Extreme Couponing Tip: Save on Shaving Cream!

Summer is here along with shorts and flirty skirts. That also means shaving creams, gels, and oils are a must on many shopping lists. Here are some tips to trim the cost:

Summer Season: Sales are cyclical. Summer is the time to buy shaving supplies. Pair manufacturer coupons with store coupons and promotions to get the best deals.

Conditioning: If you know how to score hair conditioner on the cheap, try it in lieu of expensive moisturizing creams. It leaves skin feeling super smooth and smells fantastic!

Oil Change: If you travel frequently or are trying to live a little greener, test a shaving oil like this one from Pacific Shaving Company. Use just a few drops per shave and say goodbye to bulky cans.

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14 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Save on Shaving Cream!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What I don’t understand is why the razor blades are more expensive than a razor (w/ 2 blades) combo pack!?!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can also get free shipping from Pacific Shave Company now through Father’s Day by entering “FD2012″ at checkout!

  3. Anne Klein says:

    It is the cost of razor blades that is killing me.  I can’t believe how expensive they are.  Outrageous in price.

    • Amanda says:

      Tell me about it, we only have a rite aid here and I rarely ever get a good deal on razors. And I am definetely not brand loyal I’ll gladly take whatever kind I can find cheap but its no easy task nowadays.

      • Anne Klein says:

         Off to check it out.  I just can’t use disposable razors.  They cut the heck out of my legs.  I generally like Venus or ones like that.  My husband uses Gillette Pro Glide.  I saw your CVS magic coupon machine post on this.  I have to get over there tomorrow to see if I can get one of them.

    • Walmart has a great deal on the Schick 10 pack razors this week.  You get two free.  They are $1.97 per pack.  IF you use one of the BOGO schick disposable razor coupons, they are only .98 cents per pack!  the coupon clippers website has these coupons if they aren’t in your binder.  Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      [I am a man] It took an investment of $60 in additional equipment and a year of practice but I successfully switched from Gillette Pro Glide Fusion Power blades to a double-edged safety razor. I realize it sounds like a downgrade but it is not at all. I get a better shave, have completely eliminated razor burn and ingrown hairs and as a bonus a $2 puck of shave soap lasts me a few years and each $0.09 blade lasts me about a month. I got a 10 year supply of blades and soap for less than $30 and if properly cared for a badger hair shave brush will last 10-20 years depending on its quality. I only wish I had learned how to do this 20 years ago when I began shaving!

      • Anne Klein says:

         That is what my husband uses.  A Gillette Pro Glide Fusion Power.  Loves it!

        Where did you get your razor?  Is this safe for a woman to shave her legs with?

        • Anonymous says:

          I loved it too and it was a leap of faith to strike out into retro shaving which I worried was just an anachronism.  I honestly cannot see why women would not be able to shave their legs with a DE safety razor and I would bet 50 years ago they did since I do not believe there were any cartridge razors back then.  In fact, I really doubt that a knee cap or ankle is any more challenging than a chin or Adam’s apple though maybe it is a tossup.

          The Merkur Model 180 on Amazon has been great for me at only $32.  On top of that I highly recommend going over to eBay and getting a sampler pack of different DE safety razor blades.  This allows you to try 30+ different blades for just a few dollars.  My brand turned out to be the Dorco ST-300 (had never heard of them before).  For a shave brush it is hard to beat the Tweezerman (also on Amazon for  $11).  Walmart sells a really great Van Der Hagen shaving soap for $2.50 per puck.  It has a lot of aloe which really helps.  Mantic59 on youtube has an astounding number of excellent videos which show you how to do everything if you are patient.  The only other thing you would need is a ceramic mug as a shaving scuttle so $45 to give it a lash.

          I recommend getting used to the DE for a few months (seriously) and ONLY shaving with the grain during this time.  Focus on angle and technique.  Then once you are comfortable add the first pass against the grain but go slowly and be careful.  It took me around 12 months to get good enough to do 2 passes against the grain without nicks or cuts and get baby butt smooth.  If I was fine with a little scruff, I would have been all set after just a few months.

          • Anne Klein says:

             I asked my husband and he said he hadn’t even thought of this.  I think we are both going to look into it.  Like I said, I am tired of spending so much money on blades.  I don’t like disposables because they nick my legs and cause ingrown hairs.

            So I we would need the razor, blades, soap and brush?

            Thank you!

            • Anonymous says:

               You’ve got it.  The razor and blades will replace the cartridge razor plus handle. The soap and brush replaces shaving cream/foam/gel.  I think you will be astounded at just how inferior gel from a can is to the real thing!  I will never go back to edge gel!!!  There isn’t much better than the feeling of the warm foam being applied by a badger hair brush.  Greener (much less waste), WAY cheaper, more easily customized to suit your skin/hair, and to top it off this is way more manly.  The only thing more manly still is shaving with a straight razor.  Best of luck!

            • Anne Klein says:

               Growing up, I remember my Dad shaving this way.

            • Anonymous says:

               That’s what my brother has. I’ve been stuck with BIS Soleil razors for the cheap price here but they really aren’t great on my skin. I usually use my brothers when he has an extra cartridge and it works wonders! I just purchased a Hydro Silk yesterday from the Kroger I work at since they were on sale and I had a save $3 coupon!