Sorry everyone! Looks like the Extra Bucks are no longer printing for the Nivea Creme. :(

Check out this HOT moneymaker going on right now at CVS! When you purchase a Nivea Creme Tin, you will receive $2 Extra Bucks. These are only priced at $0.99, so it’s an instant moneymaker! There is a limit of 4, so you can make up to $4.04. These are great for gift baskets!

Nivea Creme Tin, 1 oz $0.99, Regular Price
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 4
Final Price: $1.01 Moneymaker

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225 thoughts on “No Longer Available: Moneymaker on Nivea Creme at CVS—No Coupons Needed!”

  1. Brigmis says:

    Yeah I tried at my CVS yesterday it didnt work so I had the items refunded :(

  2. Izan Ashraf says:

    It did for me!

  3. Edith Chaves says:

    awwww i should have tried it as soon as i saw the post!! I tried it yesterday & didn’t work… just wasted my .99 cents plus tax oh well…

    .. it was not such a good cvs trip yesterday :( … the manager at my cvs said it was okay to use the $15 off PH coupon on the cosmetics since we could not find any of the skin care items; 

    ..the magic coupon machine was messed up so i couldn’t scan my cvs card, couldn’t price scan the PH items so i didnt know the exact prices…. i had anticipated only paying about $2 bc i got things that went just over $15 and turns out the items i had gotten were actually priced about $1 more than i wanted… (they were in the wrong shelf) … ended up paying $4.10 which i didnt want to bc the PH items werent something i needed its just i thought they would b free (& i would pay the tax of course)

  4. Natalie g says:

    I bought 4 tins in south FL and didn’t get any EBs!! Why?? I guess I’ll return 3 of them.

  5. Nic ola says:

    I went to CVS today in West Palm Beach Florida and the Nivea extra bucks did not print for me. :( on the other hand I got a coupon from the machine when I scanned my card I got a $15.00  off Physicians Formula. I picked up an item for $12.99 and one for $7.49. I got the $.7.49 one for $.49 because of this weeks deal. The other that was $12.99 was market down  to $2.99. Then the machine took off the $15.00. I got 6 bottles of Pantene, 2 physicans formula and 4 of the nivea total was  $27.62 only paid $2.82 OOP after all my $10.00 gas card. good deal for me!

  6. Amber says:

    Didnt work for me in camarillo, CA :( . Anyone having the same problem??? I paid for it with my ecb n so they didnt allow a refund.

    • Nic ola says:

       You can get a refund if you use your EB. I purchased something at CVS over Xmas then changed my mind same day I took it back the cashier told me to wait two days since it was an EB I waited then took it back they gave me store credit on a CVS giftcard

    • Edith Chaves says:

      i bought one too & i was gna use EB to pay for it bc i thought maybe the EB wouldnt print & sure enough it didnt print, but im too embaressed to return it bc i bought other stuff & used coupons for that…

      .. but yea they’re supposed to refund u in a “money card” (gift card)…. i bought something one time with EB & decided i didnt want it, the same day & they actually refunded me in cash! so it was even better bc i got money back & didnt have to use it at CVS

  7. stp_luxylips says:

    I went into the store today & bought 3 tins and I didn’t get no EC printout :( is it not working in California? I’m in LA?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well I’m glad I just got two on Sunday night.  I should’ve gotten 4, but I didn’t want to pay anything out of pocket.  I bought 2 Nivea cremes and 1 Coke, total was $2.77, used $2.50 ECB and paid $0.29, which includes tax.  Got $4 back.  Even though this deal is dead, my sister loves the tins.  I have $9 in ECBs, so I might hit up CVS again for the Physicians Formula makeup and the tins.

  9. Ugh I just went and bought 4 on each card expecting my EB and was very disappointed. Maybe I should just keep them for Christmas gifts.

  10. Anonymous says:

    my store had the nivea tins for $0.99 each, but no EB’s printed when I purchased them.  But I used my quarterly EB rewards to purchase the tins, and DID receive a $1 EB for the green bag tag.  So they wound up being free after all!

  11. Zk18_84 says:

    In Michigan, I just went to do the deal and it is not printing.  So mad….

