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Earn Cash, Amazon Gift Certificates and More by Joining MySurvey! is a free-to-join survey site where you earn points for completing surveys. They offer a wide variety of survey topics and tend to be ranked very highly by their members. Join and take surveys, test products for women and babies, even watch movie trailers! You will be able to earn points for each survey you apply to take and your earned points are generally deposited in your account within seconds of completing a survey.

At MySurvey, you are able to trade in your points for cash (delivered by check or Paypal), Amazon gift certificates, charitable donations, or merchandise. Members are routinely entered into sweepstakes drawings as well. The minimum points needed to cash out is 1,000, which equals $10.00.

How do you earn points? It’s really quite simple:

  • Register with MySurvey.
  • Take surveys. Each survey will vary in points available and length of time it will take to complete the survey.
  • Take part in additional research opportunities. This will include: product testing, online communities and focus groups.
  • That’s it! Pretty easy.

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7 thoughts on “Earn Cash, Amazon Gift Certificates and More by Joining MySurvey!”

  1. MsErin says:

    I’m interested, I just don’t want to get a million spam type messages!

  2. Kim Niewiadomski says:

    Swagbucks and Survey Head are good sites. I’ve gotten a lot of Amazon giftcards from them.

    • Andino Nellie says:

      Really?what are swagbucks?
      Ive played&done soo many surveys,never ever won nada!ive even sent for samples,still waiting 2yrs later!
      Whats the secret?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hey, KCL have you checked out any of these work from home deals that you are promoting here? 

    • A. S. says:

      A google search on the company will tell you a bit about them.  Honestly, I’ve found most survey sites to be total rip offs (ie. answer questions for 15 minutes, and get the “sorry, you dont qualify for this survey” nonsense).  The only one I have ever had any luck with was the NPD ones.  But, that’s a point-raffle system.  Out of literally thousands of points, the only thing I’ve ever won was enough Disney points for a Thumper plush doll (which, conveniently, I got just before my toddler’s birthday).  There are better ways to make money for your time, that’s for sure.  

    • Jen says:

      The only paid survey company I use is Pinecone Reseach. They pay you $3 per 10 minute survey, typically 3-5 per month. I have been a member for a year and have earned over 70. It isn’t huge, but it has definately bought me some college budget lunches and gas a couple times : ) I highly recommend it!

  4. Lisamariebaraghith says:

    Okay…yes it is low paying and the surveys take forever (just learn to avoid otx & movie surveys)….but every 20th survey or so I get those online chat things for $25….

    And the rewards have tons and tons of options. I keep getting jcrew gift cards saving for a winter coat at the jcrew outlet this winter in January…I get one maybe every 2 months get a 25 dollar gift card. My coat is pretty tore up so I want a good quality one and you can get 300 dollar ones there in mid January for 120-150 and I have 100 dollars in gift cards through mysurvey now and should have 150-175 by then.