This coupon is no longer available to print.

$2.00/1 – Zebra Pen Writing Instrument – ( 

Wow! Hurry in to Staples this week to grab some free pens! I know that I’ll be going, because pens have a way of disappearing at my house. All my pens and single socks must be having a party somewhere because I can’t find them! Head to the All You website to print a $2.00 coupon for any Zebra Pen writing instrument and search under All You Exclusives to find the coupon quickly. Staples has a five-pack of Zebra pens on sale for just $1.00, so use your coupon to score them for free!

Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Pens, 5 ct $1.00, sale price through 7/21
Use $2.00/1 – Zebra Pen Writing Instrument – ( 
Final Price: Free 

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131 thoughts on “Gone: Free Zebra Pens at Staples!”

I am soooo bummed!  I hate missing out on a deal like this.

I also got my 4 packs free. I paid 28 cents for all of them in tax. Got 2 packs with each coupon. I do have a question. After you get the coupons printed…if you have more than one computer will it let you print more from a different computer?

Yes, but unfortunately, the coupon is gone : (

Score!! Just came back from Staples and got 4 pks do pens for FREEEEEE! They let me do 2 pks on ea Q! All I had to pay was .24!!! Had my mom with me and she was totally impressed!!

I had the worse time trying to get this deal. I ended up just leaving without anything

That is frustrating! I’m sorry that it didn’t work for you : (

Why won’t the printed coupons scan at the stores?  I have had several problems with this and they refuse the coupon.  I am about to stop printing them –  cost a ton in ink and then the cashier acts like she is going to have to give you money out of her pocket. 

Most of the coupons that I print scan, but occasionally they don’t. It could be that the coupon has the new bar code and the store isn’t set up yet to scan it, or it could be a printer issue, or just a technical “glitch”. 

Ugh, I’m getting so frustrated with Staples! I tried to get 2 packs today, and was told that they could only adjust the pens down to a penny each. Wouldn’t even let me add on 2 more to buy 4 with my 2 coupons. Kept insisting the coupon was on ONE pack. Grrr! Told them to take them off and I would price match it elsewhere. I’m not able to pay even a penny when I should get it free (or overage)! 

Thanks KCL! Printed Q’s last night got a great deal today!

It looks like the coupon is gone : (

what zip code do you have to use to pull it up?

i found it twice tried to print twice and twice it failed and gave me another coupon i did even click on.  But now i cant find it at all!!!  Has the coupon reached its limit?

I used price match at Wal-Mart with no problem. I was able to use the $1 overage on the rest of my purchases.

There is no coupon for the pens. That happens to me all the time. I go to get a coupon and it is never there

This coupon disappeared really quickly!

Well nevermind I can’t even find the coupon apparently. I looked under exclusives and office…

Is this in the ad for me to price match it?

I could not find the Zebra coupon .  I went through them 2 times.  It wasn’t there.

Are they out of coupons?  I tried to print but cannot find.  Checked All Exclusives and it is not there.  Even went to page 2 like others said.  Bummer, kids really like thee fun pens.

I price matched at walmart and got the overage :) Sadly my store didn’t stock the avery 5 tab dividers and were out of 10c glue sticks. But still a great steal on school supplies today :)

The would not adjust the coupon. So I found a bogo back fo2.50 pn clearance table.

i went to staples tonight and got 3 packs of pens (mine did not have the B1G1), 1 Charmin 16 pk of toilet paper  and the .01 cent specials all for 2.29.  Staples put the 1.00 overage from each pen coupon towards my toilet paper….woohoo….equals .07 per roll since the 16 rolls were equal to 32 reg rolls!!!

I thought you had to spend 5 dollars in order to get the penny items at staples this week.

It has to be 5.00 before coupons.

my staples had two packets for the price of one! so it was buy one packet get one free, they were packaged together so you ended up getting 2 packs for $1! minus the coupon, GREAT deal!

i just went to clicked on coupons, went to page 2 and printed 3 from 3 different comps so the coupons are still there. And i never put in a zip code

I thought staples does not take manufacturer coupons.

