Nothing says summer like rocking some new tunes at the beach or pool! Get one or two songs for free with a $2.00 MP3 credit on Amazon! Select movie soundtracks are $2.99 right now, and many singles start at just $0.25 a song.

  • Click here to get started.
  • Enter code HEARTMP3.
  • Your credit will be good through 7/11.

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12 thoughts on “Free $2.00 Amazon MP3 Credit!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome!!!  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE MUSIC!!!!  Especially if it’s FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

  2. Mspita80 says:

    Had to try a few times but I got mine to work

  3. Amy Johnston says:

    You do have to put a space between Heart and mp3 and it will work. Awesome!! Thank you!

  4. AC says:

    The link says it’s for a $3 credit but the code only credits $2??!! Amazon owe’s us all a $1 credit!

  5. Pxys3 says:

    Type in Heart MP3 , it has a space between the words

  6. Derhart says:

    I couldn’t get it to work either…. ended up purchasing 2 songs not knowing it didn’t work….

  7. katie says:

    I’m not sure if its just me, but I can not get this code to work.

    • Evan says:

       I can’t get it to work, either. I get the error message: “There’s something wrong with the claim code you entered. Please try again.” I tried the code with all CAPS and without.

    • Anonymous says:

      Keep trying : )  We’ve heard reports that many people had to try multiple times to make it work. Let us know if you get it!

  8. Thank you thank you.. I surely need this.