Here are a few of the best deals at CVS for the week of 7/01 – 7/03.

Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Correct & Cover Cream Concealer $7.99, Online Price
Save $7.00 on All Physicians Formula Cosmetics with a Regular Retail of $7.00 & Up
Use $1.00/1 Physicians Formula Cosmetic product from SS 4/15 (exp 7/31)
Or $1.00/1 Physicians Formula Cosmetic product from SS 5/6 (exp 7/31)
Or $1.00/1 Physicians Formula Cosmetic product, excludes trial sizes, limit 1 coupon per item purchased, not valid with any other offer from SS 6/3 (exp 9/30)
Final Price: Free

Schick Hydro 5 or Hydro Power Razor, 1 ct $9.49
Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Use $4.00/1 Schick Hydro Power Select or Hydro 3 or 5 Blade Razor from SS 6/10 (exp 7/22)
Pay $5.49, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $2.49

Joy Ice Cream Cones $1.00
Use $0.55/1 – Joy Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones Or Any Joy Ice Cream Cones – ( No longer available
Final Price: $0.45

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88 thoughts on “Free Physicians Formula, Cheap Schick Razors and More at CVS, Starting 7/1!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone tried any of the physician formula makeup that they really love and would recommend?

    • NatalieE says:

      yes the concealer with twin edge is great. I also have a bronzer palette i used to use and it was very nice .

  2. Sapatruong says:

    On the shimmer strips custom eye enhancing kohl eyeliner trio I found a save $2 instantly making them $2.49 instead of $11,49 (-$7 instant savings and $2 coupon). A fantastic deal with or without the $15 coupon center coupon!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    the PF sale ends tomorrow, does anyone know if rainchecks are provided for items already sold out??

  4. Edith Chaves says:

    I never got any of those $1 off MQ ….at my cvs the cheapest product is $8.29 but its still a good deal, ive never tried that type of make up

  5. Rivera7104 says:

    Can anybody tell me what is the skin care product of Physicians are? What is the brand name, the same? Because I look in the area where the face creams are and I didnt find anything from Physicians Formula. I asked an employee and she didnt know either.  I have the $15 coupon but I dont find the product.

    • Edith Chaves says:

      i couldn’t find it at first either but its there…. its next to all the other regular cosmetics… if you look at the very top of the shelfs by the make up section of your store it will say like “revlon” “L’Oreal” and there should b a shelf that says “physician formula” its a big sign on the top of the shelves (at least that how my CVS has it)

       and everything on that section is the physician formula stuff & i think the “skin care” items might be there too but im not sure i didnt see any PH skin care stuff just PH cosmetics but i think i didnt look carefully

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a newer line of product and not all CVS stores carry it. If your store has them, they can be found in the skincare aisle (not cosmetics). Some store managers allow you to substitute this coupon for Physicians Formula cosmetics if the store doesn’t carry the skincare products, but not all stores will allow this. It’s worth asking though, good luck!

  6. Rachelhutton1972 says:

    I don’t think the 7.00 comes off the face creams do they? Think the 7.00 comes off the cosmetics only right? I was at CVS and scanned the face cream and it scanned 7.99. Wonder if i get to register does 7.00 come off the wrinkle creams, serum, moistures too or just makeup?

  7. natkat says:

    Has anyone tried combining the CVS coupon $5 off Schick Hydro Women’s Silk Razor with the $4.00/1 Schick Hydro Power Select or Hydro 3 or 5 Blade Razor from SS 6/10?  This would be a MM if it works!

  8. Sea1578 says:

    Okay I just came home from CVS I got TOTAL OF (4) Physicans Formula ITEMS,  I SAVEd $7.00 ON EACH. I had three $1.00 off coupons and a CVS mfr Coupon for the machine save $3.00 off $10.00 on cosmetics I ended up paying       $13.36 …… 

  9. tina says:

    ok so this is what i did 
    bought 8 head & shoulders 5.99 b1g1 50% total 35.92
    bought 4 nexes travel 2.99 
    bought 1 carmax plus sheer pink 2.58 
    grand total of 50.46 before tax
    used 4 b1g1 head & shoulders coupons (cashier took of 5.99 )
    used (2) 2.00 off shampoo ctr 
    used (4) 3.00 off nexes ctr 
    used (1) 2.00 off carmax ctr 
    used 30% took off 3.37 
    gave them a 5.00 ecb I had from beauty 
    grand total of -.99 cents to had to get some sour gummy worms then paid .34 and got back 10$ gas card 

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have $3 off $10 cosmetics from the red box. If I buy 2 PF eyeliners at 10.99 = 21.98 – $14. – (2) $3 off they will be .99 each. But how much will I get towards gas card? I thought full amt would count but maybe 3.99 each if thats what they will ring up as??? Anybody done this yet?

