We have a possible moneymaker at CVS! Check your store for the 60 count Nature Made Cholest Off. These are regularly priced at $21.49, but some people are finding them marked down to just $5.37! They also qualify for the $10.00 Extra Bucks deal through Saturday, 6/23. Use a coupon and you’ll have a moneymaker!

Nature Made Cholest Off, 60 ct $5.37, Clearance Price
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 Extra Bucks, through 6/23
Use $1.00/1 Nature Made Product from SS 6/3 (exp 7/8)
Pay $4.37, Receive $10.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $5.63 Moneymaker 

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44 thoughts on “Clearance Alert—Possible Moneymaker at CVS!”

  1. i looked for this yesterday. needing something for cholesterol anyway so i was excited to try it. they only had 1 type of cholest off 60 ct, and it rang up $11 something. i had a $2 naturemade coupon, so i thought if it printed the extrabucks it would still be a good deal. looked at the ad to make sure, and it did say the 60ct was part of it. but the ad says they should be $19.99. anyway, i bought it and nothing printed. didn’t want to hassle the cashier about it at the time, and plus my husband and kid were waiting in the car. im wondering if i should bring it back and see if they will manually print it or if it was supposed to print one at all. im confused by the way its advertised i guess. it does specifically say cholest off 60ct, but the price says $19.99 for the various naturemade products included.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you purchased the 60 ct Cholest Off, the ad says it counts for the Extra Bucks. You could take the ad back to the store and speak with a manager. However, they may not be willing to give you the Extra Bucks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I went to 2 different stores. One had it 75% off at $5.44 but was sold out. The other had it 50% off at $10.79. This is in Florida BTW

  3. I went to 5 different CVS stores and I finally found one store that had them for $5.87. Bought it but no ECB. I asked the cashier and she said that it’s impossible to get $10 ECB’s back for something I only paid $5 for. :

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the same issue, the ECB didn’t print but I showed her the ad and they printed out my ECB.  I explained to the cashier that they should honor what the ad states and she agreed with me.  I’m not sure why these were on clearance but in my humble opinion a store should always honor their written ads. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    What an awesome deal!  I will be donating this item.  Thanks for letting us know KCL!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Empty shelves at 2 CVS stores : (

  6. Shannon says:

    Husband and I had to go to different CVS to get my prescripton as our store was out of eye drops.   We were lucky to score 1 box each! 
    Each transaction  $5.24 less $1 coupon plus tax = $4.53 OOP and received $10 ECB.  Fantastic MM!  Thanks for sharing the deal!

  7. Sandy Yu says:

    i found them for 5.98 but didnt spit out the ecb so i returned it :(

    • sully says:

      i think the ecb is printing only for the 60ct. some have bought the 120Ct and they dont get the ecb

  8. Laura Daluz says:

    They are 11.99 here (CT)so I didn’t even check to see if the ECB would print.

  9. Holli Smith says:

    I went to 2 different CVS stores & price checked the complete 60 ct & the other 60 ct, (without complete on it) Neither 1 were $5 something!!! BUT, there are lots more in my city. Where do u guys live at when it worked for you?

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems to be all over the country, but clearance really can vary from store to store. Sorry that you didn’t find the clearance price at your location : (

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mine had COMPLETE 60ct on the box hope that help anyone looking for these :). 

  11. Linda Maness says:

    Yes, thanks got it for $5.37 minus the $1.00 coupon then got a $10 EB. wooo hooo moneymaker

  12. jeffxion34 says:

    my was not on sale for the 60 count…ring up for $12.99….. but for the 120 count it was on clearance for $5.89  it an great deal for the 120 count but they won’t give you the extrabuck….
    only for the 60 count one ….. so no money maker for me…..

  13. Jennifer Trimble says:

    they were $10 something at the CVS i shop at but it still worked out to be a money maker!! i had coupons and got the $10 back :)

  14. Petra Clarke says:

    I went to my CVS but they were ringing up at $9.99 :(

    • Kelbel520 says:

      It’s still a moneymaker if you use the coupon.  You know you’re a true couponer when you’re upset that you can only get something for free without making money :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    There is a $2 off cvs reciept/crt coupon too :) ive done this with 3 cards 1 emergency card and 1 friends card the one that has the word complete on the box is the one on the deal

  16. Anonymous says:

    Great deal and great money maker!, yes I used the coupon machine as a price scanner too.
    Coupon machine printed out $2.00/2 Secret found priced 2.19 for 1 so paid for 2.38 for 2.
    DH has wanted to try this too!

    Thanks KCL! Had the $1.00/1 coupon too!

  17. Anonymous says:

    is the coupon machine the price checker as well ?

  18. My CVS did not have them marked as clearance items, just had the $10 ECB back sign. I scanned them at the price checker and sure enough on clearance for $5.62! Used a $1 off nature made product coupon so paid $4.62 + tax for a $5.38 money maker before tax!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Score!!  Thanks so much.  Hubby’s been wanting to try this product.  

  20. Anonymous says:

    Was this deal in the ad?  There have been many regional deals this week.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I actually purchased one last night.  I tried looking for this at my CVS on Wednesday, but it was 50% at $10.98.  The CVS by my work had then at $5.24, which is 75% off.  I used my beauty bucks and paid only $0.24 and got back $10.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Is it me or does it not say for the ECBs that they don’t apply to clearance? Or is that only for the in ad deals? I am confused.

    • Monica says:

      Normally, thats the case. However, this is an in-ad deal. The ad specifically states that you get the ECB for the Cholest Off 60 ct and doesn’t mention “excluding clearance”.