The universe must be trying to tell me something–I’ve seen so many smell-good products on sale lately! I’ll take the hint, geez! I picked up a few items already (remember the deals I posted a few days ago?), but the Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kit has a Try Me Free rebate peelie on it so I grabbed one of those. If you’ve got any of the $2.00 coupons left, you can make some money on this! If not, free is still awesome.

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit $5.99, regular price
Use $2.00/1 Glade Expressions Collection Product from SS 7/15 (exp 8/4)
Pay $3.99, Submit Try Me Free Rebate
Final Price: $2.00 Moneymaker

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26 thoughts on “Better Than Free Glade Oil Diffuser at Target!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you bought multiples in one transaction are you able to submit more than one rebate per receipt? Or could i copy the receipt to send in the other one seperately?

  2. KRHO says:

    I did this and they gave the amount minus coupons. I just received my check. So I only paid for the stamp.

  3. Polarischica says:

    Dig around, ladies!  I found 1 at Target, but I had to pull a few back from the front until I found one with the peelie on it.

    It looks like this will be going on up to 12/31/12!  If you don’t get one in the next few days, DON’T FRET!!!!  

  4. Polarischica says:

    How many rebates on this item can you have per household? 

  5. Mary Smith says:

    The only rebate I have done before is the P&G rebate we just had, as I have only been couponing for about 5 months, but I see these Glade products EVERYWHERE with hang tags and peelies on them, so when we got the $2 coupons I said what the heck, and I got a few of the mist starter kits, and one of the oil diffusers. I was kinda excited to do it, and when I got home that night I get all my stuff out and remove the peelie and start to read it, and it says VOID IN CT AND RI… WHAT! I live in CT! Why would they be ALL over the shelves in almost every store I shop in if I cant even submit for a rebate. I was so mad, but I was just going to leave it alone since I pretty much got them for free anyways, but my husband was like you should try to call and see if they can do anything. So I called the number on the back and the lady told me I wasnt eligible for the rebate, but I could call Glade and they would probably send me some coupons. So she gave me the number and I called, and the nicest guy ever said nope we are giving the rebate on each product for full price and sending you some complmentary Glade coupons! I couldnt believe it! I guess it never hurts to call and ask. But Im still wondering why they would be on the shelves if they are void here? If you live in CT or RI be careful, NO REBATES FOR US…

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s probably safe to say that you can only do this OR the mist rebate? i think I remember the rebate being for Glade Expressions Try Me promo. So, the same?

    • Writetocynthia says:

      i also have the same question. I bought the glade expression mist try me free and submitted the rebate and got the check as well. just few days ago….. now if i submit this glade oil diffuser try me free will I get the rebate????

      • Anonymous says:

        I pulled both rebates, One for Fragrance Mist Starter & one for the Oil Diffuser Starter. They both have the same offer # (GLA-2002N)
        However under the fine print:Limit one Glade® Expressions Fragrance Mist Rebate (up to $4.99) per household.
        OR.Limit one Glade® Expressions Oil Diffuser Rebate (up to $8.99) per household.Has anyone successfully done both?

        • Writetocynthia says:

          I called glade customer care they said that u can separate 1 glade expressions mist and 1 glade oil diffuser per household…. Only that you will have to send them separately

  7. Couponmomtracy says:

    Question:  It is on another glade product.  The BOGO plug ins coupon target has going and the manufacture has going so can you use both to get the item for free?  I am confused since they say you can use two coupons but didn’t know how they work when they both are BOGO I know my Walgreens does both for a free item but not sure if Target does.

    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot use a Target BOGO and a manufacturer’s BOGO on the same two items. Check out their coupon policy for details: Click Find My Store, Target, then the Coupon Policy tab

      • Leyialenn says:

        I was able to use them today so they were free.

        • Goodsully says:

          I was just looking around for the same answer to the Glade BOGOs at Target.  I saw on another blog where a couponer got 24 of the Glade Plug ins for free using 12 Target and 12 Mfg coupons.  I was not sure how she did this becase of the policy regarding the BOGO’s.  I was also confused by the policy saying you could use an additional copon w/the target or mfg bogo coupon but then it says you cant use two bogo’s.  I have two of each coupons to get 4 items and I was going to try it tomorrow but just don’t want to get told I cant use them like that.

  8. Leng says:

    Anybody knows whether this rebate is mutually exclusive from the Glade Expression Mist one ?

  9. Juliekgreen says:

    They are fully stocked at all my stores, but NO ONE has a rebate sticker on any of them.  I have a $2.00 coupon I would like to use this on.  Anyone know other than Target or Walmart where there might be some with a sticker?  

  10. Nate says:

    Actually, there is also a coupon $2.00/1 Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit on

  11. Nate says:

    Actually, there is also a coupon $2.00/1 Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit on

  12. branflakes26 says:

    I just bought this yesterday for my first time couponing and actually at my WalMart this item was on clearance for $3 and with my $2 off coupon, I only oop $1 plus I am still sending in the rebate.

  13. Rrrrr says:

    no matter how many times I have submited rebates, none of them came out to be a moneymakers… all I got back was the actual amount after coupons. So do not count on money making part, but it’s still free.