Looking for a deal on checks? 4checks.com is having a great deal: you can get 2 boxes of single checks for only $8.95 or 2 boxes of duplicate checks for only $9.95, shipped! Wow!

Here’s how to get your checks:

  • Head to 4checks.com.
  • Select the pattern for your checks.
  • Select whether you’d like single or duplicate checks.
  • Select the quantity. (Select 2)
  • Continue on to the page where you’ll enter in your bank information. (On the way here, make sure not to select any extras or your total will be more.)
  • Head to checkout. Make sure to select free shipping, and do not select insurance.
  • Use coupon code DB4335 at checkout.
  • Final Price: $8.95 for Singles or $9.95 for Duplicates, shipped!

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16 thoughts on “2 Boxes of Checks As Low As $8.95 Shipped!”

  1. This coupon code is still working! The connection is secured once you start entering personal information.  When you are just looking around and getting started it is not secure.

  2. I just placed 3 different orders.  You have to place each one individually but all took the same coupon code.  You will get charged a Handling charge but that is part of the price The Krazy Coupon Lady told us is would be!  Thanks so very much!  What a fantastic deal!

  3. Anonymous says:

    you can only do this if you are a new customer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This only works if you are a first time buyer.

  5. Rich says:

    This was a great deal!! I got it for the $8.95 as posted and got the checks I wanted!  Thanks!

  6.  Thanks! I’ve been needing some checks! Great deal at under $10 for duplicates. :)

  7. Lesley Ann says:

    Thank you – I have been needing checks and have been putting off buying them because they were too much money

  8. Carly Curry says:

    Great deal!  I needed checks… 2 boxes of duplicates for $9.95 with shipping… great deal!  Thank you!!!

  9. mompotter says:

    I can’t seem to get a secure checkout. Bummer! I really need some checks too.

  10. Are they safe? It is giving me an invalid security certificate when I go to check out. I don’t want to put in my financial information if they are not trusted.

  11. Can’t this offer also be applied by going through ebates.com? I saw they have a link as well for a 12.7% rebate.

  12. Thanks for sharing! Just bought some

  13. *Sweety* says:

    I guess you can do it twice, I just did but just a different email.  Thanks KrazyCouponLady!!

  14. *Sweety* says:

    Can u do it more than once?

  15. Lynn Hill says:

    Well it ended up costing me $17.95 with no accessories and I even used the one on the deal page.   Not sure which ones were the cheap one, but apparently I didn’t find it….  but It is stil better than buying at bank,  Save me.  $20

  16. Quick question…I picked free shipping…but it is still charging me a $1.95 shipping and handling fee??  Any idea why?  Did it do this to you? 


  17. I’m so glad to see this offer!  I just realized that we’re on our last thingy of checks.  It’s too bad that the handling is almost $4, though, since that checks themselves were only about $5.  Oh, well, that’s still WAY better than buying it from the bank!