Here is a list of the coupons printing from the “Magic Coupon Machine”  this week. They vary by customer, so this is only a list of what you may receive. Keep scanning your card until you get the “No coupons available, check back tomorrow” message to be sure you have received all coupons available to you.  Good luck!  These coupons are considered CVS store coupons and can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to stack them with some of this week’s deals!  Please feel free to let us know in Comments what coupons the machine is printing out for you.

The following expire 1 week from the day they print:

$10.00/$30.00 Gillette Shaving Purchase
$2.00/2 Tresemme Hair Care
$0.30/2 Snickers 2-To-Go or M&M’s Tear ‘n Share (2.83 oz or larger)
$5.00/$25.00 Fragrance Purchase
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Skinny Water (up to $1.67)
$2.00/1 Hershey’s New Simple Pleasures Pouch
Buy 1 5×7 Folded Photo Card, Get 1 8×10 Collage FREE
$3.00/$10.00 Hair Notions Purchase

The following expire 2 weeks from the day they print:

$2.00/1 Emergen-C Kidz Fruit Punch
$2.00/1 Tide Boost or Bounce Dryer Bar when you buy one Tide, 100 oz

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74 thoughts on “CVS Coupon Machine: Week of 6/10”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love CVS!!! I just paid $4.29 for 4 Venus Breeze cartridges ($18.29) and a Venus Spa Breeze Razor ($12.79) with 2 cartridges!  Used the $10.00 off $30.00 purchase, the P&G Buy one Cartridge, get Razor Free, so it took off $12.79, another P&G $2.00 off cartridge and another Magic Coupon Machine $2.00 off any Gillette cartridge!   

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am still new to the Magic Coupon Machine. If I already got one 20% coupon from it is it possible to get another one in the same week?

    • Anonymous says:

      Typically, CVS only gives out one % off coupon per week

      • Anonymous says:

        I have been shopper@cvs for several months now,and the magic coupon machine has never printe me a % off coupon … :-( wondering why?

  3. I’m so upset. I planned on scoring big with the Gillette deal today, and the first CVS I went to their coupon machine said it couldn’t print coupons at the moment and to come back alter.

    I planned on going to another one also anyways, bUT I get there and I scan m card it just says processing for 5 minutes, so I asked the cashier and she said she would get someone to fix it so I should go shop around.

    10 minutes later she comes back with my card and the coupons I got were just the skinny water BOGO (go that last week anyways) and the one for greetings cards, which I don’t care for.

    So I had to leave with just my spend $10 on crest get $5 EBs at the first store and nothing at the second.  And it was dead in the store so it was perfect time for couponing :(

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you scan your card more than once?  I scanned mine three or four times today and different coupons printed each time.  The $10/$30 Gillette coupon was the last to print.

  4. Candace Tejidor says:

    My CVS coupon machine printed a $15 off Physician’s Formula skin care purchase.  And my store had the blue skin care line items on sale for $5.25 each!  So i bought 3 of them and used the $15 off, which ended in me paying only $.25 each for items that are normally $20-23.  :)  

  5. Sally Jewell says:

     Hey.. If anyone got the ‘$10 off any Fekkai Hair Care’ crt coupon, check your clearance shelves. I found some anti-fizz serum & hairspray for 50% off … I couldn’t find any of that brand in the haircare aisle. Also while I was in the aisle, I saw lots of Organix, Garnier Fructis and some other brands on clearance.

    Happy Hunting!

  6. Tonight I got an email to print a coupon for $1.88 M & M’s for tomorrow (Friday only).   Did anyone else get this? 

  7. Anonymous says:

    I did not get the $10 off Gillette coupon, but my mom did.  So, we used her CVS card, and she gave me back the $4 in cash for the ECB.  The store took off $13.99 for the razor.  So even though the shave gel was more expensive, I got all three products for $5.79, or $1.93 each.  Woo hoo!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Any ideas on how to use $2 off any hair care, $4 off $20 beauty purchase or $3 off $10 CVS brand?

    • Ana Lilia says:

      IDEAS: for the $2 off any hair care: my CVS have lots of Pantene shamp/condi on clearance around $2.50, so $0.50 is not bad… for $3 off $10: lots of CVS brand shamp/cond are claearance like $1.50, but that coupon is for ANY CVS PRODUCTS …

    •  BoxerMom333 I used my $3.00 off $10.00 Cvs brand to purchase the big box of Cvs supreme diapers (size 5, 54 diapers) at $8.86 and the tub of toddler potty wipes clearanced to $1.14:) Got me right to $10.00 so $7.00 total. I figured 10 cents a diaper was not too shabby. Saw a bunch of shampoo marked down and lots of make-up, I intend on making another trip 2mro to use that one. Wanna make sure I have all available make-up Q’s. Happy CVS’ing!

