Pinecone Research is currently accepting new applicants. Available spots usually fill up very quickly, so if you are interested hurry and apply. Keep in mind when applying with this company that they are looking to fill certain demographics that we are not privy to. If  you weren’t accepted before, you may want to try again, as their openings are constantly changing.

This survey company is considered to be one of the best. I have used it myself and can attest to that. They have a great reputation for being reliable and offering consistent survey opportunities.  Occasionally, after you complete a product survey, Pinecone Research will mail you a product to test. Surveys typically pay $3.00 each, and payments are mailed to you or deposited into your Paypal account.

Applying is free and simple:

  • Go here to get started.
  • Answer a few screening questions.
  • If you meet the current recruitment needs, you will be re-directed to a signup page to finish your application.

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13 thoughts on “Join Now! Pinecone Research is Accepting Applications!”

  1. Kassy says:

    I’m hispanic, so of course I don’t qualify.

    • Cheese5585 says:

       I’m not hispanic and I didn’t qualify.. so now the question is whether they care how old you are or if you went to college.

      • ColdNovember85 says:

        I’m 26, not hispanic, and went to college. Didn’t qualify either :(

        • Asbaltic says:

          I didnt qualify, but someone else I know did, they were 18-24 age group, completed high school and not hispanic.

  2. Vikkiwilkins says:

    Did not qualify either

  3. Samantha Harding says:

    I LOVE this place, they pay $3 everytime, none of that crap where you fill out the survey then they say you didnt qualify, these people are great, they pay within a day or so too striaght into your paypal account, if you dint qualify today keep checking back.

  4. sully says:

    i qualify.

    • Ginjiroww says:

      please tell me the way how you can qualify

      • sully says:

        i just answer the 3 questions and it said that i qualified.i guess how you answer those three questions determines if you qualified or not. i think the three questions was your sex, your race, and education level. 

  5. i didn’t qualify either. :( i was signed up with them a few years ago, but just suddenly stopped getting surveys from them :( i miss it too.

  6. Kofisam07 says:

    made it!! I’m new to all this :)

  7. Anna says:

    I did not qualify either :(

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tip but I did not qualify.  They asked age, education, and ethnicity.