As a Krazy Couponer, I go through a lot more ink and paper than I used to (gotta have those coupons). So it’s more important than ever to make sure I’m getting the best price possible on ink.

I thought I was getting a good deal on ink for my Canon by ordering from the manufacturer. They charged around $16 per cartridge, which is a few dollars cheaper than I could get at Walmart. Then I found something even better. I now get ink cartridges for $4.78 each! I order my ink online at

Why so cheap? They sell compatible ink cartridges, which basically means they aren’t name-brand, but they work just the same. They even have the ink level indicator chip in them so my printer knows how much ink is left. Their cartridges come with a 2-year satisfaction guarantee.

How to order:

  1. Head to InkFarm.
  2. Search for your printer.
  3. Select the colors and quantities you want to buy.
  4. Add them to your cart.
  5. Click “checkout” – You don’t have to register to place an order
  6. Enter your shipping and payment information.
  7. Receive your ink in 1-2 days in most cases.
This has been a guest post by Becca from Garland, TX
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68 thoughts on “Cheap Ink: How to Save a Bundle on Printer Cartridges”

  1. Bucktuskl says:

    Even the Inkfarm cartridges are $19 for my printer.  Am I missing something?  

  2. JM says:

    Using a remanufactured or compatible ink cartridge does NOT void your printer warranty! There’s a law about it. Read about it here:

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you go to website they also have coupons that work on this site, I got an extra 20percent off using the one that states, “ILOVEINKFARM”, even with the weekend special saving and free shipping it added the extra 20 percent off, I always check this site with all my online shopping and it usually pays off, 

  4. Bowtiepride says:

    I was so excited because I usually can’t find my Epson ink anywhere besides Office Max, then I checked the price and they were only $1 cheaper. Not a great deal:(

  5. Bigdaddy says:

    I bought 4-88 XL cartridges for my HP in January for around $25.00. They weren’t liquid inside did not work at all what a rip off. I always look for deals, I would never use or recommend the Ink Farm!!!!!!!!

  6. WOW! That is cheaper than Staple’s — even with my Staple’s Rewards. Canon 8 is 5.36, and Staple’s charge for the same is 15.99 (although SW money is applied against that).  That’s a 33.5% savings. Good job, KK ladies! I am not worthy.

  7. michelle smith says:

    why is it that when i want to buy only 1 it costs 21 dollars?

  8. Lkg says:

    If you get a message about your cartridge being expired, just change the year in the date on your computer and it should work! Works on my HP!

  9. Mama1lu says:

    Just spent less that half of what I would normally spend on ink refills for my Lexmark S305.  If they are as good as you and they claim I am in ink heaven!

  10. Pootski says:

    Sams Club sells the lexmark cartridges ……work fine for me

  11. Pootski says:

    I got the same cartridges from inkfarm…..they do not work in a lexmark pro705. sorry

  12. Tracy K. says:

    I might have to look into that, but I just got a two pack of ink for my old HP. $41 at Walmart. : { The ink was showing it was low for literally 8 months before I had to actually change it. That’s with always using the HPs. They’re just not accurate as to ink level anyway.

  13. For my printer, they only have Canon REMANUFACTURED ink and it’s not much cheaper….I wish I could find cheap ink.  I’m a couponer, I’m in school and I have three kids. And I’m out of ink NOW!

    • What model Canon printer do you have? Staples has there own brand of compatible inkjet cartridges for many Canon printers. I have an iP3000 Canon printer and have been using them for yrs. (cross my fingers – no problems) The current instore price for my black is $15.49 and the colors are $13.49. They will also price match their online price as long as you have printed out the page the day that you shop. Recently, their online price for black was $16.49 and the colors were $12.99.

    • Karenj67 says:

       Check out  Best price I have found, so far & there are always coupon codes for $ off with free shipping.

  14. Randi says:

    Ugh Of course my printer cartridge costs $19 on that site! Didn’t work for me

  15. Anntots says:

    I have been using my HP PhotoSmart 8200 series for the past 6yrs and have not encountered any problem (ink cartridge #2). I set my preference to “normal draft” to save more ink. I tried to set on “draft” mode, but the coupon barcode won’t printed straight. To save more, I recycle my empty artridge at staples to get a $2/per cartridge (max 10/month). I also take advantage of their rewards, and use that reward for inks. Since my inks will not gonna get empty all at the same time, I’m gonna buy the color that I need…..and so on. That way, it’s gonna keep going alternatively.