Staples accepts manufacturer coupons from the newspaper and internet printables. I’ve used internet printables there without a problem.

my staples refused the coupon wouldnt let me use it!!

Try going to Walmart instead. You can get them to price match and use your coupon. Plus, Walmart gives overages!

mine just refused my coupons too! the manager said the coupon would not scan because the coupon said not to be used with any other offers…. really?? walmart sure did price match and except my coupon.. also found that the 8gb usb drive for 5.99 (on sale “save $19 at staples) was only 7.99 normally at walmart… hmmm!

I was only able to print 1 and it said print limit reached. Does anyone know if the limit is really 1 or 2?

I could get one.

Earlier today I was able to print 2.

What should I do if my walmart manager days I cannot price match AND use a coupon?
She said I can do either a coupon or price match, but not both..

Get the coupon policy and show it to her. They can’t refuse if you show corporate policy. If she still won’t accept it try contacting corporate about it. Actually I just got thru reading Coupon policy and Ad match and there is nothing of either of them that says anything about that.

staples also has 2 dollar instant savings on recycled binders for each binder purchased

2 one-inch binders for 7dollars
less 4 dollars (2 recycled binders)
1.50 each wb2

Wow! I did not know they recycled binders. Thanks for sharing this :) Do you know if the binders have to be in any particular condition?

So staples takes MF coupons, I thought I read somewhere that they didn’t. 

Yeah they do. Just got back from the store.

Thank you. Did they limit on how many you can get.

yes they do

Well I see a lot of people have trouble with this so i’m just going to price match at Walmart and also get the purell and use my overage on it, should be able to get 4 bottles of purell and 2 packets of pens and only pay around $2. Thanks for the help :)

Yes, Staples takes manufacturers coupons. I just did an online chat with a Staples customer service rep. last week. I wanted clarification about their coupon policy since so many people didn’t think that Staples accepted coupons. My ? to the rep. was “does Staples (stores) accept mfg. coupons? Such as off of HP paper and Bounty towels, etc. and her reply was “yes, they will”. I explained that the coupons came from newspapers and from the internet and her reply was “Oh that is fine Janet!” I also rec’d an email transcript of my communication with the rep. and I will carry that with me. 

Yes, Staples takes both MF’s from newspaper inserts (SS, RP) and internet.

So I went to my local Staples and they wouldn’t honor the coupon because it is allready on promo and the coupon is worth more than the price and they wouldn’t adjust the value down of the coupon

Price match it at Walmart. I price matched it earlier today with no problems!

Do you have to bring the Staples ad with you to price match? Or can I just show them the ad on my smartphone?

Walmart does not require the ad to price match. They have signs hanging above each register stating this. I brought my ad just in case. I don’t see why having the ad pulled up on your smartphone wouldn’t work? It’s worth a shot!

Thanks! Last time I tried to price match at Walmart.. I was told I had to have the ad. I’ll probably stop at Staples first and see if I can do the deal there.. then take a copy of the ad to Walmart.

The coupon isn’t there anymore :(

 I just printed one on the All You website, although it would not let me print more than one.  :-(  I just had to click on the All You Exclusives on the side ,and it was on the second page.

they must be out of coupons. I clicked print and waited, it never printed.

I’ve tried printing it several times, in different browsers, and it says it printed, but nothing ever prints. 

I just got from walmart, they price matched the ad and accepted the coupons. My walmart allows overage so I got 4 packs for free! I am going to go back later and have them price match the purell!! Yay!

what a bummer – it only let me print one coupon instead of 2

It only let me print one too. But 1 coupon is better than 0.

go to the last page of coupons and you are gonna find it there =)

go to the last page of coupons and you are gonna find it there =)

my staples said they can’t honor the coupon because it exceeds the item amount.  i had to pay $1.06. :(

Can’t you just buy 2 and the coupons should cover it since the coupon is a totatl of $2? 