  12. Myn says:

    Is the Nivea creme deal in certain areas only?  I live in San Diego, CA and none of the CVS stores I went to didn’t advertise the $2 extra bucks :(

    • Anonymous says:

      The deal is dead as of yesterday evening in some areas and it seems the rest of the nation it is dead for also.  It was an unadvertised deal – usually deals this good are a glitch and don’t last more than a day.

      • Myn says:

        thank you!  i saw it last night, but i hesistated in buying it because it didn’t have the extra bucks sign.  thanks again!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I bought one yesterday and it did not work. :(

  14. Michellej21 says:

    It no longer works! Went today to local cvs and it did not work. 

  15. went yesterday to try and get this deal and yup it was dead so i returned them!!

  16. Natalie says:

    Bought 4 yesterday at around 5pm in NY got my $8 ECB yay!

  17. glad I saw this cuz I have my card and my moms card. I got the deal so I am happy, I can share the 4 I got

  18. Trina Miller says:

    How can we find out if it will print? Do I have to actually buy it and see if the ECB’s print or can I scan it ahead of time? Sorry, I’m kinda new at this!

  19. Anonymous says:

    They stopped printing the reward!  At least here in Detroit MI…..bummer! 

  20. Jennabb0 says:

    They only had 9 tins left in the afternoon in austin,tx) and i bought 4 and my sister bought 4. As we were going to get the tins they lady working was pulling them luckly she gave me and my sister the 8 we wanted. She said take them since they were pulling them away since a lady bought more than 20 in the morning. I think people shouldnt abuse. They need to leave some for other people also. My cvs always tells use did you leave more for other people to buy. I hope stuff like this doesnt happen real often cause cvs might reconsider giving ECBs.

    • Anonymous says:

      That meant the store allowed her to use 5 different cards. Deal is only for 4 per card. To me cvs is to blame; since they allowed her to get 20 of them. She got that many because she knew she could get away with it. Blame it on greed and human nature. 

      • sully says:

        i totally agree with you. instead of pulling the items they should only allow you to use one card. its their fault for not enforcing it. and as a shopper you should be responsible also. I went around 1 to the store. I was lucky enough to get the ecb. people can Call me dumb but i could have gotten 4 but only bought 2. even though there were like 15 blue and 10 whites. you have to think about others too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or maybe they should enforce a one card per address and not include PO Boxes just like Proctor and Gamble does for their rebates.  That will help stop the abuse.

  21. Crystal 8366 says:

    I didn’t get the ECB when I went earlier, Can I take them back?

  22. martha zuniga says:

    Today I went to my CVS, and I bought it but I didn´t have any ExtraBucks. Maybe is regional or some stores have it others don´t.

  23. Dee says:

    I did it this afternoon after 1 and it worked! But now that I’m reading a lot of ppl aren’t getting their ECB I’m guessing they caught on and removed that as part of the deal.. But yah I’m in Las Vegas, I got lucky cause I got another CVS place that had exactly 4 left with an empty store. At least now I got ECBS to roll over for my next big trip. Thanks guys for the heads up!!

  24. Keli121088 says:

    Worked at noon when I bought one, went back at 5 and no EBS

  25. Anonymous says:

    No more ECBs printing for the Nivea tins as of noon time in Ventura County, CA.  :(

  26. Anonymous says:

    I just stopped by a CVS on my way to school to get this Nivea deal.  I bought 4 and got no EB’s.  I asked to talk to someone and the manager was really cool but only printed me a coupon for $4 in EB’s not $8…Free is cool but I only stopped in because I thought it would be a MM.  Oh well. 

  27. Michael Jones says:

    They must have fixed it, because I just bought 4 an hour ago at CVS in south Orlando, FL and no go here either.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Just bought 4 of the nivea soft ones but no ecbs. I’m in Taunton MA.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Just tried in DC, and it was a no-go :/

  30. I guess this deal is not in CT because I bought 4 and no EBC printed for me

  31. Guest says:


  32. Guest says:

    This is not the case in NY =(

  33. i went to two different cvs and did not find any none in the back either cashier told me some lady bought them all and they had tone of them which i thought omg how many does a person need.not cool :(

  34. AGCalif says:

    This did not work in California.

  35. Anonymous says:

    i did 2 transaction of 2 ea. and my husband did the same! got $16
    thank you! i missed out on the $7.99 PF
    glad to get this one!
    God bless!