  9. I may be a little late posting this but, I received a $3.00 Zantac coupon from the machine. In fact, I got something like 20 coupons when I scanned my card. It just kept printing. Anyways, I coupled this with the $5/1 zantac coupon from the ss and got $2.00 eb back so $1.00 money maker! I also received an E-mail with a $2.00 clear shampoo or conditioner coupon coupled with the $2/1 RP Q it was $0.99.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I went to CVS yesteday just to scan my card at the coupon machine and I could scan it three times!!!  Yay…  Besides the coupons I got the previous day, which are basically the ones stated above, I got my $5 Beauty ECB, $2 off Tide Boost or Bounce Dryer Bar when you buy Tide 100oz and $1 off Colgate Sensitive ProRelief Toothpaste or Toothbrush.  I also checked my email and got a 30% off coupon valid till 6/17.  Oh!  And on my account, I found a $1.50 off Clairol Root Touch Up! Keep Your Color Fresh
    Longer…  :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just checked my Extra Care account online and I have a bunch of good coupons, but they all say “Print only.”  Does that mean I have to print them at home?  I’m really hoping they’ll print from the coupon machine because I’m out of ink at home!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think they won’t print at the coupon machine because that happened to me a few weeks ago.  I saw some coupons on my account and went to the store and others coupon printed, not the ones I saw online…  I printed only the ones I really needed…  Sorry :(

      • Anonymous says:

        Yikes, I guess I better get some ink!  Thanks!

      •  I am sorry I don’t mean to but in, but I was curious… Are you talking about logging in to a separate account other than just going onto the coupon tab on cvs website?

        • Anonymous says:

           I was wondering the same thing.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nope, I’m saying that the coupons printed at the machine are different from the ones that they send to your account at (when you click the extracare card on the top right and then when you enter your email and password, etc)…  And also different from the ones they send by email…  I have noticed these 3 ways of getting coupons and they are not the same…  Sorry if I confused you ;)

    • Anonymous says:

      I was able to print all of mine from the coupon machine except for the $10 off any Fekkai Hair Care

      • Anonymous says:

        I went today and they all printed from the machine!  That was enough to make my day, never mind all the good deals I got with the coupons.

  12. Janelle King says:

    I just logged into my CVS Extra Care Account and had a $15 off any Physicians facial care purchase!!! What is everyone using these on??? Could i score free foundation??? So excited! I’ll be spending my lunch break in the cosmetic dept at my local CVS :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m pretty sure that coupon’s meant for the PF facial skin care line.  I also got one.  The “blue” packaging ones are on sale/clearance for $4.99 in most stores.  You can buy 3 and get them for free.  They have a day cream with SPF, a day/night cream, and an eye cream that’s at the $4.99 price point. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I got the $15.00 off Physicians Formula Facial Care purchase too!! I got 2 of the “blue” eyecreams that were regular priced at $19.99 on clearance for $4.99 and I also got a “blue”moisturizer also regularly priced at $19.99 on clearance for $4.99 making all 3 of them (regularly priced at nearly $60.00) FREE!!!! One of my best scores in awhile!! So excited! I LOVE this line…wish they werent doing away with it :-( GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR COUPON!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I logged into my CVS account today and these are the coupons that I have available to print: 

    $2 off any 2 (two) Stayfree
    $2 off any 2 (two) Pantene Hair Care (excludes trial
    $10 off any Fekkai Hair Care (Excludes Trial)
    $2 offf any Crest or Oral-B purchase of $8 or
    $15 off any Physicians Formula facial care
    $2 off any Cosmetics

  14. Anonymous says:

    Today I got a record 12 coupons from the machine, LOL.
    $1 off milk gallon expires 6/27.
    $2 off any cosmetics expires 6/27.
    $5 off Debrox Earwax Removal Kit expires 6/27.
    $1 off Irish Spring Body Wash expires 6/27.
    Nest Pure Life Water 24pk $2.88 Today Only!  Didn’t see this, heading back, lol.

  15. wish they had the magic coupon machine in hawaii.  the beauty club isnt active here either.   :(

  16. Anonymous says:

    KCL, I got $2 off $8 oral-B or Crest purchase. I am thinking about using it for the Crest mouth wash/oral-B tooth brush deal. But I have purchased them last week. Is it the same deal from last week or I can buy it again and get the EB again this week?

    • Anonymous says:

      You should be able to do the deal again this week because the Extra Buck deals reset every week. :)

  17. I got the Fusion ProGlide razor, 4 pack cartridges, and 2 Fusion shaving gels for $5.43 and got back $4 in EB! They let me use the $10 off $30 Gillette coupon, the buy 1 cartridge get the razor free, a $2 gillette coupon I received 2 weeks ago from the coupon machine and $3 in EB!! Between my husband and I we go through razors like water in our house especially during the summer so this deal made my week!!!

  18. hello i got $2 off an oral care purchase of $8 or more, is there a good deal i can use this on?

    • Anonymous says:

      You can use that w/ the crest deal, buy $10 get $5 ecb, stack that with your P&G or other coupons. It’s a good deal!

  19. Kayla says:

    I got a $5 off any $10 purchase

  20. Anonymous says:

    I got: 10.00/30.00 Gillette shaving purchase, 
             2.00/2 Tresemme hair care,
             .30/2 Snickers to go or M&M’s,
             5.00/25.00 Fragrance purchase,
             Buy 1 skinny water get one free
             2.00/1 Hersey’s simple pleasures pouch,
             Buy one 5×7 folded photo card, get a free 8×10 collage,
             3.00/10.00 hair notions. 

