This coupon is no longer available to print.

$1.00/3 – Purell products, any – (

With all the back-to-school deals going on, you should be adding to your stockpile a little bit each week. This week at Office Max, the half ounce Purell Hand Sanitizer is only $0.10 each! You can buy 6 at the $0.10 price, and each additional bottle will be $0.49. As if $0.10 each wasn’t good enough, Purell has a coupon available that saves you $1.00 on any 3 Purell Products. That equals FREE Purell!

Purell Hand Sanitizer, 0.5 oz $0.10, limit 6, sale price through 7/21
Use $1.00/3 – Purell products, any – (
Final Price: Free, when you buy 3

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47 thoughts on “Gone: Free Purell Hand Sanitizer at Office Max!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Went into Office Max yesterday with this coupon (Thornton, Colorado). The cashier would not let me use it and acted as if it was an affront to common decency that I attempt to use this. Manager came and said I couldn’t use a coupon with an advertised sale. I asked him specifically if this was corporate policy. he said yes. Miffed, I went to my car and called corporate. They agreed that they will not take manufacturer coupons and combine them with a sale, it’s one or the other. Frustrating to say the least, and it makes no sense as they would be reimbursed by the manufacturer. to those of you who got this deal, more power to you!

  2. Luv2saveall says:

    Office Max wouldn’t take my coupon :(

  3. I too had trouble at Office Max with this deal.  The cashier rang me up and I questioned if she had put the coupons in correctly because they did a crazy beep when she scanned them.  She assured me she had taken off the $2.00 manually (I had other things in my cart so I wasn’t sure about the total).  So sure enough, I look at the receipt and there was nothing deducted.  So I got back in line and after 2 cashiers who couldn’t figure it out, I finally got them to at least credit me the amount of the hand sanitizers.  No overage for me, but at least I got the Purell free.  When I got home and looked in the bag, she had put the coupons in there with my receipt.  I doubt I’m brave enough to try again!!!

  4. Jay Pogach says:

    Hey I can’t find the coupon on Purell’s site, has it reached print limit?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, the coupon is no longer there…the only one I see is the 8 oz. coupon.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my this has been the MOST fun I have had couponing!  NOT!!  These people at office max have irritated me, I actually sent a letter off to corporate on this one.  He came up with every excuse in the book that they could not take my coupon. Everything from “it says in the ad we dont accept coupons on that item” to “the coupon says Food, drug and discount stores we are not that.  That would be walmart or target”  I warned him i would be sending a letter off to corporate.  I got in my car and left, 3 minutes later my phone rings and guess who it was….yes the office max guy saying his district leader said they could do it.  Went back today and got a different guy.  Literally took me 15 minutes to buy 7 purell for .18.  But now I am just irritated so i WILL be going back again tomorrow just for the fun.  BTW  i did go to another office max WITHOUT any hassle at all with buying the 6 @ .10 and 1 @ .49 total was .17.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Got these at my commissary. I knew where they were located since last time I went. But I went today and they moved them! I was able to find them in the far corner of the store.

  8. Beth Crutcher says:

    Office Max in Central Illinois said they couldn’t accept coupons for quantity controlled items, but I haven’t been able to find a coupon policy online :( 

  9. Marguerite Pina says:

    Although, my local (GA) store did not have the same price (10 cents) they honored based upon me showing the price off the KCL website from my phone. (WOW smartphone is amazing). I got 6 hand sant. for 6 cents, I had to pay the Ga tax.

  10. Osmondmom says:

    Tried this yesterday and office max would not allow me to use these coupons and get the overage. They said it was like them having to pay me for them. I tried explaining I was purchasing other products and they would owe me nothing I yet in fact was still going to owe them. What a hassle! Just sucked it up and gave them the $.60 and called it good.

  11. These were $0.49 each at the store I went to. The cashier did know how to take off coupons. I ended up just returning what I got.

  12. Leanna says:

    My office max let me use it and also gave me overage!  I don’t think they get maunfacturer’s coupons often though because the cashier didn’t know how to enter it and had to ask for help.  I got 2 packs of sharpie highlighters for $1 each, 1 pack of expo dry erase markers at $3, 3 purells at $.10 each and a 12 pack of pencils for $1.  Total is $6.10 before tax – $5 office max coupon when you buy 3 sharpie or expo items and – $1 purell coupon.  Total was $0.41 after tax!!!  Pretty good if you ask me.  The $5 coupon was on a tear pad on the sharpie/expo display at the front of the store.

    • Shari says:

       I went to office max, and because the item was already on sale, they would not take the coupon. I called Corp and they said the same thing… if I want to use the coupon, I would have pay full price for the item. Staples matches prices, so that might be an option if office max wont take the coupon.

      • Jenn says:

        Actually the coupon policy isn’t published to the public; however, the policy on MFCs is that it has to have a scan-able bar code, the coupon cannot exceed the price of the product (can be adjusted down), and the customer pays the tax if the coupon states this verbiage.  Also, OfficeMax price matches their website as well as other stores.  If you want this deal, then find an ad from an area that has it going on (do this online), print it out, and take it in to your store, and ask them to price match!  Hope this helps everyone!

        • Anonymous says:

          the barcode is scannable, its just not in their system.  Sounds to me like they are coupon user haters!