  36. Dmarzolino says:

    I just went to my cvs and they had them and did the deal bought 4 and no ecb is it by area and am I able to ask for my ecb?

    • Anonymous says:

      Since there aren’t any tags the store most likely won’t issue you the Extra Bucks. You can try calling corporate and explaining, they will be
      the best help for you. Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      No they stopped it for the tin size cream. You could still if buy other nivea product. and get $2 ECB.

  37. PotteryChick says:

    Just tried in KY…no dice, didn’t work for either style.  Very bummed!  Since it has been working for so many people, is it worth inquiring about the ECBs or just let it go?  Fairly new to couponing so I’m not sure what to do.  I tried both products (white and tin).  I might return the blue tin but I think I might try the white.  Oh well!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately since there aren’t any tags, it may be hard to get your Extra Bucks. You can try calling corporate and explaining, they will be the best help for you. Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      CVS corporate put a stop to that. It was a glitch in their system. That is why people were advising to get it as soon possible.  It is an unadvertised July month deal of buy one nivea product get $2ecb–limit of 4. It still work for other nivea products but not the tin size anymore. hth.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I got the deal here in Florida! I don’t use Nivea, but these will be great for gifts or to give to friends that I know like this brand :)

    For all those asking, yes you can do all four in the same transaction. Unless, you don’t want  such a big ECB, then you can break them into different transactions. 

  39. Elishabah says:

    This item was out of stock at my CVS, I found a Nivea Soft Mousturizing Creme .84oz in a white plastic container, a few spots down from the tin. It was .99 each, and the register printed a $2EB.

  40. Sally Jewell says:

    Worked yesterday.. I bought one, to make sure it worked. Just got back from cvs today and it didn’t work this time :( . This will be an interesting return, I paid with extra-bucks and just tax (my subtotal was actually negative 0.01 cent ). Hope they don’t give me too much of a hard time.. haven’t had a problem yet, with returning items.

    • Anonymous says:

      It shouldn’t be a big deal.  I just returned 2 L’Oreal cosmetics that were clearanced and ended up being free after coupons.  They refunded me the tax in cash and the rest went on a CVS gift card.  I thought it was a fair deal, although they used to just give cash regardless of coupons.  I can see why they wouldn’t want to do that though.

      • Sally Jewell says:

         Yeah, I don’t think they will give a hard time about it. I’m there almost everyday and they’re coupon friendly and are amazed by how much I save.

        Plus, I won $10 doing their phone survey today… So I still LOVE CVS!

    • sully says:

      it worked for me, and i did it 30 minutes ago. That is weird. I dont’t think this will be around for long do. :0)

  41. Dee says:

    Does anyone know how long this deal is running for cause they ran out at my CVS but I got a raincheck..

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a month-long deal, but CVS can pull this product from the promotion at any time, and I imagine that they will soon.  How did they give you a rain check when it isn’t advertised?  If they gave you the rain check for the $8 ECB, that is great, you won’t have to worry about when the sale ends because their rain checks don’t expire.  If they gave you a rain check for the $0.99 price only, you won’t need the rain check because that’s the regular price.

  42. sully says:

    i just came from cvs and it work for me im in the los angeles area. There were a lot at my store, since they dont have any tags i guess not a lot of people know about it

  43. kathy centeno says:

    Deal worked in central FL. Got all four and $8 ECB!!! Thanks KCL!

    Also scored free Physicians Formula makeup with the $7 off sale and the $15 facial care coupon! Worked towards the gas card also!

  44. angela says:

    is the nivea deal ststill on for today

  45. alysbabysitter says:

    wow, that was a great deal, thank kcl!

  46. Heather says:

    Just got mine here in NY, still working here. All they had were the white soft ones, which is fine by me. TY KCL :)

  47. Anonymous says:

    Got the deal this morning in central Cali! =)

  48. Anne says:

    How many transactions are you allowed to do in one visit to CVS?

  49. Anonymous says:

    I got up early and went to CVS before work, got free Physicians Formula cosmetics, free Head & Shoulders, free Organix and completely FORGOT to even look for the Nivea!  I finally realize when I get to work (late already), turn around and head back to CVS! I grabbed 4 and got my $8 ECBs!  LOL, it was well worth the extra 15 minutes I’ll have to stay tonight!

