All the free samples that I request make getting the daily mail a fun surprise! I’m happy to see a free sample of Starbucks K-Cups on the Target Sample Spot. Click here and fill out a brief survey to request your free coffee. You can also grab a free sample of Shout Color Catcher and Garnier Sleek and Shine while you’re there!

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26 thoughts on “Free Sample of Starbucks K-Cups!”

  1. Yudenia Murcia says:

    got mine:), thank you. Rhonda’s link worked for me.

  2. stephany says:

    just tried it n it worked

  3. Dkminton says:

    It hung the first time I did it. So I left that one open still and went back and opened another, followed the steps and it worked. 

  4. Debbie Lombardi says:

    I was able to get through after changing my settings to allow cookies.

  5. i got mine. had to refresh a few times cuz it was getting stuck on the first survey question but I even went ahead and requested all 3 samples lol. 

  6. Lornathegreat says:

    Oh and if you say you have tried the starbucks it tells you no… wink

  7. Lornathegreat says:

    I had to use firefox instead of Internet Exploer… Then it worked fine.. Hope that helps

  8. traci says:

    it’s asking three-three?
    anyone know the answer

  9. Michelle says:

    try again. Min was stuck them it worked a few minutes later

  10. Amy says:

    link is working now!

  11. Thehunterfam says:

    Just got mine, thanks!

  12. Ashley Brown says:

    I keep getting an error message if I click the link

  13. Goose5547 says:

    I just filled my request in………… on the picture and it will bring up the target site…..good luck

  14. dtomayko says:

    Keep hitting refresh on the Kcups…I think everyone is going for it…I finally got through.

  15. rachaeclift says:

    I got to the survey but it’s stuck at the first question.

    • jakesmom130 says:

      Same thing keeps happening to me! I tried 3times and even tried to register for the other samples but it kept freezing in the first question. It actually froze up my whole computer one of the times! :  #bummedout 

      • Sophyscarvings says:

         i had this same problem and then my husband had me open it in google chrome instead of firefox and it worked fine.  i don’t know if there’s something wrong with firefox and the target website but its does that every time.  hth

  16. Britnie57 says:

    Says bad gateway, gets me no where with the link

  17. Kdobias says:

    the link isn’t working :(

  18. Amy says:

    I keep getting this message when I click on the link provided above. “An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #97.359c1e45.1341245673.a3ccf81″

  19. Courneybrandenburg says:

    The kcup one just keeps saying there is an error!!!

  20. Kristy Murning says:

    Starbucks k-cup link doesn’t work…is there another link to use?

    • Victoria says:

      I had problems also and then I looked and saw there was a black box still around the answer so after answering a question I clicked somewhere else til it disappeared then clicked next.  Hope this helps.