This coupon is no longer available to print.

$1.00/1 – Cottonelle Bath Tissue, not valid on trial size – (

Bath tissue is something that a girl never wants to be without! This week you can grab a 12-count package of Cottonelle Bath Tissue for just $3.00 with a coupon stack at Walgreens! We have a new $1.00 manufacturer coupon to print. Pair it with a $1.00 store coupon, and you’ll score bath tissue for only $0.25 a roll.

Cottonelle Bath Tissue, 12 ct $5.00, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Cottonelle Bath Tissue, not valid on trial size – (
And use $1.00/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue, 12 ct from Walgreens July Savings Book
Final Price: $3.00 

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99 thoughts on “Gone: Cottonelle Bath Tissue, Only $3.00 at Walgreens!”

  1. Kathysuereck says:

    I just printed 2 of them.

  2. Jacob Ratliff says:

    If you go to the July Savings book you can find a coupon ($1) then if you download the Walgreens app there is a $1 coupon there then the $1 MFR coupon! = $2!!!!!!

  3. Amber says:

    coupon is available but only redeemable at walmart & on 18 pk or larger

  4. Creames says:

    This coupon is on 18 or more rolls.  Not what is offered for the $5.  There was a different one last week.  I did get that one used it.

  5. SCGrammy says:

    As of today, the Walmart site says the “coupon coming soon.”  When would you expect it to be up and running again?

  6. Snoman9002 says:

    wal mart vwebsite now says coupon coming soon?

  7. Shellylearea says:

    the site says coupon coming soon. Is there really a coupon?

  8. Samantha feagle says:

    how do you print out the coupon ? it onlys says “coupon coming soon”

  9. Christy Marz says:

    Has anyone been able to print the coupon?  When I click the link it tells me coupon coming soon and there is nothing available to print out.  I did find a coupon on Cottonelle’s website for $1.50 off one cottonelle toilet paper and one flushable moist wipes.  

  10. When I click the link to get the coupon it says coupon coming soon. Do i need to go somewhere else?

  11. Awinslowbey says:

    Can someone help me please!  When I go to walmart site it’s saying coupon coming soon, is there any other way to get the coupon?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Some of those Adler designer tp covers had high value $2/One 12ct+ of cottonelle tp manufacturer coupons inside (bought mine from CVS when they were free after ecbs). I used mine during a gas card deal so I don’t have the expiration date.

  13. Heatherv1831 says:

    can you still get this coupon. When I pull it up it just reads coupon coming soon. Please help.

  14. MRSAVER17 says:


  15. So when I click the link the page it takes me to says that the coupon is “coming soon”???

  16. Krazykoolkrislan says:

    When I clicked on the link it took me to, but the coupon says coming soon.  It will not let me print it or even click on it; is there another way to print this $1.00 coupon?  Thanks, Kendra from Tennessee ;)

  17. S_som92 says:

    anyone notice the “coupon coming soon” when you go to the link? seems like there isn’t available at the moment. Can anyone confirm this or is it just me?

  18. Freebristol609 says:

    When you click on the get coupon, it produces a screen with”coupon expired” all over it.

  19. UTBina06 says:

    it says Expired when you click on it.. BO…

  20. Betsync2002 says:

    can you use manufacturer coupon+ store coupon+ register reward for  1 item? thanks

  21. Bhbyrom05 says:

    Is any one still able to print this coupon? When I clicked on the link it said expired just wondering if it was doing it for anyone else.

  22. Betsync2002 says:

    hi everyone, you can go to cottonel website print $1.50 off + $1.00 walgreen coupon = $2.50 for 12 big roll.  like  2.5/193.2=0.01293

  23. I didn’t know about the $1 off coupon, but used the $.50 off coupon from last sunday newspaper and got them for $3.50 each.

  24. Spartan_62 says:

    I wish I knew about the $1 off coupon, but I still used the $.50 off coupon from the sunday newspaper and got them for $3.50 each.

  25. Bren says:

    When I hit print, my printer properties box came up so I could choose how many I wanted to print. Is it legit to use multiple prints of the coupon?

  26. Abigail Francisco says:

    At my Walgreens the packages are only $4!

  27. Poolside1 says:

    Would this be a great stockpile item?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a pretty good price for a good brand of bath tissue! I’d definitely buy a few : )

  28. Goodsully says:

    Went to Walgreen’s on my lunch today to do this deal.  Also got the EOS shave cream first using 2 $1 RR so paid 4. and got back 4 RR. Then used the $4 RR towards 2 of the Cottonelle 12 pks along with 2 $1 q’s and filled in with some notebook paper so only paid $2 for 24 rolls of tp!!  So involved in doing the deal that I forgot to buy something to eat for lunch!!