  21. Anonymous says:

    I also got the 2.00 off gillette/Venus cartridges. If you buy the gilette prostyler there should be 3 coupons in there too I can’t remember exactly what I got but I think it was 2.00 off a cartridge, 2.00 off a Gillette razor, and 1.00 off a shaving gel!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know what’s that Hair Notions product?  I’ve never heard of it… :(

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it refers to coated elastics for your hair,barrettes,headbands, hair clips and scrunchies. I believe those would all be considered hair notions! Hope this helps!

  23. Ariel says:

    I got all of the ones above except for the Tide, Emergen C and Tresemme. I also got: the $2/1 Gillette Fusion or Venus Cartridge Refill, $2 off any Rimmel Cosmetics Purchase, $3 off Zantac Cool 24 count or higher, $1.50 of any CVS Facial Cleansing and Makeup Remover Towlettes, and $3 off any $10 purchase of L’eggs or Styleessential Hosiery. All of these expire 6/25. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish I would have gotten the Zantac coupon, it would be great to stack with the 5.00/1 mfr coupon, plus you get the ECB back this week.  It would make it 1.00 MM after ECB. 

  24. Sarah Hibner says:

    I got a $3 off Almay Color Cosmetics. Lucky me I found Almay bronzer marked 75% off, making it $2.75! FREE!

    If bronzer is not your thing, there was a row at the bottom of the Almay display on clearance – 75% off – including powder and liquid blush. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear ya on the clearance finds at CVS! I printed out my $3 Revlon coupon and my $2 off any cosmetics purchase from my cvs account and picked up two 75% off mascaras for around $2.50 each (gotta love the bottom row :)) making them free after my two coupons! I have enough mascara to last me all year including last week’s mascara deal! Happy shopping! 

  25. Anonymous says:

    Check your email.  For me they sent for Beauty club members $3/1 Revlon cosmetic purchase, $3/1 John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour and $2/1 Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy.  This is just my regular email.

    In my CVS account, they gave me $1.50/1 New Ensure Clear, $2/1 Emergen-C Kidz Fruit punch and $3/1 Nexxus Shampoo or conditioner. 

    CVS must love me….lol.

  26. Anonymous says:

    i have ($1 off any gillette shave gel or foam)  from cvs coupon machine… SO I can use this too for gillette deal ??

  27. I got a $3 off when you buy 4 cards.  I picked up (4) $.99 Hallmark cards, paid $.96 and earned a $3 ECB!!!!!

  28. The tresemme trial sizes are .99 so you’ll get both free with the coupon!

  29. Karen says:

    My Magic Coupon Machine was broke yesterday.  They have been having issues with it for a few weeks now. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    So I am new to NM and I have never shopped at CVS can someone please explain the coupon center machines? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sign up for the CVS Extra Care card at the cash register, it’s their shopper reward program.  At the front of the store, you will find the scanner (picture as above).  Each day you can scan your card and it will give you coupons.  The trick is to keep scanning your card until the machine tells you there are no more coupons for today.  The great thing about CVS is you can use the coupons from the machine and stack them with manufacturer coupons. There are many, many great deals to be had at CVS.  They even reward you on your spending quarterly with their ExtraBucks. Watch the video that KCL has on their website about CVS.  This is my favorite drugstore and hopefully it will soon be yours.  Enjoy!

  31. I got a great one today that isn’t listed above! $7.00 any Physician’s Formula cosmetic purchase. I don’t recall the expiration date cause I used it without paying attention. But all the Physicians Formula was 40% off through 6/16. I got a mascara regular 10.49, for $6.29. The coupon scanned as $7.00 off, so I got a $0.71 overage!

    • Anonymous says:

      I got the same coupon and bought the EyeBooster for $6.77 (regular $11.29) and got a $.23 overage.  Bye-bye weenie eyelashes! Virtual high five Krystal!

      • Anonymous says:

        lol. I wish I could get that coupon because I love the EyeBooster eyeliner,,,BUT…I love it because its so easy to apply. It hasn’t done a thing for the weenie eyelashes. Good luck with that! What did work for my lashes is prescription Lumigan and it’s about 1/2 price of the stuff Brook Sheild advertises (forgot name). Problem with that is when you stop using it you get scrimpy lashes again! It’s a shame what happens to us when we start AGING!! lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Great coupon, gotta love overage!

    • Melissa says:

      I got this coupon too! I printed mine today & it expires June 28. I didn’t take advantage of the 40% deal, but I got the correct & cover concealer. I found a pack that came with 2 concealers for $8.49, but it was the same price as the 1 that just came with 1 concealer! So I only paid $1.49 for 2 concealers!

  32. I did not get the $10 off of $30 purchase of shaving items, but I did get $2 off cartridges

  33. Anonymous says:

    I got 1.00 off of any toothpaste or toothbrush as well as the other ones you stated