Half Off Depot has an amazing deal for all you movie lovers! It’s so great – now you can afford some popcorn. You can score two movie tickets from Hollywood Movie Money for only $13.00!  These tickets are good for 2 adult tickets, up to $26.00.  They work for any movie, including ones marked “no coupons, no passes.” There is a limit of 5 per household and they are valid through August 31st.

Not sure where to redeem your Hollywood Movie Money? Go here, enter in your zip code and it will give you a list of participating theaters.

How to redeem yours:

  • Head to Half Off Depot.
  • Select the deal and check out.
  • Once your purchase is complete, you will be given a voucher code.
  • You will then go here and redeem your voucher code.
  • Go here and enter in your Hollywood Movie Money reward code in the appropriate box.
  • Print your movie certificate.

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46 thoughts on “Dream Deal! Two Adult Movie Tickets, Only $13.00!”

  1. Ariel says:

    I just received my codes and I bought it yesterday.

    • Darkknight2627 says:

       I still have not recieved my code and I bought this on the 19th. I opened up a claim but have heard nothing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also haven’t gotten the code. The website says it will take up to 48 hours to get a code by email after the deal was closed. But I sent an email them just to make sure I will get my code. So hopefully we all get the deal. 

  3. Jwilsonandinga says:

    I still have not received my code for this deal.  The money has already been taken out of my bank account. 

  4. Brightnina says:

    The link is broken. If someone has purchased this deal (I WANT TO) please share the link. Thank you so much

  5. Brightnina says:

    I’ve used it and they work fine, just look for the theaters you usually frequent.. I CANNOT FIND A LINK THAT WORKS TO BUY THIS OFFER

  6. Dtharbin says:

    Says deal is sold out

  7. Happytara says:

    I’ve used them before.  I think I’ve seen them offered as promotions before…maybe @ Walgreens or ceral box offers…similiar to Movie Cash.   I’ve never had a problem using them.  Wish the expiration date was a little longer. 

  8. Makiesaramsay says:

    Ordered tickets but cant find the reward code to activate them. Anyone know how to get the code?

  9. Juliesvoyage says:

    Glad it is not just me!  I purchased two of these, and it says “Already been redeemed.” So, I wrote a letter of complaint.  So now I am reading that we just wait a day and we will get a code? Good, because I was going to stop payment on my credit card.  This seemed too good to be true, but KCL has never steered me wrong before, so I hope this works out, as I do not need this added stress!

  10. Melissa says:

    i purchased this deal and couldn’t print the voucher as it showed already redeemed just after i purchased it.  :(

    • Ethel says:

       To all that are saying they can’t print it, you will be emailed a code within one business day.  KCL posted this above. Also, I have seen this before when an offer like this was offered through the same place.  People DO get their code.

  11. Ariel says:

    I never received the email with the voucher code :(

  12. yo mama says:

    wow a helpful coupon has stirred up some really dumb non computer knowledgeable readers or ones that can read..It is legit, nobody cares if your theater is cheaper- DONT BUY IT THEN!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to buy these tickets, but after reading the comments, I’m a little nervous….if anyone has luck, can they let me know? Thanks!

  14. Anonymous says:

    perfect timing, was going to take my daughter to see Ice Age but always catch the first show of the day for $7 each, this is a lot better cause its $1 cheaper and I can go  anytime. Thanks for the tips ladies!

  15. guest says:

    I can’t seem to print the darn thing after I bought it on the HMM site?? It says redeemed on the Half Off site but I have no code to redeem and seem to be out 13 bucks now?? anyone else have this problem or know what to do?

    • Yaret says:

      Check your email. it should have sent you the code there.

    • Anonymous says:

      I also have a same problem. I cannot find the code for HMM.

      • Julie says:

         I’m having the same issue. I’ve opened up a support ticket with Half Off Depot Sales to find out what I need to do. I haven’t been emailed a code and when I try to print it from the “print vouchers” section on my account it’s saying that the voucher is either inactive or has already been redeemed.