  50. Jess says:

    Just got mine in southern Indiana 10 minutes ago as of now it’s still working had to get the white soft ones because they were out of the other ones but that is fine by me :)

  51. yay! Worked for me too here in Orlando, FL

  52. Btryban says:

    Thanks so much!!!!! :) Got four and the ECBs! :)

  53. Shout says:

    Working in NYC as of 12:15PM today!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting about this great deal ,I got 4 and got $8 in extra bucks,I’m in Las Vegas and it’s still producing ecbs.

  55. steph says:

    Still working in Albany, GA.  Got 3 this morning…

  56. Just got the deal this morning. The tins were 99 cents here and I got $8 extracare rewards back :) Thanks KCL!

  57. ohm101 says:

    Thanks for the post!  Just came back with my $8 ECB.  On another note, pretty disappointed that the register automatically used my $6 Spring ECB for the purchase when my total was only $5.01 (bought a 2 Milky Ways also)…so basically I lost .99 because you don’t get change back.  I never have a good experience when I send my discounts and ECB to card…it always get used at the wrong time.   I thought I would just pay by cash and didn’t realize it would just use my ecb automatically.

    • Anonymous says:

      The register prompts the cashier for any ECBs or coupons loaded to your card and asks them if they want to use it or not, you can say No and then they just have to press the NO button and it won’t go through.  I did this last week with the 30% off coupons.  I did a few small transactions during the week, but I wanted to save it for a bigger trip.  So, when the register prompted the cashier for the 30% off coupon, I said not to use it.  When I was ready to use it, I had them press YES.  I’m holding off on my Spring ECB too since it doesn’t expire until August 15, and I want to use my paper ones first.  Hope that helps for next time!

    • dayna lloyd says:

      Thats why I always print mine just in case something like this happens!

  58. Janelle King says:

    Still working this morning in Michigan :)

  59. Melimalk says:

    Worked last night in Chicago :)

  60. AMILES320 says:


    • Anonymous says:

       Yep, and it’s still working this morning :)  If you can find some, both of my stores had atleast 25, but my mom’s store was cleared out!

  61. stole it like a bandit ;-D got my feee magic machine anti itch(traded for store brand cuz they were out) n got my 4 nivea but they were .99 in plastic canister type. thanks a bunch!!!

  62. Holly Keney says:

    Thank you KCL-I saw this on your site today and thought I would give it a try. Found 3 tins and one .99 plastic lotion same size. I asked the cashier if I had to do 4 transactions and he told me I could do it all at once and I would get the 8.00 bucks and it worked. They were not marked on the aisle either, if they were they probably would not have had any left. Lucky me. I checked the coupon machine and I received a coupon for a free up to 5.99 Cort-Aid, too. They charge 6.29 so .29 was not bad. Awesome deal,,,,,,Awesome of you to let us know about it. Thanks over and over again for all the time you put in to let us know about these great deals.

  63. Anonymous says:

    So upset about this deal! My three closest CVS stores didn’t have these!!! :(((

  64. jorge juarez says:

    Got 4 Nivea plus the Hydro 5 razor, plus the Head and Shoulders bottles, the Q took off 9.49 plus I used the 2 off shampoo CVS Q and the 1 off Pantene,Head and Shoulders Q from CVS..

  65. Anonymous says:

    got 4 here in cali and the cortaid! thanks

  66. I saw this deal on line and was skeptical.  It worked here in St. Louis! Thank you so much KCL!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Got four thanks KCL! (and my sis for letting me know)

  68. Lalinda82 says:

    buy 1 pay $1.05 get $2 EB ( Do the same  transaction one  more time and get another $2 EB)  ,then buy 2  more  together and use $2 EB pay  nothing and  receive another  $4.oo …….so pay $2.10 for all and received $6.00 EB 

  69. it works on the soft also.

  70. Sally Jewell says:

    worked here in Florida… I only got one because I wanted to make sure it would print the eb…anyone know it their lip balm is printing the 2 ebs? They are $2.99 each at my cvs

  71. Anonymous says:

    Got 4 here in North Las Vegas. Love cvs EB’s

  72. Anonymous says:

    What a productive trip! I got four of the tins, plus it was the 4th transaction on my CVS leaf so I received $8 for the tins and $1 for the leaf. I was also lucky enough to get the free cortaid coupon, but my store was sold out so I will try again tomorrow :)

  73. Anonymous says:

    For the Cortaid… My CVS did substitute for there brand and its actually better because its a 2oz tube not 1oz like the other. 

