Printer ink is one thing that can be difficult to find a good deal on. I had been having my ink cartridges refilled and I thought that this was the economical way to go. But, I decided that I ought to do a little investigating and make sure that I really was doing all I could to save money on my ink. That’s when I decided to check out Simply Ink. I purchased three ink cartridges which cost me less than what I had been paying to have them refilled. I chose to purchase the “Compatible” cartridges in order to save myself a few extra dollars.

Simply Ink offers the perfect formula for saving: Discounted regular prices, a coupon code to save an additional 10% on your order (INKSALE88) and another discount if you purchase 3 of the same cartridge! Shipping is a flat rate of $4.95 for orders under $50.00 and it is free for orders over $50.00.  My order arrived at my home about 4 days after I had purchased it.

Here’s what my transaction looked like:

Canon Compatible PGI-225 Black Ink $6.99
Canon Compatible CLI-226 Magenta Ink $6.99
Canon Compatible CLI-226 Cyan Ink $6.99

Use Code INKSALE88 (to save 10%)
$4.95 Shipping
Final Price: $23.82 or $7.94 each

Simply Ink may not be the lowest price for every cartridge model out there, but for me I saved a ton! Here are what a few of our KCL readers have to say about Simply Ink.

“I have been buying my printer ink from Simply Ink for about a year now. I am glad to be able to share that I love their service and their company. Great deals on ink cartridges. Shipment arrives really quickly.”

“My cartridges were only $5.50 a piece here–half the price of Target and Walmart.  Thanks for the link!”

“I’ve been using Staples brand compatible cartridges for my Canon printer for many years and cross my fingers – no problems. Their cartridges do hold more ink than the Canon but the prices have been climbing. I checked it out and the Simpy Ink cartridges don’t hold as much as the Staples compatible but are SO much cheaper.” 

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11 thoughts on “Printer Ink—Save 50% or More at Simply Ink!”

  1. After reading comments posted here, I guess I’ll just stick to buying Staples Brand generic compatible cartridges for my Canon Pixma iP3000. I’ve been buying them for many years and have not had any problems. The cost of these cartridges has been climbing over the past yr. but they still cost less than Canon and they do hold a little more ink. For instance, Staples Blk. has 29ml and Canon Blk only has 27ml, Staples Colors have 16ml and Canon Colors have 13ml. My printer has 1 Blk. and 3 Color cartridges. I like having individual ink tanks.

    • Jacqueline says:

      At Staples you can also recycle the old cartridges and they give back about 3 bucks for each one.

      • I do recycle the old cartridges but they only give back 2 bucks for each one. It’s been about 2 yrs. since they changed their policy and at one time they didn’t accept their own generic cartridges for recycle – just the name brands. So glad that I can at least get 2 bucks back for each one – max. 10 a month.

  2. Ali Lee says:

    Why buy or have a store refill your cartridge… do it your self! I am a small business owner and i print daily hundreds of shipping labels and not mentioning invoices and thank you letters. So for the last few years i have been buying ink and refilling my own cartridge. one bottle (8oz) is good for about 6 month and cost less then $8. (yes, you will need needle & syringes to buy first then the ink bottle) Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      My (any for that matter) HP printer WILL NOT ACCEPT refilled ink cartridges. :(

      • Ali Lee says:

        I have HP and i used to refill at Walgreens. At first it was good then the refilled ink wouldn’t work (I think you can only refill cartridges few times, that‘s what I was told) so i started refilling myself. Yes at first i over filled and it did leak a little but now i don’t even use glove! I love it, i would never ever pay someone to do it when i can do it cheaper! I guess not everyone can do it!

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you have an older printer. Mine is new and very advanced. HP has made it so that none of them will accept any refilled cartridges – from anywhere. There are even lengthy tutorials that people have posted on youtube as to how to TRY to by-pass the new technology. Maybe I’ll go buy a shit printer at Wal Mart for coupons. Not everyone can do it….whatever lady. Whatever.

          • Ali Lee says:

            my printer is about 4 years old, and for your information i print shipping labels and invoices NOT so much the COUPONS and I never had a problem in all the years. Ya, to print coupons you should defiantly buy a cheap printer, hopefully you can figure out how to do it like the rest of us J ! Like i said, if everyone knew how to save money, there wouldn’t be any good sales or anything left on the shelves! Good luck

  3. I bought the “compatible” ink cartridges a few times. At first I had no problems, but then I had one that after I installed it, it started leaking. The ink ruined my printer. Since then I only buy the manufacturers ink (which is a total ripoff). I have to mention that I did not buy from Simply Ink, so I cannot say if their ink cartridges are good or not.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    FYI I had a terrible expereince with them I orderd 4 cartridges from them, at first I was so happy they were cheap and I had a coupon code and I recived them fast but…………… 2 didnt work and inorder to get it replaced I would have to pay shipping and a maitence fee, and they said if they felt the cartrige was fine they would charge me more! so I cut my losses and will NEVER buy from them again!