Another great magazine deal:

Cover Price: $33.45 per year
OUR PRICE: as low as $3.25 per year (with 4 year subscription)

1 year subscription for only $3.99 with code KRAZY
2 year subscription for only $7.98 with code KRAZY
3 year subscription for only $11.97 with code KRAZY
4 year subscription for only$12.97 with code KRAZY

This special rate will be live through Sunday night, 7/01 at midnight, Eastern time. You can purchase this deal as a new subscription or to renew your existing subscription. You can also purchase additional subscriptions as gifts.

About Prevention Magazine: Prevention magazine gives you healthy solutions you can really live with. Every issue delivers the latest news and trends on health, food and nutrition, family, fitness, and more!

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5 thoughts on “Prevention Magazine, As Low As $3.25 per Year”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Krazy Coupon Lady – I took advantage of the special rate for the 4 year subscription.  Today (7/9/12), however, I received an email from telling me that the offer was not available for 4 years (even though I had already placed the order and paid for it).  They changed it to a 3 year subscription (and refunded the difference).

    I don’t know if you have contact with anyone over there at Discountmags, but by doing this, they are really making you look bad by not fulfilling the offer as ordered.

    I just thought I would post and let you know about it.  (this is an old thread, so I’m not sure anyone is reading it anymore). 

    Thanks for listening.  :-)

  2. Linda Motes says:

    I tried just now and it came up at $13.55 per year with the code :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tried ordering this tonight, but it’s not working with the KRAZY coupon code.  None of the subscriptions were coming up at the rate listed above – for a 4 year subscription, it was going to charge me $54.21, down to a low of $13.55 for a one-year subscription.

    How do I let them know that the rate advertised is not working?

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide!
    Update: I tried it again this morning (initially tried last night), and it was working fine. :-)