  74. Brookeanne Walters says:


  75. Jms_21_il says:

    I got the opportunity to do this today…Dawn dish liquid was on sale for 97 cents for 9 oz.! I got 12 niveas (3 separate transactions of course). I ended up with 12 niveas and 24 Dawns for 12 bucks!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is supposed to be limit 1 card per household. 

      • Yeah, I hear ya, people who have multiple cards and do this make it hard for others to get items. 

        • Linda Maness says:

          yes, Laura it does.  There is  a guy that comes into the 24 hour CVS that has 7 cards.  Everyone knows it at the store but they said they can’t say anything to him because if he calls and complains to corporate or District Manager, it would get them in trouble.  They change their prices over for the new day sometimes around 11 pm on the Saturday night before and he knows this and goes in there and piles his baskets up and pushes 2 baskets around the store until the deals switch over.  Ridiculous!!! I busted him on it one night, watched him load all of one item that was on Extra Bucks Rewards into his basket and not leave 1 thing on the shelf.  I told him now I know when I come in on Sunday morning why there is nothihng left on the shelf.  He didn’t say a word.  Pathetic

        • Lovin Summer says:

          how do they get multiple for the same household? that’s not fair for the rest of us -_-

        • Sarah says:

          this happened to me sunday morning too. i was at cvs bright and early and there was already a woman with her cart STOCKED. i’m talking like 10 of everything… and sure enough, when i went to find the same deals, she had taken them all. so i left and went to walgreens. sure enough she was there 10 minutes later. and i’m sure she cleared those shelves too. this is the exact reason i can never seem to find a good deal around here! i missed out big on the suave deal last week at walgreens because someone just went through all 3 walgreens and bought them all. soo unfair!

          • Kristi says:

             Lucky for you, you can get a CVS raincheck and they never expire, so you can get the deals whenever you want, not just that week!

          • Anonymous says:

            @ 2 of the walgreens by me now they are limiting people to only 1 RR per customer per day for the same item. In a way I think this is good but in a way I think it is unfair because there is nothing stated in the coupon policy or the ad about it.

  76. Annette1071 says:

    I was able to do this deal in CT! At first I couldn’t find them but they were in a cardboard display box on a shelf. I got 4 of them and had the cashier only ring up one to make sure the ECB were going to print out. Then I had her ring up the other three and used the $2 ECB from the first transaction. Paid $2 plus tax but left with 4 Nivea cream tins and $6 ECB – Awesome deal!

  77. Working in So. Cali (Santa Clarita Valley) and they were $.99. Normally we have to pay twice as much as anyone else!!!!!

  78. Andrea Zullo says:

    Woohoo!  I got my 4 and my free cortaid.  Today has been a stellar day at CVS. :)

  79. Noorie Khan says:

    I tried to get the nivea tins but the store at broad river (Columbia, SC) din’t have this product. :(

  80. Gini Alonso says:

    Hi i was wondering when does this offer end?

    • Pugi75 says:

      Probably on Monday when the figure out it’s a mistake!

    • Anonymous says:

      This deal is actually a month long deal that goes til 7/28. But, CVS has the right to not include this product at any time in the month long deal. Act fast because these are going fast!

  81. Goodsully says:

    Working in NY.  Just got the last 4 on the shelf.  Picked up a Phys Formula lip gloss and used my 5. beauty ecb, paid 2.11 and got 8 ecb back…..yeah!

  82. dayna lloyd says:

    I love having a CVS up the street.  I just did this deal (I live in Houston, TX) and bought 3 of the regular blue tins and one of the soft white tins for $4.29 and received 8 ecbs back.  Such an awesome deal, thanks KCL!!!!

  83. Hols Fischer says:

    Worked in SE Ohio! :) I also got a $4 off $20 Facial skincare, so paired it with some of the Physician’s formula skincare. Extra Bucks and a Gas card!

