3 New Right Guard Coupons---Total Defense Body Wash $1.19 at Target!

 $1.00/1 – Right Guard Total Defense 5 Body Wash, 13.5 oz, Target Coupon – (coupons.com)
$2.00/2 – Right Guard Total Defense 5 Anti-Perspirant Deodorants, Target Coupon – (coupons.com)
$1.00/1 – Right Guard Total Defense 5 Bar Soap, 8 pk, Target Coupon – (coupons.com)
Available under zip code 90210

Wow! We have three new Right Guard coupons! You can save on Total Defense 5 body wash, anti-perspirant and bar soap. The coupons are Target store coupons even though they’re on coupons.com, and they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Print now and hold them until Sunday, 6/17, when the Red Plum insert will contain two Right Guard coupons perfect for stacking with our Target ones. Then take advantage of a temporary price cut on Total Defense 5 body wash and grab a bottle for just $1.19 at Target!

Right Guard Total Defense 5 Body Wash $3.19, Price Cut through 6/23
Use $1.00/1 – Right Guard Total Defense 5 Body Wash, 13.5 oz, Target Coupon – (coupons.com)
And use $1.00/1 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Anti-perspirant, Deodorant, Gel or Body Wash from RP 6/17 (exp 7/15)
3 New Right Guard Coupons---Total Defense Body Wash $1.19 at Target!Final Price: $1.19

Thanks, Totally Target 

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7 thoughts on “3 New Right Guard Coupons—Total Defense Body Wash $1.19 at Target!”

  1. arlene castillo says:

    i went to target yesterday to get this deal and the dial soap and check out their clearance stuff. let me just tell you how upset i was when i got to the cash register and the cashier told me that i was only allowed to use 4 coupons TOTAL, including target and manufacturer’s. not identical coupons, like the policy says. She also was refusing one of my manufacturer’s coupons because it was from coupons.com in black ink…she had the audacity to say that manufacturer’s coupons have to be on “normal” paper, “like from a magazine”……she accused me of my coupon being a copy…i wanted to say to her that i’m not a freaking criminal, i don’t copy coupons, i print them off the internet in black ink…..the manager told her that as long as it has a scannable barcode she can take it; but i was so flustered that i forgot to ask him to address the coupon policy issue. i left the store with 2 items guys, 2 ITEMS!!!!,  anyway, i’m going to stop in again today because i’m going to be in that area, with a copy of the coupon policy. i was so aggravated yesterday that i just let it go, i had my two children with  me and my foot was killing me (i injured it while running), so i just left. wish me luck.

  2. So the RP 6/17 is for this weekends paper or am I misunderstanding how you date the coupon inserts 

  3. Anonymous says:

    They have all of the Right Guard products on sale this week at Publix. I had no idea that there was going to be MFR Q’s in the Sunday paper.  Thanks Sarah. :)

  4. That’s great news as my brothers go through body-wash pretty fast. Do you know if the anti-perspirantwill be price-cut too? Or just the body-wash?

    • Anonymous says:

      The body wash is the only Right Guard product that I know is price cut right now, but let us know if you find the anti-perspirant price cut at your store!

  5. There’s supposed to be a manufacture’s coupon in the upcoming Sunday paper.  Pair these two coupons at Publix, and get it for free (plus overage, where applicable).