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Choose Your Own Coupon from CVS!

To celebrate reaching one million Facebook fans, CVS is giving away coupons! Click here to head to their Facebook page and “like” them. Then click on “choose coupon,” enter your CVS ExtraCare card number and you’ll be able to choose between four great offers. Let us know about any deals that you get with your coupon!

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79 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Coupon from CVS!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does hair gel count as beauty product? Also, would I be able to use this $3 off $15 with a 25% off store coupon that printed on my receipt?

    • Anonymous says:

      If your coupon states beauty, than you should be able to use it on hair gel. If it specifies cosmetics, then you will not be able to. Hope that helps!

  2. Try updating your email address with CVS.

  3. Try updating your email address with CVS.

  4. People that didn’t get the coupons via email may need to update their email addresses with CVS.

  5. I just made a comment at the bottom of this page and I got a message “comment waiting for approval before it will post here”. I have commented many, many times since signing up and I don’t understand why I got this message. I never write anything nasty.
    Try updating your email address with CVS.

  6. Edith Chaves says:

    i “liked” it & i clicked “choose coupon” and nothing happened :( boo

  7. Ergjerlkgjlk says:

    did not provide any free coupons at all after liking

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to enter your CVS card number and the coupon will be emailed to you.

      • I haven’t tried to get CVS coupons yet but I have a thought about why people may not be getting the emails. What email address does CVS have connected to your CVS card? Perhaps you need to update your email address with them. I never get emails from CVS and I just realized that I have never updated anything with them since signing up for their card several yrs. ago.

  8. Lovin Summer says:

    great, I got the 3.00 off beauty deal….

  9. Candicestartwinning says:

    I had to do this twice because the email never came but it worked greate the second time

  10. guest241 says:

    I have tried both Foxfire and Chrome. The Submit button just sits. I can not get this.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is frustrating! A lot of people have said the same thing, because the site was swamped for awhile. Try again–maybe it’s calmed down : )

  11. Tatyana says:

    Can these be used at Walmart? (I did the “Save $2 on candy/drinks)

  12. Keets2112 says:


    can somebody pls help me?? cerave cleanser and PM lotion—- are they beauty items or healthcare items

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anyone pick the $3 off $15  cosmetics and have any deal ideas? I used all my PF coupons as an FYI, let me know, my brain isn’t at its top couponing shape today! THANKS!

    • Anonymous says:

       I meant $3 off beauty

    • Candace Mederos says:

      Buy Physician’s Formula.  at -$7 off each item, if your store has the rebate stickers on Youthful Wear, buy 3 of them and use your $3 coupon (and a $4 one on facial care from coupon machine if you got that one) and get a $25 PF MIR, making them a great Money Maker for fabulous product! spend a little more by buying some cheap concealers or eye shadows or any other item included in the gas deal to meet the $10 gas card when you spend $30 and you’ll get that too making it an even bigger Money Maker!  ..some stores also have a $3 coupon on their PF Matchmaker lip gloss making them free.  :)  

  14. Anonymous says:

    I entered my info yesterday at like 3pm and again at like 10pm but it still hasn’t come :( I had to use google crome for it to even work. What gives? No coupon for me?

    • Anonymous says:

       that’s the same as me I entered it last night and checked this morning over 12 hours and haven’t gotten it, I checked in my junk folder too. I wanted the $2 off candy or beverage.

    • Strawberry_nd says:

      I tried last night when I first saw this post and no dice. Then I read all the comments this morning and tried again to no avail. Called CVS and a friendly agent offered me a $4 off ANY $20 purchase to be loaded to my card within 48 hrs.
      So if it didn’t work for you….CALL THEM! :)
      I was given no specific reason for the FB error but he did tell me they recieved an email authorizing them to sub the Qs for the one mentioned above. Score! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Let us know if you get your coupon. Hopefully, CVS is just a little slow because of the overwhelming response to the offer and your coupon will come soon! If it never comes, contact their corporate customer service.

      • Anonymous says:

         I went to CVS today and finally they had the cvs brand diapers 75% off there were still a few, I was thinking maybe the mcm would print that $2.00 off but no luck I checked my email again and it still isn’t there, fingers crossed for later today.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone, I just have 2 question.  I hope somebody can help me.
    1.  Is there a new ad coming out for July 4 to July 7 or is some of the deals on this ad for july 4 to 7?

    2.  And also, I still  have my 30% off Q good till July 4, I wonder
    if I buy the Pampers $24.99 (with free gas card) will my 30% off work? 
    Is this one consider regular price?

    Please help.  Thank you and happy couponing!!!

    • Natalie says:


      Your 30% coupon will not work with any items that are on sale. Only for regular priced items so no it will not work.

      There is a new ad coming out for sales starting tomorrow till saturday.

    • Anonymous says:

       I just bought the diapers yesterday, and the 30% did NOT come off diapers. They are are regularly $28.99, so the $24.99 is sale price. Use the P&G $3 off 1 box to help a little with the cost.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know if the $2 beverage or candy coupe will scan for the full $2 even if your a bit under $2? The coupons from the machine have been giving me overage so I’m hoping this one will too.

