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Diaper Clearance, As Low As $3.44 at CVS!


If you’re in need of diapers for your little one, you may want to check your CVS for these clearance packages. There were plenty available at mine, even by midday Sunday. There are reports that the CVS brand is reduced even further at some stores. Let us know if you are able to score this great deal!

Huggies Little Movers Jeans, Size 3, and Select Others (Reg. $11.99) $5.99, Clearance Price
Use $2.00/1 Huggies Little Movers, Little Snugglers or Overnites Diapers from SS 6/17 (exp 7/14)
Or $3.00/1 Huggies Diapers from CVS Reinventing Beauty Magazine, Spring (exp 6/30)
Or $1.50/1 Huggies Diapers from SS 6/17 (exp 7/14)
Final Price: $3.99

CVS Supreme Diapers, Size 1, and Select Others (Reg. $8.89) $4.44, Clearance Price

If you get the $3.00/$10.00 CVS Brand Items coupon from the Coupon Machine, here’s how you can use it on these clearance diapers:

Buy 3 CVS Supreme Diapers, Size 1, and Select Others (Reg. $8.89) $4.44, Clearance Price
Use $3.00/$10.00 CVS Brand Products
Final Price: $3.44 each when you buy 3

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97 thoughts on “Diaper Clearance, As Low As $3.44 at CVS!”

  1. Analy says:

    Anyone know of any cvs in San Diego are that have clearance diapers? I went to 4 different ones and they are all 8.99 the small pack, I’m pregnant so I get tired of driving around any help where I can find the clearance diapers or wipes?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I am so bummed I am missing this deal. However i’m happy for averyone who got it. Amazing deal. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    i ended up getting huggies blue jeans for .80! i was so so happy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I found 7 packs of CVS diapers at 75% off, so $2.32 each.  I also had a $5 off $15 purchase, so this made for an awesome diaper deal!  Also got the Munchkin Dora sippy cups 75% off, less than $2 each.

  5. Looks like selection varies by store. I scored a pack of much needed CVS Overnight diapers in Size 4, for 50% off, only paid $4.99 and the cashier let me use my 30% off coupon loaded to my card too. WOOT! I only wish they had more than one pack left. There was an empty space on the shelf for Huggies Overnights for 75% off I think they were like $3.xx a pack, with the $2/1 coupon from this weekends paper, that would have been an AMAZING deal.

  6. Hi Everyone, went last night and got CVS Supremes for $1.99 per pack. Big packs for 4.07. The big pack of wipes was 2.49 each, with 5 refills in each. YES!! Going back today to look for Huggies!  
    I live in Northwest, Indiana

  7. April Palomo says:

    I was able to get a pack of Huggies Jeans diapers for only 99 cents with the clearance price of $2.99 and the $2.00 coupon from the newspaper. I had to price check because it was only marked with the regular sale tag. So do a price check!

  8. Did anyone find a good deal in the bay area , CA?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was not able to find any clearance diapers at the cvs by me:(. went to one about 20 minutes away and they only had one size of cvs brand 50% off. it was $7.99. Wondering if I will be seeing the deals all you are or if this is jsut something missing my area? I live in michigan?

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearance deals vary by region.  And, in fact, by store.  I have 2 CVS stores within 2 miles of each other and both stores have different clearance.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have been couponing for a while but this deal was UNBELIEVABLE at CVS……  I got

    CVS diapers for 1.99 X 3
     and double packs for $4.00 X1
    Huggies little movers big box  on clearance for 4.99
    Crayola sand art on clearance for 1.74
    Q-tips 99cx 3
    Clive cussler book for .50
    Pedialyte freezer pops on clearance for 1.50 X 2  had coupons for 1.50 off so that was FREE

    arizona tea 2 for $1.00

    CVS heel and foot balm on clearance for 2.04
    saved over $110 …… 


  11. My local CVS had their brand diapers on clearance for $1.99 for the jumbo and $4.02 for the box count. So I purchased the last six packs of size 1, for my newborn and two boxes of size 3 and y total was a little over $20 bucks. I’m so lucky!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I went to my CVS yesterday to see if there were any Huggies on sale.  They were marked down 75% off, only $2.99 each.  I got five packs for only $7.45!!!!  