Technically not if the coupon says it is for 1 item.  The cashier could do whatever they want really.  It is just nice if the store spells out the policy.  I know if I went to Albertsons or Walmart, then I would just get overage according to their coupon policy.

My staples once told me they dont take man. Coupons. I asked last year when they had the bic markers for $1.00 and there was a coupon for $1.00. So should i call the store or corporate about the coupon policy, because i dont wanna get there and be embarrased

Had an online chat w/Staples cust. service rep last wk. and got verification that the stores do accept mfg. coupons – both from newspaper inserts and internet.

Just got back from staples and they gave me the overage so I got to apply it towards other items :-)

I just came back from Staples, and they couldn’t give me the pens for free, because they said they are already on sale for a $1.0 so the manager told me that I have to pay $0.01 for them, which is very good =)

Will there be an issue since the coupon exceeds the amount of the item? I have never used a coupon (at staples) that was more than the price of the item.

I had an issue, they refused to take it….I even told them to just take off $1.00 and they said no….it is so frustrating sometimes….

Try price matching at Walmart at least there you know you will get overage. But of course that’s if they carry it. Hope they do.

Price match it at Walmart. I just did today with no problkems!

I just got my coupons – no problem. It allows you to print 2. I don’t know how this will work out since Staples has these on sale for $1. but I’ll give it a try.

I cant find it.  What zip did u use and catergory did u look under.  I looked for it under office supplies.  Thanks for your help. Never mind, I found it under All exclusives.

Glad you found it.

Does anyone know if Walmart carries these? I’d like to Price match for the overage

I don’t know I’m going to look for them on there website

I couldn’t find them on Walmart’s website but they still might have them since it’s back to school time! :-) Good Luck! Let me know!

I just returned from walmart they price matched and I got four for free with two coupons because the allowed overage!!! 4 packs for free yahoo!!

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll have to go get some tonight! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! :-)

Thanks for the heads up! 

I am not very familiar with price matching and allowing overage. Can you please explain?

Grab your pens, take them up to the register. Before they ring up the pens tell them that you would like to Price Match for $1 at Staples. Because the pens are only $1, you will either get $1 back in cash or you will have it applied towards any other items you are purchasing. Staples has to be close enough to be considered competition to your Walmart also. HTH.

Yes it did. Thank you very much. :)

Hi, how do you price match? Can I print the page from stapes online? Just wondering because I never did it before. I don’t get flyers at my house. Thanks!

At Walmart you do not need the ad to price match, you have to have a Staples store relatively close to you though (within your town at the least usually.) Just tell them when you get to the register but BEFORE they ring the item up that you would like to price match the pens for $1 at Staples :) They will then do their part and that’s it!

Thank you! I am new to coupons and I’m on a budget with my wedding. So looking for things to put into gift bags at the hotel. There is a staples about 7 min away, but it is a different town. I’m going to try tomorrow with four packs! Can you price match multiple items in one transaction? Thanks again!

Yes they do have them! I just price matched this deal!

It looks like walmart does have them they are in the ad this week on roll back for $2.94

It appears to be just the black ink pens. Staples is supposed to have the black ink and the colored ink pens.

Yes they do! I just price matched this deal. I only found the bright colored daisy ones at my Walmart.

Oops! I didn’t see your comment until after I posted mine. So WalMart has both the black ink pens and the colored ink pens – that’s good news.

Has anyone ever used these before? It would be awesome if they showed up in the colors. Perfect for note taking as a college student! Thanks!!

The picture in the ad shows a pack of black ink pens and a pack of colored ink pens.

they have the color ones too! :) i’m also using them for color-coded note taking :)

what zip code are you finding it under?