  29. JZ says:

    can someone tll me how to find and print these? the link sends me to walmart’s website and there is no link to any coupons.

    • Bitofhonee says:

      Yay I went to 2 different browers and I printed 4 also!

      • Jamie Stoaks says:

        You’ve gotta watch the specific coupon code number when printing multiple pdf files. If you print, close, then click/print again the codes will be different and you won’t get hassled for photocopying them. My Albertsons/ Walgreens in Meridian ID look @ these numbers and will nail you for it, if that is the case. I printed off 2 each off 6 computers and all had separate numbers. OTOH, if I choose to print more than one copy in the print window that isn’t the case.

      • JZ says:

        nvermind, apparently walmart is predjudiced to my laptop because it is showing up on my desktop just fine! strange.

      • JZ says:

         nevermind. apparently is predjudiced to my laptop because it is showing me the coupon on my desktop! strange.

  30. stacie says:

    .01563 cents a square foot.  I picked up some Scott 1,257.6 sq ft at CVS today for 7.49…came out to .00596 per sq ft.  My trio isn’t tp thrifty…we go .01:)

  31. jaqueen says:

    Sooooo disappointed…but I must do some follow-up with upper management.  I went to my local store here in North Florida to take advantage of this deal.  After the cashier rung up my items, she calls for management and one of their managers came & took the coupons I gave the cashier.  When he returned, he informed her that they could not accept the Kimberly Clark coupons because “they don’t have two bar codes.”  I was on my lunch break so I didn’t make a big deal about it; however I will be following up with their manager about this.  Has anyone had similar experiences at Walgreens or other stores?   

  32. Anonymous says:

    the cottonelle is on sale  at my wags for 2/$8. with the book and the coupon it makes them2/$4. not too bad. just got it today. but you did have to buy two to get the deal.

  33. nikkicats says:

    I’m saving mine to use @ Target next week when they are having the gift card deal when you buy two of the Cottonelle 12 mega rolls. You can also stack it with two $2 off Target q’s that you can get, this will make each pack $4.99 each after q’s and giftcards. I’m not sure of the square footage but I’ll check it out later and compare but I think it will work out pretty good especially since I don’t have a Costco within 1 hour of here so we don’t go very often.

  34. Jacob Ratliff says:

    Yay It’s a PDF! :-)

  35. Whammy84 says:

    The 12 double roll packs of Cottonelle have 230 sheets/roll (2760 sheets per package), but these Walgreens packs of 12 “large” rolls have 138 sheets/roll (1656 sheet per package).  So the Walgreens package of 12 “large” rolls really has only 7.2 double rolls.  Works out to $0.42 or the same as $5 for a 12 double rolls pack of Cottonelle.  I can frequently find 12 double rolls on sale for $5.99 and get it for $4.99 with $1 off coupon, so I dont think it is a great stock up deal.

  36. Christie says:

    I was able to print the coupon twice using two different browsers and, much to my surprise, each time it printed two coupons, so I ended up with 4!! Can I use all four with just one WAG coupon and still get the extra $1.00 off x4?

  37. Janetrn75 says:

    Spending waaaay tooo much time trying to download this coupon.  It is not on Walmart  site as stated and library computers block pop ups.. Any suggestions?

  38. Christie says:

    Where can I get the Walgreens coupon book?

    • Anonymous says:

      Usually at the front of the store where they have all the weekly ads. Mine are at a little stand with some reusable bags, umbrellas, weekly ads, and the monthly WG coupon book in a little holder.

    • SlinnAnna says:

      The coupon books sometime go pretty quickly. If they are not on a rack or stand at the front of the store just ask them to get one for you. Even if they are all out they usually keep one on the counter and they are usually happy to scan from that one for you.

  39. SlinnAnna says:

    I am planning to buy two of these and i am a little confused by walgreens. Will i need filler items since i will have more coupons than items? I believe they only scan the store coupon once even if you are buying two, so do i need just one filler or do i need two fillers items. Thanks to anybody that can help.

    • Anonymous says:

      Walgreens store coupons do not “count,” so you will not need a filler in this case. You can use one manufacturers coupon per item; no need to count the Walgreens coupon :)

      • SlinnAnna says:

        Thanks for the reply KristenMD and Daveyjai, I love this site you are all so great. Thanks again : )

    • Daveyjai says:

       The Walgreens coupon from their coupon book does not count against your number of items. Just the manufacturers ones you use.