  13. Anonymous says:

    Im in so cal and I picked up the huggies jeans for $3.12 each today (just got marked down to 75% off) and i used the $3 RIB coupon :) cvs brand was also marked down further so i think they were $2.72 today- i bought a lot! I have two in diapers. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Before I go and buy the CVS brand diapers…can anyone tell me how they compare to Huggies?

    • Anonymous says:

      Cheap diapers give my boys rashes because they are more plastic.  Huggies and CVS are more clothy/cotton like, better on the skin. My CVS are all out. I missed the deal.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the info!  I just got back from CVS and purchased the CVS brand diapers and also bought a pack of Huggies for .99!  I almost missed out on the Huggies since there weren’t any on the shelf when I first strolled down the aisle.  I was about to pay but I thought I’d go back and check to see if I missed any other good deals and to my surprise there was now one pack of Huggies on the shelf…it will be a good back up if my son develops a rash to the CVS brand. 

  15. They are marking them down again right now, to 75% and cheaper,  I just got back from CVS, I got the CVS Supremes on sale for $1.99, the CVS overnights for $2.49 a pack, and the Huggies overnights for  $3.24 a pack. They were clearencing the Huggies slip ons also but I didn’t get any cause the ladies who worked there bought 2 full cart fulls before they put the price tags out. They were ringing up $5 something for the really large double sized packs. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t blame the workers.  If I worked there, I’d be buying these items up too.  Good thing I don’t work there, my couponing habit would be really bad…lol.

  16. Zelvic Vas says:

    360- 384 count cvs wipes are ringing up 2.36 also stayfree overnight 1.74 , cvs maxipads .74, cvs diapers 2.22

  17. Hua Ren says:

    My CVS just marked down to 75% off last night. I’m in CA. I visited there one more time 30 mins ago, there are still plenty of huggies and CVS diapers there. So don’t give up, moms in bay area.

  18. Diana Martinez says:

    I bought 7 bags of Huggies clearance at my store for $2.74 used the 3.00 CVS coupon got them completely free with a overage of .26 !! Also purchased razors and Cartridges!!! PAID 0.00 OOP around 123.00 in savings!!! visit my YouTube channel DquponDivaTX to see my CVS Haul!! Happy savings!!

  19. Found the Huggies Little Movers on clearance at my store for $2.99!!! Used $2 Huggies little mover coupon and get 5 packs for $0.99 each!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Was it the Jeans Huggies Little Movers?

      • Anonymous says:

        I found Huggies Little Movers Jeans and Slip Ons on clearance at my CVS stores.

        • Anonymous says:

          I was just at CVS!  What I did was I scanned the other Little Movers (not the Jeans since they were all out) and not the Slip Ons.  Oh well, I’ll try the CVS near work, thanks for the tip =).

  20. Megan says:

    I opened one of the packs today and there is a Huggies coupon inside for $2/any package of little movers.  The expiration date on the coupon is 12/31/10 and I just bought them yesterday.  Anyone else seeing this?

  21. Found the  CVS brand over nights (size 4, 27 diapers) for $2.49 tonight and the big box for $4.07 (size 5, 54 diapers)

  22. Anonymous says:

    is these deals in florida?

  23. Leena Kwon says:

    Some of these were on clearance for $2.32 at my CVS!

  24. The Jeans diapers were $2.99 at my CVS…i only had 4 coupons to get them at $.99 per pack but am definitely going back for more!

  25. Megan says:

    Mine had Huggies Jeans on clearance 75% off!  They were originally $11.99 on clearance for $2.99.  I had $2/1 manufacturer coupons so I ended up getting them for only $.99 each! What a deal!  I also had the $3/10 CVS brand items and the CVS diapers were 50% off making them $4.44 each so I got a few of those too.  This is the best deal I’ve seen so far!

  26. Vanessa A says:

    I luckily got the $3 off $10 to print for me today on the way in to CVS to get these deals! My store had CVS brand at 75% off! Got 4 packs of diapers plus one diaper cream to total $10.29 – $3 = $7.29! I’m going back bc I noticed Similac Milk is also on clearance and I have $5 off Q I got in the mail. My baby is due in 7 weeks and I’m glad to stock up on these items.

  27. mine had the huggies jean ones 50% off and cvs 50% off.  i didn’t go crazy becuase i didn’t get the $3 /10 q last week

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hold on a minute, wasn’t there a $3/1 Huggies package diapers from the CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine?

