$1.00/2 – Milky Way Brand Singles Bars, 1.76-2.05 oz – (couponnetwork.com)


Free chocolate is definitely one of my favorite perks of couponing! Last week we saw lots of sweet treats for cheap: Haribo at Walgreens, Jolly Ranchers at Rite Aid, and Skittles at CVS!  This week at Rite Aid, all singe serve candy bars are $0.50 each when you buy 2. That’s a prefect sale price when you have a $1.00 off two coupon! Print this coupon and score this tasty deal.

Buy 2 Milky Way Single Serve Chocolate Bars, 1.76-2.05 oz $0.50 each, when you buy 2
Use one $1.00/2 – Milky Way Brand Singles Bars, 1.76-2.05 oz – (couponnetwork.com)
Final Price: Free when you buy 2 

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37 thoughts on “Free Milky Way Chocolate Bars at Rite Aid!”

  1. Purple13 says:

    Is this coupon still available? Won’t have access to a printer until tomorrow. I checked and couldn’t find it on the web site, but maybe I missed it? I checked the first few pages!

  2. Ncmom50 says:

    Went to my Rite Aid today and they had the same coupon posted with a sign saying they would not accept them.  i was told that it was corporate wide and no store should be taking them.  Big bummer.

    • Brikri13 says:

      I got 4 at my Rite Aid today without any problems. There weren’t any signs posted that said they would’t accept them.

    • Tricia0468 says:

      You store way LYING.  They probably decided that they didn’t want to take the coupons and made up the corporate part.  The only way that Corporate would make that policy is if they were a proven fraudulant and that is not the case.  Your store is obviously ignorant to the fact that their company MAKES money on the coupons, plus the sales of the products help the store managers bonuses. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Of note.. I get the same issue when using a printed MFQ at rite aide. I just went to rite aide last night to get the revlon nail polishes and used their own adperk coupon, for some reason it beeped… I don’t know if it’s because it’s a printed coupon but they were nice enough to input the coupon.. and i had about 12 items which he keyed in each printed coupon for.
    So if you get a nasty cashier, I would either call for manager or go to another rite aide. Don’t let them insult you with their comments or make you feel intimidated. It’s rare but there are nice cashiers out there.

  4. lav12345 says:

    Why can’t i print the coupons from the couponnetwork.com?

  5. Tabagail830 says:

    the rite aid i went to would not let me use them at all she said that i copied them because the bar code was the same i printed them off the web they we not copied 

  6. Ladyjoslyn25 says:

    I used mine at Safeway. Safeway most times has their candy on sale B2G2free which would normally make them $0.50 each but with this coupon it makes all of them free! Great Deal on my favorite Candy Bar!!! Woot Woot!

  7. Garycubby says:

    It all depends on the cashier and/or manager.  I went to the same Rite Aid store twice on separate occasions, and one manager let it through after reading the fine print.  Another manager, the worst one I’ve ever encountered, didn’t bother to look at the coupon- he says if the register says no match, then they can’t accept it. I just have to go when he’s not working.

  8. bchrist36 says:

    How do I use the Rite Aid coupon at Walmart?

  9. B Christensen says:

    How do I use say a Rite-Aid coupon for Walmart like the Milky Way coupon?

  10. Sarita says:

    Hey guys this might sound weird but the cashier I spoke to refused the coupon entirely. He was very nice about it and just said “Oh sorry you can’t use this coupon because the candy is already 2/$1 and I can’t just pay you for taking the candy, you know what I mean?” It was my first time shopping there and they were almost closed so I just said okay and paid the $1 (still a good deal for candy that’s normally .99). But I still don’t understand. I should have been able to use that coupon still right? 

    • Your cashier was absolutely incorrect in telling you that. A coupon is considered a form of tender. The store is reimbursed the full value of the coupon and then some if they’re sent in for redemption correctly. He is not, nor is the store “paying you” anything for using the coupons to get your items and just because you’re getting them for free, doesn’t mean you’re stealing either. I’m sorry that happened to you.

      • Sarita says:

        Thanks so much for replying. That was the first time I tried to get something free after coupon and when that happened I was just kind of phased about the whole thing. I feel better about that now. :)

  11. Blueeyetoots says:

    Is there always a limit of just letting you print only 2 coupons?

  12. Debturner10 says:

    My Rite Aid also had trouble with the coupons.  They would not take them. Bonney Lake, Washington.  Maybe at another store.

  13. Sgawell says:

    You can print the coupon twice. :) 4 free Milky Way bars!

  14. Squirtme25 says:

    My meijer also had them today for 2/$1.00! They weren’t flagged on sale, I was just going to pay the .79 each and use the coupon, but when they rang them up they were .50!

  15. jason says:

    most of the coupons i use at rite aid either beep or don’t scan.  the cashiers are pretty nice though, as they’ll manually enter the coupon and just get the manager override to finish the transaction.

    • Same goes for me!
      I’ve noticed that a lot of the CouponNetwork coupons have been beeping for me.
      But like you said, my cashiers are all pretty nice, too, so they’ll manually enter them.

  16. Stacie says:

    These coupons beeped (which half of the coupons I use at Rite Aid beep).  The cashier would not let me use them on the regular Milky Way cause the picture only showed the caramel Milky Way.  I just had all 8 I was buying removed.  Sigh….

    • The coupon says “ANY 2 Milky Way Brand Singles.” I’m sorry they wouldn’t accept your coupons! Maybe try again or try a different Rite Aid. 

    • Stephanielogsdon says:

      I price matched at Walmart. All 18 of my coupons beeped, but she sent them through, I got 36 candy bars for just over $2!!!!!

      • betsy says:

        hello, how you price matched at walmart? you show them the rite aid  ad? i haven’t try that before. thanks

      • Lnunemaker says:

        HI!!  How were you able to get 18 coupons for the same produc?  I’ve tried that before and they always tell me that I have reached my limit.  I’m new to all this couponing stuff.  Thanks

        • Tricia0468 says:

          Multiple computers.  On 1 computer you should be able to print (2) .1.00/2 coupons on the Facebook link and then go back and print (2) .75/2 coupons from Coupon Network.  That is enough for 8 candy bars.

          • Robin says:

             Right….so that’s 4 coupons.  I think the question is how she would get 18 coupons….?

            • Tricia0468 says:

              More than 1 computer.  I have 3 computers in my house.  The coupons I was talking about are no longer available and now there is just a $1/2 coupon on CN so that also adds 4 more bars to the total.

    • Anonymous says:

       My coupons for this item also beeped when they were scanned, but the cashier input them manually.

      The problem with this is that, at Rite Aid, when a coupon does not scan and they input it manually, they have to get a Manager approval – which means waiting for someone to come up and approve the sale. 

      It’s not a big deal at my Rite Aid store, as they know us there, but I can see where some inexperienced cashiers might not want to put the coupons through.

    • Anonymous says:

      me too.. then they said they could put them in manually but they would only let me use one because they think that one per purchase means i’m only allowed to use one coupon. i could not convince them otherwise.. so i took them off.. lol ohhh well

  17. Tricia0468 says:

    Just FYI  the coupons are beeping as “no matching item.”  I also had manufacturers from a display at Safeway that beeped.  Rite-Aid has some major issues with coupons.

    • Anonymous says:

       I had found some manufacturers coupons from another store that were $1.00 off 2 Skittles or Starburst products that I used at Rite Aid this morning.  They beeped, but the cashier input them manually.

      Gotta love free candy.  :-)

  18. Anonymous says:

    I love free candy, last week I stocked up on the cheap Skittles and Starburst. :)