Are you a Red Bull fan? Get a free four-pack by sharing a photo on their website! Take a picture of you and your friends sharing something unique, and then submit your photo using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram. Click here for more details.

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5 thoughts on “Free Red Bull when You Share a Photo!”

  1. ya it had no contact info to fill out but i think it get your info from facebook i havent recieved my email yet either but fingers crossed redbull is something id love too see a coupon for love it

  2. Anonymous says:

    I did this a few days ago. I was able to select a pic from my fb profile & it said as soon as the pic was reviewed (to make sure it wasn’t inappropriate) then I would receive my free 4 pk. I still haven’t heard anything back from them. I don’t know if they approved my pic & even if they did, how would I get the 4 pk b/c there was nowhere to submit my contact info. I’m having a really hard time believing this is legit….

    • Anonymous says:

      That doesn’t sound good! I don’t believe that it’s a scam, but if for some reason it isn’t working, we’ll have to update our post. 

      • Joyedeweese says:

        I just submitted my picture and it said the same thing as it did to kat_gryl
        I believe that it said they would send an email with confirmation or something. I am not 100% certain, but pretty sure.

  3. Stefany says:

    what a joke! ive tried several times and it doesnt bring up any of my pics from facebook. SCAM