    • dayna lloyd says:

       Ah thank you so much for reminding me that I have this coupon!!  Hopefully it hasn’t expired yet!!  Does the skincare line count towards the gas card?  I bought 2 physicians formula cosmetics earlier today so I have $9.87 towards the gas card right now.  Trying to decide if I feel like making the $30. 

      • Hols Fischer says:

        Yes, the skincare did. If you like the blue one (hydrating), you may need to tell them because it’s still ringing up at $4.95 in my store, so it doesn’t automatically count towards the purchase. The purple line automatically did though :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, the PF Skincare is also included in the Gas Card deal and they are all on sale for $7.99

  84. Abby says:

    I got mine here in SoCal! I also let the cashier know afterwards because she was just as excited when she saw my EB’s print out! 

  85. Mrs Claire says:

    got mine! they were priced $1.19, but still a $3.24 MM! my store was out of the cortaid (boo…i’ll try another store later), but i found a “try me free” tag on a pouch of true north nut clusters. i also used a “$2 off any shampoo/conditioner” coupon that printed from the machine last week to score two bottles of VO5 for free! ;) not too bad!

    • My store did not have the Cortaid – BUT it worked on the 5.99 tube of Cotizone 10.
      Nivea Worked in Indiana! The Phys. Form. $7.00 off DID NOT work on skin care only cosmetics.

      • Jennifer Trimble says:

        its only on the make-up not the skin care….the skin care is on sale for $7.99

      • Adtevnan says:

        Did you have to ask if you could use the Cortaid coupon on the Cortizone 10?
        I was able to get the Nivea deal in NH. I bought 1 first to confirm that it would give me the ECB, then I purchased 3 more tins, and a $9.26 PF product, (they were all out of anything cheaper). I didn’t have any PF coupons so I used my $2 ECB from 1st transaction, & $3 Extra Rewards quarterly coupon. So for my 2 transactions I paid $1.25 OOP 

      • Andrea Zullo says:

        I found my cortaid not on the shelves but in a special display with build your own first aid kits!  Check to see if your store has one of those.

        Otherwise, some stores are able to search neighbors’ stock to see if they have them… you may be able to have your CVS do that for you. HTH

  86. was great purchased some for the family got 16 and got back in total of $32 extrabucks was great

    • Lovin Summer says:

      really..that many? and you got $4.00 on each one? that’s great! I would have thought there would be a limit?

    • Anonymous says:

      Kind of lame your CVS allows you to use 4 cards.  

      •  this is not just my card i shop for my entire family, don’t say that and i give it to them, I only keep the 4 that is mine

        • What they are saying is it is one per HOUSEHOLD, not one per person so even if you have four people in your family you are limited to one card. 

          • Anonymous says:

            She shops for her entire family that live in different houses. I have seen posts from her before explaining situation. When I go visit my mom, I use different cards. I shop with mine for me and I use my mom’s to shop for her. There is nothing wrong with doing that. She is not using more than one card for her household.

    • prime example of why stores are cracking down on coupons.

    • Hesha says:

      Why do people who do this proudly announce it?  Why is it normal to you to take 16 when others got none?   Your behavior is what ruins it for everyone.  But, I notice people who do that cannot be reasoned with.   Stores should refuse you using multiple cards.  If your “family” wants 16 tins of nivea, they can waddle into the store themselves and get them.

      • Anonymous says:

        did you ever think maybe they are handicapped & can’t get there? don’t be so judgemental without knowing the facts. that is just plain rude.

      • Anonymous says:

        that is very rude comment, they may not be able to get there. Some people are not able to shop for themselves, has a family member who does their shopping for them.

      • Lovin Summer says:

        I see your point, but maybe you’re a little harsh? I don’t agree with her buying so many for her family….but there could be a valid reason? idk…

      • Lrpolillo says:

        have you ever thought that maybe some people shop for family members who cant get out to shop for them selves??  I have shopped for family and friends who want something on sale and use their CVS cards.