    •  Yes there was! It expires at the end of this month 30th I think. I used mine already though:( And some one beat me to the Jean diapers, gonna check another store 2mro kind of out of the way and usually do not mark the clearance items, but they scan at the clearance price!

      • Anonymous says:

        I only had 2 of the $3/1 coupons.  I used them yesterday.  I find it funny that I only found 2 of the Huggies Jeans Little Movers and I had 2 $3/1 coupons.  I’m going to CVS today since I heard something about a good deal.  I’m going to check it out if its true.  Maybe I’ll see diapers clearanced at 75% instead of 50%.  I don’t need them, but my sister in law will.

        •  ML57, I Actually had to run to a different town yesterday, that has 2 Cvs’s. I could not resist stopping when I passed them. lol I was able to Find 1 package of the size 4 Huggies Jean Diapers scanned at $2.99, but were marked only 25% off, and at the other store the Huggies overnight’s size 4 (3 packs) scanned at $3.24, but were marked 50%. I used the $2.00 Q from this week’s SS, made for a GREAT deal! Good luck finding them. And Congrats to your SIL!

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ll probably try the CVS’s near work tommorrow since there are two.  The one I frequent is near me, only 1 mile away….lol.  I didn’t find the Jean diapers at this CVS, but at a different one 5 minutes away. I’m hoping I can find more, getting kinda excited thinking about it. It’s like I’m on the hunt…lol. I should’ve learned about couponing 8 years ago when my first daughter was born. Diapers and wipes are expensive!

            •  Oh I know what you mean! Hunting…lol It is our own personal chess game. And I wish I had too, I always used coupons, but after 5 children Diapers at this price even 20 years ago would have knocked me over with a feather!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I heard about CVS clearancing the Huggies Little Movers Jeans diapers last week.  I wasn’t able to check it out since I started working that week.  I was off yesterday and none at my store.  Although I had to run an errand today and I was near another CVS.  There were only 2 left clearanced at $5.49.  I got two and it’s going to a relative’s baby shower.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I found adorable MAM pacifiers (2-pack) in blue and pink with things like “Daddy’s Girl” or “I love my Mommy” written on them for $3.14 on clearance.  With the new $2/1 MAM printable Facebook coupon, it makes it $1.14 for the 2-pack or $0.57 per pacifier!

    Also, be sure to price check!  The size 3 Huggies Little Movers Slip-On diapers 66-ct. (I reportred earlier for $11.49 on clearance) had a price tag of $17.24 at one store and at another store, they were on a shelf marked full-price!  BOTH times I price checked them and they came up as $11.49!

    • Anonymous says:

      I found MAM pacifiers on clearance for 2.99 at my store, I used a 1.00/1 Q to get them for only 1.99!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oooh!  I’m going to keep my eye out for $2.99 ones because with the new $2/1 coupon, they’d only be $0.99.  THANKS!

      • Anonymous says:

        I went back to the same CVS I saw the $3.14 ones at and they rang up for $1.57 each!  I got 5 for free!

    • That happened to me last week with the Sally Hansen Crackle Coat. I was willing to pay full price for the blue and didn’t realize til I got home that it was clearance marked. Not all of the colors were, though. There wasn’t a tag. Thank god for that red machine, huh?

    •  They were $1.49 at my store, also the  Munchkin feeding stuff 5 pack of plates and 5 pack of bowls, cute little se scenes on them were $1.49.

      • Anonymous says:

        I didn’t buy the pacifiers at $3.14 the other day, but today I decided it was a good enough deal so I went and was pleasantly surprised when they rang up at $1.57 each, so I got them free with my $2/1 coupons!

        •  YAY! Love that! I actually found the Clip And Lock Munchkin sippy cups marked 25% off and rang in at  75% off $1.69. Used a $1.00 IP. So $0.69! My toddler was a very happy little girl! I think If I ask My hubby to stop at 1 more CVS we pass on our travels he is gonna leave me there. lol

  31. Ash N Ava says:

    Got this deal!!!! $3.44 a pack comes out to like $.07 per diaper! SUCH a good deal! THANK YOU Koupon Lady!!