  40. I was in there this a.m. (getting a movie from RedBox)…had a feeling there might be a “deal” because of all the tp stacked up by the front door….thank you, KCL,for always keeping us informed of great sales/coupons!!!!!  U R THE BEST!!!!!!!

  41. Wowsuzie says:

    I’m having trouble getting access to this coupon – the walmart screen is larger than my browser, so I can’t view or print the coupon, which I assume is on the outer edges of my screen??? Anyone else having problems?!!?!

  42. NANCY HOPPLE says:

    so which is it …WALGREENS OR WALMART ?  This old gal is confused. ;(

    • Agraham31 says:

      Print the coupon at and use it at Walgreens.  It is a manufacturer coupon so you can use it anywhere.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The MF Coupon that is linked above is on the walmart website.  Since it is a MF coupon you can use it any where.  So print it, and use it at Wags.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I just went and checked the KCL Stock up price list. Last updated JULY 2011, and TP was .13 – .20¢ a roll 
    I would say the the raise in cost of living the stock up price would now be about .20-.25 a roll
    So this deal would reflect that cost of living increase and be a stock up price now.

  44. Kaytay says:

    Will the cashier let you use the one in the savings book twice in the same transaction for 2 packages? 

    • the cashier will scan the store q once, but the price will be changed for as many packs as you buy!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It really depends on your cahier (due to my experience)…  A cashier once just scanned the coupon twice and I took my book home.  Another time the cashier ripped off my book and kept the coupon and I had to get another book for the second item and another one to take home…  :-/  Good thing they have lots of those books everywhere in the store!  :-P

  45. Anonymous says:

     had a bag of the purple in my stockpile, it says 157.2 square feet. hope that helps.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how many square feet this is? I’m guessing 232, but just wondering before I go there. I like to calculate by the square foot rather than by the roll, so if it is 232 square feet, $3 is (to me) not such a great price. Thanks!

    • Lauren.E.W says:

      It would be $.25 a roll and $.01 a square foot. That sounds GREAT to me lol

    • HerbertAJ says:


      • Anonymous says:

        The Blue I have is 193.2sf so / by $3.00 = .01552795 a sf.
        I think that is well worth it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I get 1593.7 square feet of toilet paper at Costco for $14.99, which works out to $0.0094/square foot, so that is still the better deal for me :) Appreciate you all saving me a trip to Walgreens!

          • Anonymous says:

            Do you get cottonelle at costco for that price? I used to buy the scott/kirkland, but i can’t use that brand anymore. It has become irritating…literally…

            • Anonymous says:

              No, that price is for the Kirkland brand toilet paper. I totally understand that some people prefer (or need) something a little more “plush” :) Kirkland is better, in my opinion than Scott, but definitely not as soft as some other brands. But the price is almost unbeatable, in my experience, and we have a septic system so I’m always a little leery of using anything too thick.

      • IG says:

        138 1-ply sheets per roll for the blue. 113 2-ply sheets per roll for the purple.  157.2 s.f. . So, you have to use more of the blue.

  47. JZ says:

    How do I print these coupons? The link just sends me to and there are no links for coupons.

  48. The coupon does not say Walgreens use only. It’s a manufacturer coupon.

  49. Anonymous says:

    isn’t there a $1.00 coupon on walgreens’ booklet as well?

  50. Jamminlb says:

    Is it Walgreens or Walmart?

  51. Bertie_78572 says:

    It’s a mf coupon not a Walmart q. I printed this one yesterday.

  52. Couponangel says:

    It’s a manufacturer’s coupon, so  you can use it anywhere…Walmart was just advertising….:)

  53. ZumbaTracie says:

    Says WalGREENS but when you go to the link it takes you to WalMART

    • sully says:

      print it its a manufacturer coupon.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a coupon found on the Walmart site, but it is a manufacturer coupon and good at Walgreens. : )

      • JZ says:

         how do I get this coupon? I keep getting sent to and I can’t find out how to print this. There are no links to any coupons on the page it sends me to. :[

  54. Gmbhansen says:

    you can use a $1 Walmart coupon at Walgreens?

    • Jadda says:

      It is a Kimberly Clark (manufacturer coupon) and lunckily doesn’t even say Walmart on it, hope this helps : )

  55. We also received a $1 off any one pack 9 rolls or higher in the North East you can use…