  87. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much for the post got mine and worked with no problem it works for the blue tin and the white  tin

  88. kendra says:

    I am so excited! I’m a new couponer and today I did awesome at CVS.. I got the 4 nivea products and the extra care bucks so I made money on those.  Then I also got a free $5.99 coupon for an anit-itch cream.  Then there was the Hydro silk razor marked down to $9.49 and I had a $5.00 coupon plus got the 3 ECB so it ended up at $1.49.  I also had a $15 off physician formula skin care coupon and they were on sale for $7.99 each at my store so I only paid .98 for two products that were originally $40!!! I am so thankful for this website because it is helping me become and awesome couponer!!! :D -Kendra 

  89. Anonymous says:

    Got mine! Almost didn’t see them at first luckily I double checked. Thanks KCL!!

  90. Sarah Hannah says:

    worked for me in mid ohio!

  91. Jasmine says:

    i just went to cvs and bought 4 and got $8 EB !!

  92. This is a major glitch in there system that there getting rid of soon I went and got mine and after I did they took them off the shelf and so far were I live no one is able to get them anymore.

  93. Nellytito5 says:

    I just came bck from CVS…
    I bought all 4nivea tin can in on purchase and got the $8 Extra bucks love it..

  94. Edith Chaves says:

    are the bigger sized nivea products also buy it and get $2 EB.. i dont see it in my ad..

  95. TraceeJ says:

    just got mine& my $8, thanks for the heads up!!!

  96. Strawberry_nd says:

    I was nervous as this wasnt marked on the shelf but I held my breath, bought 4 blue Nivea tins (1oz) and got the $8 ecb! If it’s regional I’m in Central Cali. **** BOTH of my CVS’s have been out of the Physicians Formula skin care for weeks now! Im holding on to a cvs Q ….stalking my stores because I want those awesome products and another GAS card! :)

  97. Kori says:

    just got back from cvs and bought 4 tins and got $8 ecb! I had to ask my cashier because there was no signage on the shelf just “select nivea products”

  98. jj says:

    Doesn’t show up in my local ad. Also tried scanning it, price is$1.19. Both tin and soft

    • Anonymous says:

      It is and unadvertised month of july deals. Remember regional price may differ but it should print your ECB.  Corporate will fix the system pretty soon so you better get it today if you can. hth.

  99. Yvonne012310 says:

    Works on the nivea soft (small white container) also.

  100. Noorie Khan says:

    I hope someone can help me with my query. On 6/27 I purchased 2 maybelline eye studio dual eye shadow for $7.79 and $3.89 (50%) at CVS. I was thinking that I would get $3 ECB for spending $10 on maybelline, but I didn’t get any. Can someone please explain this or do you think I should call them?
    Thank you.

    • Edith Chaves says:

      well if it was part of a spend $10 and get $3 EB then it should have printed! you should call or if anything return it, if you dont like the price you got it at.

      … this happend to me at rite aid one time where i bought something that was supposed to give me up+ rewards and nothing printed & the guy that was “helping” me was sooo rude and told me i had reached my limit-which i hadn’t, he told me nothing could be done so i just returned it but you should talk to someone at cvs, bc sometimes they can manually print a EB i think

    • Strawberry_nd says:

      My ad from last week doesnt show Maybelline being BOGO 50% off. So was the 2nd eyeshadow on clearance? The buy $10 of Maybelline eye get $3 eb excludes clearance.

      • Noorie Khan says:

        It wasn’t clearance..just the second eyeshadow (lavender) had a 50% off sticker on it and they considered I was under the impression that the $3 ECB will print…there was no BOGO 50% off last week on maybelline anywhere.

    • Jennifer Trimble says:

      they were not bogo 50% off in my area…find your flyer (if you still have it, your CVS might as well) and go back in and ask. even if youre wrong just apologize and say you misunderstood.  i was under the assumption the deal was for ALL maybelline and i bought some lip products (btw the gloss in cherry bloom is A-W-E-S-O-M-E)…no ecb’s.  so they gave me a full refund with return :)

    • Appreciate_yourself says:

       Something similar happened to me a few days ago: I used $2 extrabucks on a purchase but the amount did not show up on my receipt. I called the store and they told me to come in with my receipt and explain my situation. I did so the next day and the employee refunded me the money, no questions asked! =)

    • if they were clearance/marked down items,  they will not qualify you to receive EB…

      • Anonymous says:

        It looks like they were just on sale BOGO 50% off, so you should have gotten the ECB.  I would call Customer Service about it.

  101. Paris1121 says:

    Is this a advertised deal and could it be regional? I don’t see it in my ad?