  32. I saw these, about 2 weeks ago at my Cvs, Hoping I could wait till the Huggies jean diapers (Which are adorable btw) were at 75% but thinking with the 2.00 Q I don’t wanna chance waiting. I would hope I never have to pay full price for diapers ever again, between Rite Aid and Cvs I have been so spoiled lately. Think I can plan potty training around a supply of diapers? lol

  33. Tracey Rivas says:

    They didnt have them 50% off in any of my local stores :( they have them marked down 25% only so they are 6.96 now… The little movers are also 6.96…hopefully they go down later on this week. Thanks KCL!

  34. I bought 3 packs of 40 at 6.34 each .16 a diaper is a good price !!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I found aveeno soothing rash cream for $1.89. we ran to the e.r last night at 3:00 a.m with our son who’s been having severe diarrhea. stopped at a 24 hr. cvs it made a rough night a little better finding a good deal. My toddler will probably be ill next so hoping they will have the larger size diapers clearanced also.

  36. Vanessa A says:

    Where can I find the $3 off $10 Q?

  37. Anonymous says:

    rite aid also has the jean diapers on clearance for 5.99

  38. Anonymous says:

    I got a ton of diapers late last week.  These will make great presents for all of the soon to be mom’s I know. The toddler wipes were on clearance also, 1.47 for a double pack!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    I was checking our local CVS’ for their brand clearance (50% off) in my daughters size and they were all sold out… But then i went to a CVS on the not so great side of town and found tons in all sizes for 75% off!!! I was so excited $2.22 for a pack or $3.99 for a box!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      What part of the nation do you live if you don’t mind? Been going to different local stoes in my area and seems like they aren’t mark down. A little disappointed. Just hoping to score a deal on this one. Thanks, and great job! By the way I’m from Chicago…

      •  Xyenne, I found the deal here in NW Indiana, (75% off)  I got them on sale at Hammond and Munster, which is still in the Chicago land area. Hope you can find some before the sale ends. It’s usually harder to find the deals downtown, but you might have better luck in the suburbs.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I got 2 of the CVS Supreme size 1 diapers, 50 ct, for $4.64 each and added a small bottle of baby powder for $1.77 each to get my total over $10 to use my $3 off $10 CVS purchase coupon.  I also so the Huggies Little Movers Big Packs in size 3, 66 ct., for $11.49 each, CVS wipes and todder wipes on clearance for 50% off.  Also, there were Nuk pacifier clips on clearance for $2.67 each, use $1/1 Nuk printable and get it for $1.67.  There were also some Pampers, Huggies Overnight diapers, CVS overnight diapers, Johnson’s and Aveeno baby products on clearance too!

    • Anonymous says:

      Great idea throwing in the baby powder :)

    • Pampers diapers too? Awesome! I emailed pampers because I didn’t get the “$10 in coupons inside” when I bought some swaddlers awhile back. They mailed them to me and one of them is $4/1! Score! My sister in law is due next month so she will be excited if I score more. :) Thanks!

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh my!  The same thing happened to me!  I purchased 2 packs of Swaddlers and went searching through every diaper looking for those coupons and they weren’t in there!  I will definitely be emailing them, thanks for the tip!

        • No problem! I actually read on here that it happened someone else and they emailed them so I did the same thing! I got:

          $4/1 Pampers Cruisers
          $3/1 Pampers Cruisers
          $1.50/1 Pampers Cruisers and 
          3 50 cents/1 Pampers 60 ct wipes or larger :)

          I’m glad I could help!

      • Anonymous says:

        FYI…just went to Target and found Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers and Baby Dry big packs and boxes on clearance!  Big Packs were $13.85 and Boxes were $20.98…use your $1.50/1 coupons!
        Also, I emailed Pampers and they’re sending me my coupons.  Thanks again!

    • Anonymous says:

      my daughter can ONLY wear Pampers due to rashes and hives.  I was wondering if you happen to remember which Pampers were on clearance? I didn’t see any marked but didn’t want to scan them all, lol… Thank you in advance….

      • Anonymous says:

        I honestly don’t remember the size, but I do remember it was a box… I didn’t pay too close attention because it was only discounted 25% off.  I only saw the Pampers on clearance in 1 store though.  I went to 2 other stores and the Pampers weren’t on clearance, so it may have just been that one store. 
        Sorry I can’t be more helpful. 

      • Anonymous says:

        FYI…just went to Target and found Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers and Baby Dry big packs and boxes on clearance!  Big Packs were $13.85 and Boxes were $20.98…use your $1.50/1 coupons!