<> Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250Want a $25.00  restaurant gift certificate for only $4.00?  Use coupon code FUN at through June 29th!

The ONLY catch on these certificates is the minimum purchase requirement.  Usually the minimum purchase is $35 and is clearly shown on the site.   Make sure your bill is just over $35, present your gift certificate to your server as payment, and you’ll only owe $10, plus tax & gratuity. Bon Appétit!

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2 thoughts on “$25.00 Voucher, Only $4.00!”

  1. There are other requirements beside the minimum purchase. The two restaurants that I purchased from require that you eat on certain days and a required an18 percent gratuity. Still a great deal if you don’t mind these stipulations.  The requirements and terms are at the bottom of the pay page right before you hit the purchase button.  Make sure to read!  My one restaurant required $50.00 min.  so I bought two $25.00 certificates thinking  I could use both.  Oh so I guess that is another requirement/stipulation 1 certificate per visit and mine was also 1 per month.  Hope this helps.  Wish I had been given a heads up.  But like I said I would buy again I just wouldn’t get 2 for the same place.

    • UkweliMtupu says:

      Did that mistake before too and luckily I got the second credit so I can use it for a different restaurant. Hope you requested a credit instead.