    • Anonymous says:

      Was not advertised on the shelf, I am in the south so not sure if its regional, but when I scanned card and paid it printed the 8EB I purchased the ones in the blue container, did not see the white love those too!

    • Felsmith35 says:

      Paris1121, this apparently is an unadertised deal. I just did this deal about 1 hour ago and bought 4 (in 1 transaction) and received $8 in ECB’s. I even used my 30% coupon and paid $2.97 (after tax) for all 4. HTH

    • It was not in my ad either, but there were several hangtags in the lotion aisle near other Nivea products saying purchase select Nivea products, get $2 ECB back.  I bought one cream to check and the ECB printed, so I bought 3 more tins.

    • I did not get the ECB’s either.  The line was too long to argue, so I’ll go back later. If this is an unadvertised deal, what ammunition do I use for proof?

  102. Markiecakes says:

    I just bought 2 of these and no ECB printed :(  I also tried the Physicians Formula makeup deal and although it was a great price, it only counted for $8 towards the $30 for a gas card. I read others getting the gas card qualifying before the discounts.  Kinda bummed!

    • Edith Chaves says:

      i bought physician formula make up too and the amount that goes towards the gas card is the total after the $7 are taken off each item…maybe others got the gas card last week when it was buy 1 get 1 50% off

  103. Uncfsugraduate says:

    Thanks KCL I only got a 4 ECB for my quarterly so I bought all four and got 8 back =) I love CVS

  104. Anonymous says:

    Just did this deal on the lotion isle and they are not marked for the reward but printed the $8.00EB I did all four in one transactions plus used $2.00 Extra Care Quarterly Reward 
    so OOP was $2.14 great moneymaker.

    Also machine printed out Free Cortaid Itch Creme (up to $5.99) no purchase needed.

    Thanks KCL!

    • Sarah Hannah says:

      I cant find that anti itch cream at mine :(

      • Strawberry_nd says:

        I have 2 CVS’s in my town and both were out of the Cortaid. double sad face :(

        • Anonymous says:

          Ask the cashiers. My usually uncooperative store volunteered the info that they are substituting cordicane 10 (or a name that sounds like that — gave it to MIL already.) got 4 of the white creams for each of us. The didn’t have the PF skin line, but I had $3 of $10 cosmetic CVS magic coupon, and 2 $1/1 PF cos coupon. The PF cosmetics in my ad (Houston) counts toward gas and is $7 off if reg price is over $7. Got to mascara.

          • Strawberry_nd says:

            TQTQ I agree with your statement “my usually uncooperative store” haha At times they have seemed upset at my savings margin…and fight me alot on Q’s even though they are valid. We gotta fight for our right to SAVE. :)

      • dayna lloyd says:

         I can’t find it either.  I found one spot where there was supposed to be cortaid, but it was empty.  I’m thinking of maybe asking if I can substitute it if I can’t find it at the other CVS’s around me.

        • Anonymous says:

          Our CVS is offering the CVS brand cortaid in place of the sold out one.

        • happyQ says:

          I also got the coupon and couldnt find it, so I asked and they said we do not have that at our store…so they are substituting for cvs brand anti itch cream! I paid for my things and looked at my receipt and it says I am 51c away from earning $3 ex bucks for cvs brand FirstAid..spend $7get I grabbed a 77c cvs gauze pad and it did not work! and I dont know what to get to get there ha ha SO ASK YOUR PEOPLE AT YOUR STORE!

      • Anonymous says:

        Where the cream is supposed to be (with the Anti Itch stuff) it is all gone (at all 3 of my stores)!  But guess where I found it?  On the end cap of the summer items (where the ice cream cones were!!!)!!! 

    • Jennhendrix says:

      I got the free Cortaid Itch Creme coupon too.  It was hard to find…kind of hidden but finally found it.  Luckily I also happened to have a $1 off any Cortaid product coupon so I made $1 on that deal.  I am loving CVS right now!

  105. Lalinda82 says:

    from today????

  106. Stephanie Rideout says:

    If i purchase 4 in one transaction, will i only receive $2EB? Do i have to do 4 seperate transactions?

  107. kmac says:

    Are these on lotion aisle or trial/travel section? Thanks!

  108. Uncfsugraduate says:

    Can I purchase all four in the same transaction