Sunny D is buy one get one free through 7/30. You can use this as a filler to meet your $25.00 in grocery, health or beauty items. You can also use your ice trays to freeze the juice and make homemade popsicles! Get the kids to help, and you’ll have a fun and inexpensive activity for a hot day!

Buy 2 Sunny D, 48 oz $1.09, Regular Price
Buy One Get One Free, Through 7/30
Final Price: $0.55 each when you buy 2

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13 thoughts on “Sunny D, Only $0.55 at Kmart—No Coupons Needed!”

I bought 10 today. Awesome deal!!! My kids and hubby love it!

I bought these at my local KMart today (SO CAL), and the register did NOT ring them up as BOGO.  Although the receipt did show BG next to the price, I had to go to Customer Service to get my money back for the product that was supposed to be free.  The employee there claimed that the sale wasn’t supposed to start until 7/1, even though the sign was already on the shelf.  (She was rather rude about it as well).  Be sure they ring up correctly if you buy this at KMart.

I didn’t have any problems.  I bought 10 yesterday and 10 today and they rang up fine.  The sign was posted to at the shelves.  May just be a fluke with their registers. 

Anyone know if the regular orange ones are on sale, or is it just those orange strawberry ones?

Yes the regular orange ones are included in the BOGO free sale.  I just purchased them today.

I will go out there i found some coupons last  week for 55 cents off any 2 sunny d products 

I have seen those coupons too, sadly mine was for the smaller Sunny D drinks :) 

I saw a coupon on the Sunny D website for .55 off. All you have to do is watch the video. Can you use these?

Coupon is for the 128 oz only.

Do you have to have a Kmart member card or whatever? And do you need it to get this deal?

no you dont need a card to get this deal. :) But inorder to get other deals, I would suggest getting one.

Does anyone know offhand, do these need to be refrigerated, or can you get extra and shelf store them?

You can store them on the shelf. I purchase them often.