    Also, try a trial and error to your printer. 1) Try setting your printer to gray scale or black and white while doing this (set it back to color after you’re done). 2) Go to “” or “” and try to select one coupon (the ones that uou are not going to use, or don’t need). 3) Listen to your printer when it is starting to print, and time it (start with 3sec), and click the “cancel” button. 4) Check the coupon on how far it printed in 3seconds. Then try it in 4, 5, or 6seconds. Since my printer is pretty old, it takes 6seconds to print one coupon, before going 7sec, I click cancel.

    Proper timing is important to avoid printing the rest of the ad especially coupons from facebook. Coupons will gonna print the same unless the coupon will gonna print after the ad. The setting is also the same as the smartsource website…in my case. “Coupon network” will print at the middle, same as Target coupon. If you print select 3 coupons at Target website, it will print 3 coupons in one sheet.

    I hope this can help and give you some ideas on how to save ink since we all know how expensive it is =)

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have a Canon and recently bought cartridges from this company. It was a bit cheaper than getting it locally but definitely not that cheap!

  17. Cruzvw says:

    16.50 for black and more for the color one is too much for my MX410. nope not for me! 

  18. Danielle Babin says:

    so awesome… i even found a great coupon code for them type in iheartinkfarm  in the promo code box and you save 20% and free shipping!!!!  

  19. Mary Olivia says:

    I bought the Gigablock CIS ink system from amazon..Spent $82.00 .. I have been using it since April (2012) and still have full inks… It is the coolest thing ever… I print tons of stuff with it.. the replacement ink is around $30 shipped for the small bottles of all colors included…. I imagine that the bottles will last me for a year or more…I had no problems installing… So far the best money I ever spent…

  20. I agree with others about being careful/warey of non OEM inks….   I had a $200 printer ruined and unable to be fixed by using a non OEM ink…..   expensive lesson learned

  21. Jessica says:

    Mine are cheaper at Target.  I have a epson printer.

  22. Katrinaw2007 says:

    I found an even better deal at “”.  I am a professional photographer and use their compatible ink brands for printing on my pro photo paper and get awewome results.  You can get free shipping and they offer lots of discounts via email sign up.  When you buy in quantities, you can save lots of money even up to $2-$3 a cartridge.  I also have an HP printer and have never had a problem with the indicator for low levels or acceptance of a non HP ink cartridge.  You can get the cartridges with the computer chip ( my printer uses these).  I am 500% satisfied with “”.

  23. Guest says:

    Thank you Thank you THANK YOU. I just ordered 4 ink cartridges for what I pay for one at Staples. 

  24. jennasaves says:

    The cartridges for my printer are $20 on this site! seems a little expensive for discount ink, maybe it’s because I have a printer that is about 5 years old? Has anyone bought printer ink off ebay?

    • Anonymous says:

      I bought from ebay for my Kodak ESP 5200 and when I’d print i would like bleed and the coupons would come out blury. the coupons never would scan anywhere. I ended up having to throw them out. I only paid like $5 but still.

    • Sarah Rossi says:

      I have purchased the Dell NextLife refills for my HP.  They have worked just fine.  I have just purchased a refill kit from Amazon and I am going to try to refill them myself. 
      I also purchased a refill for my Brother Laser printer from ebay without any problems.  I use the laser printer for my coupons and the kids use the inkjet for school projects. 

  25. jason says:

    i usually buy an inkjet refill kit.  one box is good for around 3-4 refills.  at $10-12 a box it comes to around $3-4 a refill.  will only buy a new (and by new i mean refurbished) cartridge when these ones i’ve reused 3 times already get worn out.

    the price of printer ink is ridiculous!

  26. Sam says:

    I actually have ours refilled at Costco for  $4.99…..and it reads just fine in the printer.

    • Maria says:

      I’ve been using the Costco refills for my HP for the past few months without any problems. 

  27. Lrhymes says:

    So dissappointed.  They never have my Lexmark cartrage 36 &37.  Can’t refill at walgreens or officemax.   

    • Ashley Black says:

       I used to use these cartridges. til my printer stopped working. we would get the 36 XL cartridges and it lasted 3 months. They still cost like $30 bucks but better than getting the regular cartridges.

