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Dial Liquid Hand Soap, Only $0.29 at Safeway!

Soap goes quickly in my house, and I love to stock up when there’s a good sale. This week Dial Liquid Hand Soap is just $0.99 at Safeway! If you received their Doubl’r coupons (or if you’re lucky enough to have a store that automatically doubles), you can score some hand soap really cheap!

Dial Liquid Hand Soap, 15 oz $0.99
Use $0.35/1 Dial Bar Pack or Liquid Hand Soap from RP 6/17 (exp 7/7)
And use Safeway Doubl’r
Final Price: $0.29 after coupon and Safeway Doubl’r

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34 thoughts on “Dial Liquid Hand Soap, Only $0.29 at Safeway!”

  1. christina says:

    awesome! just picked up some!  my tom thumb triples up to $0.39! so i got it for free!

  2. Otto Jacobson says:

    Ivory pump soap is also $.99 at Safeway. If you received the $1/1 q for Ivory in the P and G this month, free through tomorrow. My cashiers were good about adjusting the coupon value down…something I don’t always have luck with at Safeway.

  3. Atkbal says:

    I’m new to this can someone tell tell me where to get the coupon for the dial soap I 
    don’t know whats RP.

    • Sarah Rossi says:

      “RP” stands for Red Plum and 6/17 is the date.  The coupon was in the Red Plum insert from June 17th.  Most of us save inserts for several months according to the date.  It can be a pain but helpful for deals like this.

  4. samsonite says:

    I just started couponing 2 months ago, and I had no idea that there was such a thing as doubled coupons until then. Apparently my Pavilions doubles (up to $1)! Wasn’t expecting that in the Los Angeles area, but woohoo! Got this deal and so many more. Thanks for all your help, KCL!

    • Ilovebargains247 says:

      Pavilions/Vons in Los Angeles will only double the first like coupon and the rest will be at face value in one transaction.  Since Pavilions and Vons are only a block away from me, I just do multiple trips in a week so all my coupons get doubled.  

  5. Jennifer says:

    Kroger is running the same sale this week.

  6. Never any doublers here in Tacoma/Seattle area either! =(

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Tom Thumb chain in my area (Dallas, TX) will double and triple coupons which for me would make this item free.  But there is a catch (something to watch out for in other markets and with other chains):  Tom Thumb will double or triple only one of the coupons in a single transaction if you are trying to use several like coupons- ie if you wish to use 2 coupons for $.35 off, only one of the coupons will automatically triple.  The second like coupon will be accepted but only at face value.

    I also found several other good specials at Tom Thumb which run through 7/17 at $.99 each in case you want to stock your personal care and first aid cabinet at home- deodorant (Sure or Suave- can’t remember which one), toe nail clippers, tweezers, etc.  The items, excepting the deodorant, are house brand items but no coupons.

    • Hello, pyrmom. – Which T Th store are you going to?  I am in Irving (DFW area) and both of my stores quit doubling.  I would be more than willing to go to other stores if I knew which ones double.  I am all over town visiting friends and family, shopping, running errands.  Please let me know.  Thanks,

      • linda412 says:

        I know Arlington  still double & triple but only one per transaction. On a side note I somehow didn’t get this coupon but everyone else in DFW seemed to :’(

  8. Anonymous says:

    I do SavingStar and already loaded the Dial coupons but Safeway isn’t listed as one of the stores that you can register???

  9. If you already loaded the SavingStar coupon, it will be free (they’re currently sold out).

    • Anonymous says:

      I do SavingStar and already loaded the Dial coupons but Safeway isn’t listed as one of the stores that you can register???

  10. Randall’s Triples the Coupon if it is less than .39 :)

  11. Nora says:

    The Vons by me doubles the first of a like coupon up to a $1, so I just did separate transactions to get a few (I also went to different stores too LOL)

  12. guest241 says:

    My Randall’s in Houston triples 35 cents….But that is 6 cents over, so I will have to check with the manager. Last time I tried to use a $1 coupon on a 99 cent item the Checker was really nasty and said she couldn’t take the coupon.

  13. Jarobeson26 says:

    My Safeway store here in Phoenix, AZ makes all manufacturer coupons under $1, a $1. So I got some soap for free. Yippie!

  14. sully says:

    great price

  15. Jacob Ratliff says:

    I did a price match at Target (with a Kroger ad) and ended up only paying $0.17!!!

  16. 4auction says:

    the safeway in my area doesn’t double. I live in Redding, Ca

  17. Diane Hamlin says:

    how can you double qs??

  18. Kikisaver says:

    Picked some up last Wednesday …promo is running through 7/17 which is nice!