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My family has been wanting to go to Disneyland for some time now, but it is one expensive place to visit! I just made a great plan to start saving for our trip by opening a free ING DIRECT checking account. I’ll get a $152 bonus for doing so by July 3rd. Open a free ING DIRECT Electric Orange Checking Account and earn $76.00 for making 5 purchases within 45 days. To earn the additional $76.00 all you need is 2 direct deposits of $250 made to my new account by Aug 31. Use your current checking account to make the two direct deposits. If you’re feeling really krazy, you and your spouse could each open your own account!

ING DIRECT will send you a debit card for your new Electric Orange account.  You can use this debit card for instant access to all the money in your new account.  Be advised, because the Electric Orange checking account has overdraft protection, which is essentially a line of credit, your credit report may be pulled if you are not pre-approved.  Credit reports are not always pulled.

Once you set up your own accounts, find out how you can earn even more by setting up savings accounts for your children.

How to get $152 for opening ING DIRECT Electric Orange Checking Account

Open an Electric Orange account between June 30 and July 3rd. (If the 4th comes and you are seeing fireworks, you are too late. The 3rd is the last day you can sign up.)

  • Make a total of 5 purchases (either signature or pin-based) using your Electric Orange card or Person2Person payments within 45 days of opening your account.
  • You will earn a $76 Bonus that will be deposited to your account by August 22nd.
  • You can earn an additional $76 by setting up direct deposit to your Electric Orange account.
  • You will need to have at least two deposits of at least $250 post to your account by August 31st.
  • Your additional $76 Bonus will be deposited to your account by September 10th.
  • Pretty simple way to earn up to $152 FREE!

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10 thoughts on “No Longer Available: Set Up a Free Travel Fund and Receive $152 from ING DIRECT!”

  1. Hey KCLAre you positive you can make 2 $250 + deposits from your own second checking account to get second bonus? And how do you cancle account if you dont like it?

  2. Bartandmich says:

    I opened my account but am a little confused when you say that you used your current checking account for the direct deposit.  Did you do a recurring transfer from your checking or did you fill out the direct deposit and submit to your employer?

  3. Lucisparents says:

    Is this for existing customers too?

    • Nermalsturf says:

      Doesn’t look like it. Says it’s only for new customers. Perhaps if your spouse opens a separate acct??

    • Anonymous says:

      It is for new customers. Along with the Electric Orange checking account, they are offering kids savings accounts with a bonus of $17.76 and a MONEY account which is a checking/debit account for teens that has a bonus of $27.76. Both the kids savings account and the MONEY account can be opened with as little as $0.50. If you click the link above, it explains it in full.

      • Merrisc02 says:

         I have a savings account, it seemed like it was still going to work for me. (The option was there to ‘save more’ or something like that and gave the same terms you did.  Did I read it wrong?!

  4. Ccasanas says:

    Unfortunately not open for Canadians.

  5. WendyR says:

    What about fees on these accounts. I know I  looked into chase and the fees where basically taken out in the following year that amounted to the bonus money.