Father’s Day is just a little over a week away. Still needing a card? Check this out. Today from 12:00 – 4:00 pm pacific, you can score a free card for dad from Treat.com! Any customer, new or repeat, is able to participate in this offer. Simply use code WEEKENDTREAT at checkout and it is yours.

To get your free card:

  • Click here.
  • Find the perfect card and add it to your account.
  • You will want to choose the “Send it to me first” option in order to avoid shipping charges.
  • You can choose to have Treat.com “Mail it to the recipient,” but you will be charged $0.44 for the stamp.
  • Head to checkout and use code WEEKENDTREAT.
  • That’s it! You score a free card. Wow!

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15 thoughts on “4 Hours Only—FREE Father’s Day Card at Treat.com!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw the same expired info. Customer service said it was a leak and marketing was checking into it. They did offer me a free credit on my account, but I told them if it wasn’t supposed to happen, I wouldn’t take advantage of the situation. Maybe it wasn’t a leak but a strategy. Either way, I’ll wait for another opportunity.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When it told me the code had expired early, I followed the advice here and waited in live chat.  I was 4th in line and it took 4 minutes to connect.  She said “I apologize for the inconvenience.  This is actually not a valid promotion.  Let me check to see what I can do for you though.”  Then she came back and said “As a one time courtesy, I can grant you a free greeting card credit,” stressing it was one time per household only.  The whole process took 10 minutes, but I got the card I’d spent time making for free.  Thanks! 

  3. Anonymous says:

    i did what crystal did with the live chat and they gave it to me for free… had 2 wait a little bit, not much.. took more time making the card than waiting for someone, but i scored my free one :)

  4. Code isn’t working.  What a gip!  It’s expired?  It’s about 2 p.m. PST, right in the middle of when this should be working.  Fail!  This was the only deal in today’s entire e-mail that we were interested in…

    They seriously need to fix this and offer it again tomorrow or something.

  5. silly gal says:

    I’m waiting in the cue as #15 in line to get this fixed as it’s not even 14:00 pacific yet.

  6. same here. This sucks. I just took the time to create a card and now I can’t send it. I think it’s some kind of trick to get you to buy it anyway. 

  7. I used the live chat to contact support and they fixed my order to reflect the free card. :)

  8. I am getting that it is expired to…And it’s not even 4 pm eastern time.

  9. Anonymous says:

     Didn’t work for me. Says the code is invalid. :’(

  10. Kelly Walker says:

    I Just tried to use this code. It is 12:26 PST and it says ” This coupon code has expired ”

  11. Code is not working, telling me ‘coupon code is expired’ =(