    • Anonymous says:

      In case anybody else was wondering about this, the $2 coupon does give overage! I purchased two 2 liters for $1.58 and the overage went towards my other items with no beeps.

  17. finally got mine to submit (with Chrome) but it never showed up in my inbox. they said they are going to send me a 4$ off 20$, which is even a dollar better than 3$ off 15$, but it won’t be here on my card for 48 hrs… and i really wanted to use it today to get some pantene and physicians formula…. :(

  18. Anonymous says:

    Is this coupon gone already?? When I enter my info and click on Submit, keeps telling me “error on page”. Anyone else having same issue?

    • Anonymous says:

      Make sure that your pop-up blocker is off. You may also need to try switching browsers. Good luck!

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks worked after I switched to Mozilla. Does hair gel count as beauty product? Also, would I be able to use this $3 off $15 with a 25% off store coupon that printed on my receipt?

  19. Patriciavspaty says:

    Make sure to check your spam folder. That’s where mine was!

  20. jason says:

    really upset at cvs right now.  had a $10 beauty club ecb that expired today.  went to use it and the register came up that it belonged to a different card.  i only have 1 card it’s linked to the online account that i used to redeem my beauty club rewards, yet they wouldn’t accept it.  even tried using my phone number and the cashier said my phone number was linked to a different account, and still not the one the coupon was for! 

    all the niveas were gone (of course) and also did not get the free cortaid coupon from the coupon machine so i was really bummed when i walked out of cvs empty handed after getting dirty looks from the rest of the people waiting in line and from the cashier who acted as if i were trying to use a fake coupon. 

    and of course, when i called customer service, they had already closed 30 minutes before i called.

    • Lupe Saves says:

      that sucks :/ same thing happened to me with the 30% off coupon that was emailed to me so pissed i emailed cvs about it tho you should too

      • jason says:

        i printed out the 30% coupon too, was planning on using it tomorrow, along with another ecb from the spring rewards and taking the wife to get a bunch of makeup.  now i’m worried that those won’t go through either!

        i did email them today, it usually takes 2 days for them to reply though.

        i had emailed them before asking which one is free when you use a b1g1 free coupon on a b1g1 50% off promo (the cheaper one), and it took 3 days to get a reply.

    • Strawberry_nd says:

      I have had the coupon machine print coupons with someone elses name on them. It was odd, thank goodness they were freshly printed and they let me use them. It was really strange because the 1st name was also with an A like mine. How does a mix up like that happen when there are barcodes scanned?? Weird. Sorry Jason that you had a really bad couponing experience. I hate getting the stink eye from other customers too.

    • Lovin Summer says:

      aww, sorry to hear your misfortune at CVS. I HATE it when I have a bad couponing day. hopefully you can get a hold of cs and get this straightened out….$10.00 is a TON of money when you pair it with other cpns!  that could have gone a long way….bummer :/

    • orly says:

      when the cvs coupon expire the computer will say it belongs to a diff card. that is beacuse its already expire and the computer wont let you use it. unless the cashier puts it in manually. and it depends on the store/manager some would do it some wont.

  21. Wchavez says:

    Is shampoo considered beauty?

  22. Cassie Camp says:

    I just got mine.  Expires on 7/6/12 For those that wanted to know.  

  23. sully says:

    got mine thanks for letting us know

  24. Yardgirl74 says:

    its emailed to you. took me a few tries to read that it says check your email. I got the $3/15 wanna use it on the pantene gift card this week. It expires on 7/6

  25. MLR says:

    Yes!  I am having trouble with it..  I wonder if it is becuase a lot of people are trying to sumbit at the same time!

    • Yardgirl74 says:

       check your email i was wondering the same thing i just printed mine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Check your pop up blocker. I had to unblock it to be able to put in my information. Hope this helps!

    • Anonymous says:

      Got it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try a different browser than ie (like firefox or google chrome)

    • jakesmom130 says:

       Yes a lot of people are having trouble getting the coupon! When I would hit the submit button it would freeze & same thing with other people. So I had to keep trying. Eventually I just tried a different browser (mozilla firefox) and it worked perfectly. So try another browser and if it works then a notice will appear saying successful and it will be emailed to you! Hope that helped! :) :) :) :)

  26. Thesantosparty says:

    Can’t access coupon.  Anyone else having a problem?

    • Cdownen7 says:

      Is the coupon suppost to be emailed because I cant get it either!! :(

    • Lovemyavonstuff says:

      I was having trouble with it too, but i switched to Google Chrome search engine and it let me access the coupon…they email it to you.

      • Ergjerlkgjlk says:

        email after liking on FB? How would they have access to your email? I liked them on FB and a link opened to GET coupon. I clicked on link and NOTHING. How in the world would they have access to your email through fb? 

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve seen a bunch of coupons like this lately: you click and they send the coupon to the email account that you have on file with your Facebook account.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try using a different browser. I was trying with internet explorer and wasn’t getting anywhere. I discovered I had Google Chrome on my computer and tried using that one and it went right through with no problem.

    • Keli Kucera says:


    • guest241 says:

      I changed to Chrome. Entered my CVS number and e-mail address, but it would not SUBMIT.  POOEY…. I couldn’t get it to work either.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Is shampoo beauty item?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know when they expire?