  13. I didnt bother with the coupon, but I had each one of my children ring up separately, we got 18 for $1.95 :)

    • Mmc658 says:

      I got the 6, didn’t bother with the coupon. However I did use their in store coupon on expo and sharpie products. I got one pack of highlighters and 2 of dry erase markers for $2 total. That made my day since I am a teacher and My Staples has been out of everything lately!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Here’s how my OfficeMax let me do it:
    Buy 7 Hand Sanitizers, $1.09 (6 * $.10, 1 * $.49)
    Use 1 $1/3 coupon
    Pay $0.09 + tax

    • Anonymous says:

      I tried to do that, but they said that their register didn’t even recognize the coupon, so they can’t take it. They said it was because the coupon was only for larger bottles. I explained to them that there were no size restrictions, but they didn’t seem to care to try to do it manually. I was very frustrated, especially since I waited in line patiently while a very slow cashier rang up other customers, and then I left the store with nothing. They acted like I didn’t understand, but I told them no, apparently OfficeMax doesn’t understand how coupons work.

  15. So the coupon says save $100 on 3 or more so wouldn’t the best deal be to buy all 6 and only use one coupon?  Or buy 7 and only pay $.09?  And does OfficeMax have a coupon policy?  I didn’t see one listed on the site

  16. HYANG_10 says:

    so from what im understanding, this deal WILL NOT work because office max will NOT take mf coupons?!

  17. Roger930 says:

    Just finished at my office max in the Sacramento, California area. Sometimes I wonder if deals are worth the hassle, but I got it anyway. The cashier messed up on entering something so she had to call over the manager. The manager told me since the coupon said “one per purchase”
    that I could only use one coupon in that transaction. When I started explaining the difference he said “just let her use it”. A bit of a hassle, but I ended up getting 2 bags of Skittles and 6 mini hand sanitizers for $0.05.

  18. Evelyn says:

    I went yesterday and the manager said the 0.5oz bottles were 49 cents each not 10 cents. He said he checked on the Office Max website etc and then he came back and told me that unfortunately he could not give them to me for 10 cents. And then he gave me his managers business card to call and speak with her since sh was not there. What a waste of time.

    Question… how does KCL know of this 10 cent deal and Office Max employees don’t?

  19. NiaLee says:

    I printed these coupons for a later sale. This deal wasn’t in the Atlanta Journal and Consitution this week. :(

  20. Couponsforrena says:

    I just did this at my office max in Florida. The cashier was confused and didn’t think they could adjust the amount of the coupon downward, since my total with tax was $.64. The manager came up, and without asking added four more bottles at full price to my purchase, which brought it up to $2.19, and then took off a dollar. I explained that this was not what I wanted, so she started over, re-rang my original 6, and finally adjusted the coupon downward so that my purchase was free. So yes, they will accept the coupon, and will adjust it, but you may have to be a little persistent. :)

  21. lnmnm says:

    Not available at Walmart in NorCal.  They do carry the travel size which is 2 oz., so I can’t even imagine how small the .5 oz bottle is – or whether it is even worth it.

    • Hols Fischer says:

      I work .5 miles from an OfficeMax (almost on my way home), so it is totally worth it for me. But if you have to go out of your way… I’d spend my time on the Target deal sully mentioned :)

    • Anonymous says:

      yea, LOL its like a purell shot!  so totally not worth it if you are having to drive to an office max.  BUT since mine is right across the street its cool.  I am picking them up to get some brownie points with my bf’s kids teacher.

  22. Kue says:

    I just did thIs deal. The manager adjusted the coupon down so I only paid $0.03 tax for 6.

    • Redtinkerbell3200 says:

      I also went to office max today and the cashier did not know how to adjust the coupon since each sanitizer was only $.10 and the coupon was $1.00 off 3 so I also had the $1.00 binders (3 of these) that were also on sale and she adjusted $2 off my total since I had 2 coupons, so with the glue, hand sanitizers, pens and the binders my total was under $5 ( I got the max number allowed for each).

  23. Jenn says:

    During Back-to-School, OfficeMax has different flyers depending on when your public schools start the new school year.  If it isn’t in your ad this week, it may be in an ad within a couple of weeks.  Make sure you look for it!  Hope this helps fix the confusion!

  24. CC says:

    Hi Kira
    I was looking at my ad and could not find the Purell anywhere and i just saw online that not everyone got same ad, I am In Arizona and our add does not have the same deals as other states.
    Hope that helps : )

    • Yearofthecat1974 says:

      I’m in Kennesaw, Ga and they didn’t have the deal either.

    • Kira says:

       Thank you for your response.  I was feeling like a total idiot!  I think I looked through the ad at least a dozen times.  Again, thanks for helping me out.  :)

  25. anyone had any luck using this at Office Max? I can’t see it on the add either for pricematching.

  26. Kira says:

    I’m not sure if I am just blind, but I can’t find this in the weekly ad for Office Max.  Any advice on where to look for it, which page it’s on, etc?  Thanks!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Another way would be to price match at Walmart. They would be with free with $0.70 overage. That’s if they carry 0.5 oz size.

  28. mary says:

    i asked the manager if i could use this coupon and she said no. what is officemax coupon policy?

    • C Cropper says:

      you could always price match at Walmart if you have one nearby…. :)

      • mary says:

         yes i went to walmart but they only carried the 1oz. for 1.99. thanks though

        • sully says:

          you can get the 8oz purrel with a bonus trial size for .99C at target. they are 2.99 use a 1/1 manufacturer and 1/1 target both printable coupons. and get it for only .99C i found mine in the back to school section they were kind of hidden all the way in the back. and they have 1/1 coupons inside. the manufacturer can be found in their website