I found it under 43062 my home zip code. :-) If you still can’t find it look under 90210 that usually works if all else fails! :)

I had no problem getting the coupons and I did not fill in a zip code that block was blank.Left hand side under view all categories, then choose All You Exclusives. It was noted that there were (14) All You Exclusives available and they showed up on the first page.

Finally got it…I ended up having to refresh site several times and it finally showed up…it wasn’t there at first, because when it came up it was on same page with other exclusive coupons right where I had already clicked on website several times.  So for some reason it wansn’t there at first, and then it showed up.  Really weird, but happy I was able to get it finally!

Thanks for the tip on refreshing the page. I didn’t find it until I did that.

I’ve been all over the website…clicked on drop down menu and every icon I can see for “all you exclusives” and just cannot find it.  Is it still there?  If so can someone tell me EXACTLY where on webpage I need to click to get it?

On the left hand side are different categories. It’s the 2nd one down under View All Categories, the first one is Show All, then the 2nd is All You Exclusives. It was on the 2nd page for me, the 2nd row of coupons. Hope that helps.

thank you!

 On the left side of the page there is a list of “View By Category” It’s the 2nd one down and then the coupon is on the 2nd page, 2nd coupon down on the right.

Click on “All You Exclusive” on the left hand side and it’s on the second page, second column, second one down.

Sorry!  I didn’t realize others had responded.  I guess I should have refreshed the page.

I just printed it about an hour ago, so it’s still there

So did staples give you overage (or credit towards other products) or did they adjust the coupon down? Jw, never been couponing there before. Thanks in advance!

was wondering the same thing…

I was wondering the same thing too, if anyone does this deal or knows the answer, let us know :)

I was wondering too! :-)

It depends on the store. People have been reporting that the coupon was adjusted down, given overage or rejected. I’m guessing it’ll depend on what kind of cashier or manager you get at Staples. Good luck!

My Staples let me get 2 packs, since the coupon is for 2.00 off and they are a dollar each. I just paid tax for them 18 cents :)

At my Staples they let me get 2 since the coupon is for 2.00 off. So I just ended up paying 18 cents for 2 packs of pens.

Yay! Luck you :)

I’m not sure if STaples will give the overage, but if you have a Walmart near by, they do have these. I just bought some and price matched the ad. I got the $1 overage for all my other groceries!

i was worried about them not accepting it so i got 2 packs for one coupon. cashier said nothing about it and coupon went by fine, no beeping! :)

Neither for me. They suck. Will never coupon there again

My staples was a real headache about the coupon. Between the cashier and the manager they could barely figure out how to handle the situation. Finally after a lot of back and forth they let me use one coupon for 2 packages (so I basically got 2 free but only used one coupon). Had I known what a pain it was going to turn into I wouldn’t have bothered.

 I think it will depend on your store, but today they gave the overage to me with no problem. I got
3 packs of pens (1 pack was Buy 1 5pack and Get Attached 5pack Free)
3 pack of Puffs tissues
1 box of Crayola crayons 16 ct
8oz Purell

used 2 $2 off Zebra pens
$2 off Puffs Staples q and $0.25 PG 7/1
$1 off Purell
15% savings pass

Paid $0.65

 My Staples scanned two $2 off coupons for two packs of pens.  The cashier didn’t know if the computer would accept it, but since I still had a balance due from other purchases I was making, the computer scanned the coupon, no problem, and deducted the “overage” of $2 from my balance.  Good luck and happy couponing!

at my staple i just got two of the pin sets and both where free tks guys (iam in Va)

i am not finding the coupon

It’s not listed under ‘office  supplies’ – that’s where i looked for it.-
It’s under ‘All You Exclusive,’

I looked under “All You Exclusive and no coupon

I’m not able to locate it either!  Does anyone know if it’s still available?

 I was not able to find it either…

I couldn’t find it either :(

Me either

My Staples also had these bundled bogo from the manufacturer. Great deal!