    • Vanessa says:

      I have the exact same question????

    • Anonymous says:

      In order to use your $3/$10 cosmetics coupon, you would need to hot $10 after the sale. So you would need to purchase 3  $10.99 PF items, totaling $11.97 after the sale. $11.97 is the amount that would count towards the Gas Card deal

  11. Redhedsftbl86 says:

    Please some one explain the gas card deal! How much do u have to spend, how much is the gas card? How many times can you do it? It it the amount before or after coupons that counts? Please help!

    • Jackieg21406 says:

      before coupons you have to spend $30 worth of products to get the $10 free gas card. limit 5 gas cards  

  12. tina says:

    I was thinking a little more on this deal and if i pick up the paper on satuerday I can buy the head and shoulder b1g1 50% and is a part of the gas card any thoughts

    • Anonymous says:

      Either way is a good plan! If your store will takes off the full product amount for the B1G1 coupon (and not just the 50% item), then you can really get a great deal!

  13. tina says:

    ok this is may plan for next week tell me what you think.
    head and shoulders will be on sale 2/9 I will use b1g1 q coming in pg7-1
    then I will use (2) 2.00 off shampoo cvs q so 9.00 – b1g1 = 4.50 then (2)2.00 =.50 +tax 
    .25 a bottle for hs woot woot

  14. Anonymous says:

    There was another PF item that was $7.99 at the store.  I think it was a felt tip liner.  I’m probably going to get the liner and the lip gloss, when I went to scan my card it was $8.99.  I’ve always wanted to try the PF lip gloss.

    • The lip gloss is magical! I got it yesterday! There’s an LED light inside of the brush part and it goes on clear but then magically changes color to match your lips! It says it does it from the pH balance on your lips or something. It’s pretty neat! And I ate food and my lips were still pink! Pretty good stuff. :)

  15. Bryant&kaylasMami says:

    where is everyone getting the $1.00/1 PF product? i know it says smart source but for some reason i cant find it maybe Alabama didnt get that coupon??? where else could i get it?

    • Anonymous says:

      They are regional coupons, so not all areas had the coupon in their inserts. You can find some on ebay or coupon clipping sites, or try to trade with someone.

  16. Edith Chaves says:

    Im not sure if im reading people’s comments correctly, i have the $15 off any Physicians Formula facial care purchase CVS coupon and im wondering if i can use it towards the physician formula cosmetics?? can i? isn’t it technically facial care, i mean some are moisturizers with tints….. im wondering bc i dont know what would count as “facial care”.

    ..the only physician formula items i’ve seen are just the cosmetics

    • Anonymous says:

      Above in the post KCL agreed with joyjoy1417 that you can’t use the CVS PF facial coupon for cosmetics…HTHs!  I know it can be confusing sometimes!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry – This coupon can only be used on Physicians Formula Skincare (found in the Skincare Aisle). PF Skincare Items are on sale this week for B1G1 and part of a Gas Card deal, or if you want to save it for next week PF Skincare will be $7.99 and part of a Gas Card deal.

    • Tukubana1 says:

      I actually used mine on the tinted moisturizer since that’s considered skin care

  17. Anonymous says:

    KCL Readers,

    I know it is not next week’ special but recently I secured from the coupon maching at CVS coupons for $2 off shampoo (no restrictions except ProSalon is excluded).  In my area of Dallas, TX thru Saturday- June 30- VO5 shampoo is $.79 a bottle.  I used one of my $2.00 coupons to buy 3 bottles with the final cost being approximately $.12 (before tax).  Since I have one $2.00 coupon remaining, I think I will try to buy 2 bottles with the final cost being free (except for paying tax).  I hope this is not a problem since the coupon is for an amount more than the cost of the shampoo, but doesn’t CVS adjust the coupon amount so as not to give the customer cashback??

    In my family we all use the same shampoos- like White Rain, Suave, and VO5.  And when I can I use coupons for the excellent but inexpensive price shampoos.  My target price is anywhere between $.70-$.80 when I don’t have a coupon.

    By the way, my family also uses the shampoos as body wash.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is in the CVS Coupon Policy that they do not give overage and the coupon will be adjusted down to the product amount. But there are some cases where the CVS coupon will scan at full price, even when the product costs less. Some cashiers will catch this and adjust down, but some won’t. I wouldn’t expect this but it sometimes does happen!

    • Anonymous says:

      I used my $2 coupon to buy Suave (the big bottles) for $1.77.  The coupon scaned at $2, thus applying the .23 cents to the rest of my purchase, WHOOO HOOO!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I logged into my cvs account and there was a 5.00 off hydro power select coupon. Use this and the 4.00 off then get the 3.00 extra buck that’s a 2.51 moneymaker!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

       I received the same coupon from CVS!  I figured it was a super expensive product since it’s such a high value coupon and I wasn’t going to use it…but now I am thanks to you!!

