$1.00/2 – Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, excludes single serve – (smartsource.com)
$1.00/2 – Nabisco Cracker Items, excludes single serve, Target Coupon – (target.com)

Wheat Thins and Triscuits make for a great snack! I like to eat them with cheese or homemade dip. Right now at Target, you can score them for $1.00 a box! Here’s how:

Nabisco Wheat Thins or Triscuits, Select Varieties $2.00, Price Cut through 7/7
Use $1.00/2 – Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, excludes single serve – (smartsource.com)
And $1.00/2 – Nabisco Cracker Items, excludes single serve, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: $1.00 each when you buy 2

Thanks, Totally Target

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28 thoughts on “Wheat Thins and Triscuits—Only $1.00 at Target!”

  1. Dianne Buquet says:

    I printed 20 of the Nabisco coupons from SS this morning under 92025. It has a huge colored ad under the coupon that takes the whole page though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you.  I was able to print both.  :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get SmartSource site open, just no Nabisco coup.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. smartsource link not working.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi!  I appreciate your website and all the great ideas.  However, when you post your weekly purchases, I am having a really difficult time believing that you can only spend approximately $50 each week on all your groceries?  I was wondering why you do not include milk/meat/vegetables, etc. in your post to give a more accurate amount?
    I have been seriously couponing for a year now, and my weekly budget is no where near $50:-)  I realize it will be different for each family. 
    I welcome any comments, as I am serious about getting my budget down more.
    Thanks so much!  ~Kat

    • Paulino Rdz says:

      where do you get that $50 each week?

      • Anonymous says:

        I watched Joanie’s Martha Stewart video and she mentioned the $50 per week grocery bill.

        • Anonymous says:

           I spend about $50 a week if you take an average including Milk, fruits, Veggies and meat for a family of 4. But that’s after I got a good stockpile going.

          •  I am up to about 50.00 a week but if there is a good deal I spend a little more….milk has been really cheap in SOCAL lately so that helps. And for 1 week I spend 50.00 in meat …mostly ground turkey family of 6….happy couponing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Once you have a good stock pile you don’t need to buy much each week except for the craziest deals.  Stock up when its cheap.  Milk, juice, veggies and fruit take up a lot of my budget.  I price match the Aldi’s add at Walmart for fruit and veggies and that really helps.  My Walmart has really good produce.  I also never get sick of one particular fruit or veggie b/c each week its something different.  Milk is $3.60 where I’m at and I have to get 3 gallons each week.  With that its hard.  Even so I still am able to stick to $50 a week (maybe once a month I go up to $75).  Only buy the crazy deals and buy multiples.

    • When kcl posts her weekly blogs she doesnt include things like meats/veggi/milk, Im sure this is not her grocery trip, It’s her stock up trip. Once you get a nice stockpile going you can buy less on your grocery trip. When grocery shopping just use coupons, you may not have a bill of 50$ (I never do), but any amount saved is still really good.

    • I would also recomend having one of those separate freezer things so when you find good deals on meats, fozen ready meals, pizzas, and vegis/fruits you can throw those in there and then from week to week just get the fresh milk/eggs/bread and the krazy good deals. I need to get one of those freezers, Cant tell you how many times i couldve stocked up on frozen foods, but couldnt fit em in my freezer:(

  7. Ann says:

    Awesome!  Love this site!  Thank you for making life as a single mom so much easier!  :)

  8. Daisy Jimenez says:

    Cant find the target coupon :(

  9. Anonymous says:

     The coupon currently on the Target site is a Target coupon.  It is $1.00/2 rather than a $1.00/1 as stated above.  Thus you can stack the Target coupon with the SmartSource mfg coupon for a net affect of $2.00/2 for Nabisco crackers.

  10. I can’t find the Target coupon.  All I see is another version of the manufacturer coupon on their site.