This offer is no longer available.

We told you about the free Zebra pens at Staples yesterday, and now we have another free pen deal! A four-pack of Paper Mate retractable pens costs $2.47 at, and you’ll get free shipping if you choose to pick them up in-store. I can already hear you wondering, “How is $2.47 for four pens a deal?” Wait for it–if you go through, you’ll receive $2.47 cash back when you buy the pens, making them free!

  • Go to
  • Click the Shop Now button.
  • Add the pens to your cart.
  • Check out and choose in-store pickup.
  • Receive $2.47 cash back into your ShopatHome account!

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10 thoughts on “Gone: Free Paper Mate Retractable Pens at Walmart!”

  1. Newbie12 says:

    Seems like an awful lot of trouble to get free pens when they are so cheap everywhere with back to school sales…

  2. Bjposton says:

    I was told they were out of stock on-line.

  3. Hildauvence says:

    what is the limit on these?

  4. Anonymous says:

    One more question….How many can we buy and still recieve the total purchase amount back?

  5. Anonymous says:

    How do you actually get the money once it is deposited to your shopathome account?  I have never used it before and I want to make sure if I go spend the 2.47 I will get it back.

    • Catvase says:

      You get the cash rebate back when you reach $20. You wont get the cash back if you only have 2.47 in your account. They only send out $20 checks. But the website is awesome if you buy a lot of things online