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Gone: Sara Lee Lunch Meat, Only $1.99 at Safeway!

UPDATE: This coupon is no longer available.

$2.00/1 – Sara Lee Pre-Sliced Meat – (

Last week we told you about a high-value $2.00 off Sara Lee lunch meat coupon. If you haven’t used your coupon yet, head to Safeway where the price is a $1.00 less than the previous deal we shared with you! The coupon is also still available to print if you haven’t printed it.

Sara Lee Pre-Sliced Meat, $3.99 Sale Price through 7/4
Use $2.00/1 – Sara Lee Pre-Sliced Meat – (
Final Price: $1.99

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16 thoughts on “Gone: Sara Lee Lunch Meat, Only $1.99 at Safeway!”

  1. Kristie says:

    It was 4.99 at Safeway in Kent, WA. I ended up paying 2.99 for 10 oz of meat.  Not sure it was a good deal?   I had them price check first and she said the 3.99 price must be with my JustForU, so I bought it and it was 4.99.  I like the JustForU, but am finding some prices aren’t coming off and its such a hassle to go back and get it fixed.

  2. Jopeterson100 says:

    It wasn’t on sale at my Vons. It was still $5.99 per package.

  3. The package is 16oz. I bought one at my Walmart and it was $6.98 so thie deal at Safeway is awesome. I wish we had a Safeway around here.

  4. Kassilee says:

    This coupon is no longer available!

  5. Anonymous says:

    No Sara Lee lunch meat in San Diego, Ca… bummer!

  6. Amy Johnson says:

    Has anyone found this lunch meat in Utah? Where?  My local Walmart doesn’t have it and neither does Smith’s.

  7. Guest says:

    Going to Safeway tomorrow, will keep my eye out..thank you!

  8. Poolside1 says:

    Would this be at Randall’s too?

  9. If you have a BiLo in your area it’s the same price, $1.99 after the coupon. It’s 10 ounces, the premium meats with no fillers. 

  10. Sheila Papke says:

    was 4.99 at safeway in tacoma wa.

  11. Anonymous says:

    anyone know how many ounces this is?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I saw this in the specialty deli meat area it wasn’t in the normal area.  Just a heads up!