anonymous says:

          You don’t use your RR from the first on the second transaction so you’ll have 32 total leftover Subject: [krazycouponlady] Re: P& G Moneymaker at Walgreens: Overlapping Rewards and Rebate!

  50. Anonymous says:

    These two transactions only equal $40 in P&G products. Correct? So you would’ve still needed to buy $10 more to get the rebate? 

  51. Anonymous says:

    These two transactions will only equal $40 in P&G products. Right?

  52. Buy two Venus Razors.
    Use two Buy one Venus or Daisy razor, get one Venus or Daisy razor Free coupons from P&G.Get both free because the coupons cancel each other out.Just pay the tax and get $8 in register rewards!

    • Anonymous says:

      I didnt think you could do that :/… Has that worked for you?

      • Tana says:

         You can’t do this.  You can only use 1 BOGO coupon for these 2 items.  Multiple manufacturer BOGO coupons do not cancel each other out. 

      • Jenni Sweat says:

        I agree…it would have to be a store sale/store bogo coupon combined with a manufacturer coupon to get both for free…otherwise it’s coupon fraud.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am pretty sure that is not the way it is supposed to work…unless they were already BOGO on sale at the store and you used one coupon per 2…

    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot do this because A buy one, get one free or BOGO coupon, offers a consumer a free product when they purchase another product. Also the coupons state “limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated” so it is stated on the coupon you buy one ______ you get one _______ free so if you use two bogo coupons and only buy two items your amount of products and quantities is not enough.HTH!

    • Julie Layer says:

       You cannot use two b1g1 to cancel the other out, at any store that I am aware of. Are you new to this?

    • Anonymous says:

      Your scenario may or may not work, but either way, that’s not the proper way to use coupons. You can only use (1) BOGO Qs for the (2) items, and sometimes an additional $$$ off depending on the store.

    • silly gal says:

       that’s a no-no, you can use a bogo coupon with a bogo sale to get both items free but not 2 bogo coupons on the same 2 items

      • Anonymous says:

        at Albertson’s you can get both items for free if you use a B1G1 mq on a store promotion of B1G1.  It’s in their coupon policy. This is the only store I know of that will do this though

        • silly gal says:

           I know you can, if you read my comment I said that was possible although I didn’t mention any store names…what I was saying is that the person telling everyone to use 2 bogo coupons on 2 items was doing something wrong…lol.

  53. Can you use the RR on the second transaction?

    • Yep! But it can’t be on the same item that you received the RR reward from. Ex-Yo can’t buy a razor, get the RR and then use the RR to buy the same razor on your second transaction.

    • Imona Budget says:

      Yes, you can use it, but you won’t get a 2nd RR on that item…(usually)….

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t do it, you won’t score as good a deal because the second set of RR won’t print! Buy something else with them.