  19. There is also a $1 off Physician’s Formula coupon in the SS 6/3.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Physicians Formula matte eyeshadow pallet is around seven dollars, too! Definitely going to get me a back up one :)

  21. Devin says:

    can any 1 think of any scenarios for me for the gas card deal? the physician formula goes toward the gas card so if u buy something 7.99 it takes off 7, the .99 goes towards gas card. i have a 15 dollars off coupon plus 4/20 facial product coupon also.  so if i buy 20 physician formula at 7.99 it will take off $7.00×20 products, which would be 19.99 – my 19 dollars in coupons? so i would pay .99cents and have 20 dollars toward gas card right?

    • Anonymous says:

      I could be wrong but wasn’t the $15 FP from the MQM on facial skin care. If so, I don’t think you can use that on their cosmetics. Unless people are referring to a different coupon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joyjoy is correct, the $15 PF’s coupon is for skincare, which will be on sale for $7.99 and part of the gas card deal. So, you can purchase 2 of them and use your $15 PF Skincare coupon

      • Devin says:

        if its on sale for 7.99, is it going to take off the 7 dollars since it is over the 7? and only pay .99?

      • couponmomof5 says:

        since it takes the $7 off automaticallhy, will $7.99 count towards the gas card or only 99 cents?

        • Anonymous says:

          The Physicians Formula Skincare is on sale for $7.99, and not part of the “Save $7.00″ deal. The Physicians Formula Cosmetics are part of the “Save $7.00″ deal. Both are included in the Gas Card deal. The amount that rings up at the register is the amount that will count towards the gas card deal. So, if you purchase PF Skincare, then $7.99 will count towards the Gas Card deal, and if you purchase PF Cosmetics, the amount after the $7 is taken off is what will count towards the Gas Card deal. HTH’s!

      • Edith Chaves says:

        i dont think ive ever seen the PH skin care items… does anyone know what would count to be able to use the $15 off PH coupon??

        .. bc i remember last time this coupon came up a while ago people used it to get PH cosmetics

  22. Yay! I checked their ad and all the PF skin care products will be $7.99 and I got a MCM coupon for $15 off any PF face care purchase! I knew my instincts were right to hold onto it for the new sale. :) 

    • Edith Chaves says:

      do you know what “skin care” consists of?? is it like moisturizer and wrinkle cream and stuff like that? bc i have the coupon too but i dont need wrinkle cream im only 19! hahah

      • Yeah it’s all basically their moisturizers and stuff. It’s not a very big section in the store. Most of it is anti-wrinkle too lol but you’re never too young to start using it! I’m only 21! Or you can always give it to your mom. I might do that. The retail price for their products are 20.99 each (in CA) so the 7.99 sale is a steal PLUS the MCM coupon makes them 50 cents each. Amazing! 

  23. Katie Davis says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the Joy cone link. I can’t find the coupon. 

  24. heather v says:

    are all physician formula products going to be included in the gas deal? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like only the PF Cosmetics with a Retail of $7 or more will be, I can’t guarantee the products that cost less will be.

    • Msbear48316 says:

      On Tues I went to CVS and purchased the following:
      PF hydrating eye cream=20.99
      PF intensive wrinkle corrector eye cream=20.99
      bronze booster=15.79
      organic lash boosting mascara=10.49

      I got 20.99 and 5.25 of becuase of the b1g1 50% off, then I used 1-15.00 off PF skin care(big red) and 1-7.00 of PF cosmetics(big red)
      I used a 15.00ecb and a 2.00 ecb that brought my total to 4.22 after tax and then I received the 10.00 gas card as well as 1.00ecb for using my green tag.           

  25. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t find the cones coupon.  

  26. Sachin JAin says:

    I still didnt understand, how do we get the Physcian formula for free? What is the coupon for $7

    • Heather Lee says:

      There is no coupon, you will get $7 off automatically on products priced $7 or more

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s part of their ad next week. Save $7 on any PF cosmetics priced over $7. Even if you don’t have the $1/1 MQ, its still a really good deal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Starting Sunday Physicians Formula Cosmetics with a retail of $7.00 or more are $7 off (CVS promotion).  Add that with the $1/1 coupon, its a good deal.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Question- is there a limit on the save $7 promotion for the PF? I actually had plans to go this week for the BOGO50%OFF but then noticed the ad for next week. I wanted to get several products, so if I bought 3 items will I save $21 total? Do I need to break it up to one per transaction or can I buy three items all at once? Thanks!