    • couponconnie says:

      I see they do have the 36 but it is $27+ so still cheaper at amazon (if you have free prime shipping).

  28. Jsu1667k says:

    There is a code for 20% off plus free shipping on  ILOVEINKFARM

  29. I actually find brand name cartgs. on Ebay for reasonalble prices. Have been buying there for years.

  30. Lsbemis says:

    Does this void the warranty on the printer if you don’t use HP ink in the HP printers?

    • Gmwood69 says:

      Yes, it does. I was using a store brand for HP and after about six months the printerhead went bad. Your HP printer will give you this message everytime you install a non HP brand ink Was it really the ink that caused the problem? I don’t know but I ended up having to buy a new printer because right now that was cheaper then getting the other one fixed.

      I kind of think it is a bit of a scam and the ink is fine to use. I think the printer companies say these things so you have to spend more money but I am still not willing to try a different ink again right now.

      Has anyone else had any problems?

    • Adphelps says:

       yes it does.. that’s why i posted the comment earlier.. my parents found out the hard way.. they leak, they can damage your stuff.

      • Lsbemis says:

         Thanks for the confirmation.  I was pretty sure that was the case.  Not willing to take the chance.

  31. Sooz says:

    Walmart was cheaper for us for our cartridges. Darn!

  32. I don’t want to be a killjoy but I will forewarm everyone that most so called compatible inkjet cartridges are refills which tend to not get the same yield as an OEM and when they leak, they can cause a lot of damage to your printer. Be careful…

  33. Orangecat8672 says:

    darn I have an HP Deskjet F300 anyone have problems with their HP using these cartridges? 

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not have that model of HP, but I have an HP printer/scanner, and I had trouble using a re-manufactured cartridge :(

  34. Ton Teezy says:

    Thanks for this tip!  Much appreciated.

  35. Desi Crowder says:

    Check amazon, they have the same type of compatible ink cartridges, but way cheaper than that (depending on what ink your printer uses) I have a canon and I get the entire set of 5 cartridges for $8.50. I have amazon prime so free shipping also. :)

  36. Brp725 says:

    And even better when you are done using these you can take them to staples and get $2 staples rewards for each one.  :)

  37. Adphelps says:

    The only problem i have is that hp doesn’t recognize other cartridges most times. :(

    • Jesika says:

      If you notice that the ink gauge displays low or no ink level, DO NOT be alarmed. This is very common because you are using a Re-Manufactured cartridge. Note that these cartridges have been fully re-filled. Unfortunately, we are not able to reset the ink level due to CANON design. Therefore, you may receive low empty/ink level indications and messages. These are NOT accurate. When sending a print job, if you are prompt with an empty/low ink message, you can simply bypass the message by pressing and holding down the STOP/RESET or RESUME button for 10 seconds and then releasing it. It should now continue printing.

      • Jesika says:

        worth a try anyway :) I just copy n pasted an email I got cause I was having troubles as well

      • EchosOfGreen says:

        u can also go to and buy a re-setter mechanism for only a few bucks and reset all your cartridges to full. if u want 2 go even cheaper buy a refill kit for all your colors & with the syringe provided, “fill” your cartridges your self.. even cheaper yet. but do NOT over fill makes a mess of the insides of your printer.

      • Adphelps says:

         but then if you don’t use hp cartridges it will void the warrenty in mine.

        • Jesika says:

          ah mines out of warrenty… sorry! Just copied n pasted an email I got when I had probs :)

        • I rec’d an email from Staples that says they have a deal going on on HP ink this wk. – buy 2 get 1 free. I have a Canon iP3000 and buy Staples brand compatible cartridges for it. I’ve been buying those for many yrs. They are cheaper than the Canon brand and they do hold a little more ink.

      • i have an epson with the same message issue.  do you know how to bypass it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed!! I bought a cartridge on Amazon that was “compatible” with my HP printer…well, it wouldn’t recognize when I popped it in and it was useless. I just gave up and got my geniune HP cartridge refilled at Walgreens.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, that happened in our HP printer. The re-manufactured cartridge worked for a bit, but after some time had passed (not enough to have used up all the ink), it would not allow us to print anymore. There was no way to bypass the message either :( We realized we can get our ink cartridge refilled at Costco for $9.99 (for the XL size … I think the regular size may be $7.99), so that’s not a terrible deal I guess.