        • guest says:

          I’m having that same problem.  I am just going to request a refund since now I feel like this is kind of sketchy..

          • Yaret says:

            on the page where you can see the restrictions and info about the tickets it says “Redemption: Step 1 – After your purchase, you will receive a printable voucher
            with a code via email and in your Half Off Depot account. To redeem this deal,
            visit http://www.halfoffdepot.com/redemption and input your voucher code. You will also
            verify your email address. Step 2 – Within one business day you will receive an
            email with your Hollywood Movie Money® reward code. Step 3 – visit
            http://www.activaterewards.com/halfoffdepot, enter your Hollywood Movie Money® reward
            code under the reward code field, and follow the easy instructions to print your
            movie certificate”… So it can take up to 1 business day for the code to be emailed to you. Just a heads up.

          • Exscape4me says:

            Read all the info under the redemption process. First you redeem then you have to wait up to a day for an email to activate the redemption. Give it a day first to get an email. 

          • Anonymous says:

            On the Half Off Depot site, where you purchased the voucher, if you click on the restrictions tab, it tells you that they will email you the code within 1 business day

      • Anonymous says:

        Your code will be emailed to you within one business day of purchase.

        • Guest says:

          I still have not received my code and I purchased this deal yesterday.  The money has already been taken out of my account.

          • Tami says:

            I too have not received the code and it has been 5 business days and Half Off has taken my money!

            • Merissa says:

              Same thing here – I made it through the first 2 steps of the process, but was never emailed the Hollywood Movie Money reward code. I’ve even checked my spam and trash, and not there either. Hmm…

    • Anonymous says:

      On the Half Off Depot site, where you purchased the voucher, if you click on the restrictions tab, it tells you that they will email you the code within 1 business day.

    • Janet says:

      I was reading a little closer and it said that it can take up to a day for them to mail you the Hollywood code to enter after the 38076 one, so I’m not going to worry yet.  I did open a trouble ticket but will just keep checking my email for the Hollywood code.

  16. Ariel says:

    I just bought it and redeemed the voucher code but haven’t received the email with the reward code…in order to print the movie certificate

  17. Kuma says:

    I purchased one right now. However, I follow your instruction, and after I redeem my voucher from Half Off Depot, my balance of my voucher become zero there, and I cannot find my reward cord for Holly Wood Movie Money…Where can I find them? Do they suppose to send me one via email?

  18. Prima says:

    What city should I select in order to find the deal?

  19. how long are the tickets good for??

  20. IA Girl says:

    Would like to know what theaters are participating before I buy. It wants a promo code and zip code. Don’t have a promo code til I buy. Any other way to find theaters near me?

    • Msstarlite says:

       When I clicked the link the promo code was already entered for me (38706) so try that perhaps? But I would still call your local theatres to make absolutely sure they still accept HMM.  You never know when their policies for things will change

    • Deweysmama says:

      enter your zip code, click search, it will then ask you again for a promo code, there’s a thing that says to continue as guest without promo code, click here, click that link and it will give you a list of theaters.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a link above that has a promo code in it. Simply click that link and enter your zip code. Once you have entered your zip code, it will pull up a list of participating theaters.

    • Charlin says:

      This number was already autofilled in the promo code for me:38706, then you just need to add your zip code.

    • Sarah W says:

      if you leave the PROMO CODE spot blank, but enter your zip- a little box pops up that says continue as guest. It took me to the theatres around my zip that do accept this! Hope that helps! I am in IA too.

  21. Msstarlite says:

    I was wondering the same thing as MNN  I had never hears of Hollywood Movie Money so I did a search online and found that it is a legit thing that’s accepted at movie theatres, Do the zip code search to see where you can use the HMM but I would check specifically with whichever theatres you frequent to make absolutely sure they’ll accept it with no issues.

  22. MNN says:

    Has anyone ever used this Movie Money?  Any issues?