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Krazy Deals on Office Furniture at OfficeMax!

Now through June 16th, OfficeMax has some great deals on Office Furniture. In order to participate in these offers, you will pay the full price of the item and then submit for MaxPerks Bonus Rewards. MaxPerks Bonus Rewards are as good as cash at any OfficeMax. You can use them on just about anything you would like. Click here to sign up for a MaxPerks account if you don’t already have one. Shipping is free on orders over $50.00.

What do you like to spend your Rewards on? I love to spend mine on toiletries. It is a great way for me to stock up on toilet paper and paper towels!

Crawley High Back Executive Chair $129.99
Submit for $110.00 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Shipping is free
Final Price: $19.99

Illustra Desk with Hutch $129.99
Submit for $80.00 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Shipping is free
Final Price: $49.99

Brenton Studio Evanti Glass L-Desk $219.99
Submit for $120.00 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Shipping is free
Final Price: $99.99

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5 thoughts on “Krazy Deals on Office Furniture at OfficeMax!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just want to caution readers that I bought one of these chairs yesterday and in my Max Rewards account it is only showing that $20.85 qualifies for Max Rewards reimbursement.  Something is clearly wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

       ok maybe a false alarm.  I rolled my rewards on this purchase for the chair and after rewards I paid $20.85 for the price of the chair, so my account is only showing $20.85 as the amount qualifying for the reward.  It doesn’t actually show the credited amount yet.  I called the Rewards help line to clarify and the guy told me because I rolled my rewards, all I would get back in rewards credit would be $20.85, which alarmed me greatly.  However, when I looked back at my past year of transactions, I see that often I have rolled my rewards and the “qualifying amount” column shows much less than the actual credited reward.  Sometimes my qualifying amount is $0 but my reward credits are for the entire purchase amount less tax…I just never noticed before that the qualifying amount shows up as $0.  So I think this customer service assistance simply gave me bad information when he said my credit would only be $20.85.  I’ll check back in a few days when the “rewards earned” column shows up (usually shows within a week) to be sure and won’t open the chair until then just in case.

  2. Anonymous says:

    we don’t have an office max near us, but with my Staples rewards ($2 for each ink cartridge recycled I get free handsoap!!!!  never pay a dime for handsoap anymore!  =)

  3. spartandog91 says:

    The Crawley chair is $59.99 on Amazon.