This week only, head to Toys R Us where you can pick up a 24 pack of Crayola Crayons for just $0.25 each, no coupons required! You must buy 4. I wasn’t able to find a limit but I’m sure each store will have one. This deal is available in-store only.

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37 thoughts on “Crayola Crayons, Only $0.25 at Toys R Us!”

  1. Stellar deal!  I will head over tomorrow and get at least 4 boxes!  I love the smell of new crayons!!! 

  2. bubblez says:

    the toys r  us here are priced at 1.29

  3. Mayrac88 says:

    they told me at my walmart I was only able to get 4… can they do that?

  4. Lilmekikya says:

    there is no limit, the chick at the check out told me…i bought over 50 since i work at a hospital

  5. Dkgmus says:

    this r .25 at my local walmart too

  6. lori says:

    i was able to use happy birthday $3 off for 3.oo. Which I pick up 12 boxes for totally free. I finding out laterly going out resturant running out of crayons. After couple times of that i bring my own just incase my 2 year old always keep asking the waitress to color. I noticed she not coloring at restuarant she needs to get home to color. I wonder what the lowest price will be the washable crayons. just a amazing to use at home.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I hate to ask this question, but I need to know. Will Walmart pr.match when the nearest toys r us store is 2 hrs away? And I dont have a written ad? thank you

    • Myrah422 says:

      You need to call your Walmart.  Just ask them if they will price match a toys r us ad and also ask if you need a circular.  Even though Walmart’s price ad match policy says that you do NOT need to bring in a circular, my specific Walmart will NOT price match without one.  They just told me to print out the page from online.  I did that with the crayola crayons yesterday and I didn’t have a problem.  HTH

  8. Anonymous says:

    They are also doing the buy a backpack get a lunchbox free. Plus you can get insurance on the backpack. If anything breaks on it they will give a giftcard for a new one. My daughter definalty needed that on hers.

  9. Eryn says:

    Just bought 60 boxes (I’m a teacher) via price matching at Wal-Mart.  Easy as pie! :)

  10. Janelle King says:

    Does anyone happen to know if 24 packs of Crayola Crayons will go any cheaper than 25 cents?? This is my first “back to school” season as a couponer and am not sure what to expect. Thanks a bunch!

  11. AllieB2380 says:

    Thanks! I just picked up 12 boxes for the kids at our local homeless shelter. I appreciate the info!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Im from washington i bought 9 at 10 cents with tax it was a dollar its a great coupon

  13. Cheryl says:

    I just got mine… limit…I’m a teacher so I got 32 and they didn’t say anything about it.  It wasn’t advertised at my location, no sign… I asked for an ad to make sure they were on sale before checking out.

  14. shutupmeg says:

    store near me was almost wiped out. was able to get 12 for our afterschool program.

  15. Davina says:

    I got 32 boxes as well.  Will use them as donations to my children’s classrooms when school starts as well as their after school care.  There were plenty left as the sale only started yesterday but I would hurry over and not wait until the end of the week.  Last time there were none left by the time I made it over there.

  16. Wisetm says:

    There was no limit at my store.  I am a teacher so I got 32

  17. Barton Z says:

    on my way!

  18. Is the price in print? Not close to a ToyRUs, would love to pm to WalMart.

  19. Laura says:

    There’s no limit – I bought 400 boxes yesterday. It was for Operation Christmas Child and they had TONS of cartons in the back, so there was no shelf clearing – just a great deal for an awesome cause. :)

  20. Ilese says:

    I don’t under$1stand the sale. Is it buy 4 in order to pay .25 cents? So is it a $1 total? 4/$1

  21. MDeniseJ says:

    Yay, this deal is back again.  

  22. Kddavis228 says:

    Great for donations – thanks!

  23. Anonymous says:

    so u have to buy 4 to get them for 25 cents