On Monday, Becca from Garland, TX told us her secret to saving major money on printer ink simply by using inkfarm.com. To find out just how much she saves, go here.

We had such an overwhelming response to her article, I thought I’d see what kind of deal I could get. I have a Canon printer and was surprised to discover that I could save 50%-60% on my cartridges just by shopping at Inkfarm. I also learned that on most cartridges you save 10% automatically at checkout and most orders ship for free!

These cartridges are compatible ink cartridges, which in short means they aren’t name brand. Inkfarm.com gives you the option to purchase the name brand cartridges. But, when you see the price difference, you’ll want to give the compatible cartridges a try.

Buy 1 Canon PGI-225 Black Ink $6.95
Save $0.70 automatically with the additional 10% savings
Free Shipping
Final Price: $6.25 Shipped

 How to order:

  • Head to inkfarm.com.
  • Search for your printer.
  • Select the colors and quantities you want to purchase.
  • Add them to your cart.
  • Click “checkout.” You don’t have to register to place an order.
  • Enter your shipping and payment information.
  • In most cases, you’ll receive your ink in 1 – 2 days.

If you went to purchase this same one at Amazon: Canon PGI-225 Black Ink $14.50 + Free Amazon Prime Shipping  

If you went to purchase this same one at Staples: Canon PGI-225 Black Ink $15.99 + Free Shipping

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31 thoughts on “Print for Less: How To Save Big Money On Printer Ink!”

  1. Juddie62 says:

    OK I can print pictures but not a letter.

  2. Juddie62 says:

     I ordered from inkfarm and the cartridges fit but do not work. I do remember someone wrote how to fix this problem. I just can’t find the steps. Did anyone else read this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Generic ink will save you money for your printer, but if you really want to save money, try a CISS Ink system, you have to make sure that your printer or a printer that you might buy is compatible with the CISS Ink System, once you have one, you wont be able to live without one. You’ll print until you can’t print anymore.  Just Google CISS Ink System to check it out

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much for the info!!!!! I went on their website. I bought 3 ink cartridges for my HP printer. At Target they usually run $14.99 for one cartridge! I bought 3 for $23.27. I will be buying my ink cartridges from them for now on. Thank you for sharing this web site.

  5. Nikki says:

    If you go through ShopAtHome they’re giving 12% back also. 

  6. My Lexmark printer ink would have cost me MORE on this site. I get mine at CompandSave.com for MUCH less.

  7. anon says:

    These will not work with HP – in my experience. They have special settings on the cartridges that prevent you from using anything but new ones from their own brand.

  8. I just ordered a 3 pack (2 blacks and 1 color) for a little more than the price of ONE color cartridge! Soooooooooooo stoked!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you KCL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Facetious11 says:

    I refill my own ink catridges (Canon Pixma) and it is dirt cheap!! it is easy to do (takes less than 10 mins depending on how experienced you are). I buy the ink kit fr ebay for $7.95 (refill up to 4-5 times!!) with free shipping. It comes with instructions on how to do it. But after refilling you will need to let your ink cartridge set for a while before printing. I have been doing that for years and it saves money to print those coupons!!

    • Facetious11 says:

      There is one problem though when you refill your own ink catridges. You will need to learn how to overide the manufacter printer built-in mechanism to read your new refilled catridge. Your printer will display “unrecognised cartridge” etc…you can find the way to do it on the internet, usually by resetting your printer. Different printers work differently. But the trouble is worth it ~ dirt cheap coupon printing!!

      • I have a Canon PIXMA iP3000 and I’ve used Staples compatible cartridges for several years and I’ve never had a problem with my printer not recognizing them. All I do is take the old one out and pop the new one in – no problem.

  10. Lisa says:

    No point for me. The Canon ones for the MX340 aren’t on sale at all and the “cheap” off-brand is only about 20% cheaper. I can get a much better deal than that at my local place.

  11. Lindsay S. says:

    I found my printer, but don’t see any options for off brand, compatible cartridges! I see “genuine HP cartridges” and “remanufactured cartridges.” I used a “discounted ink” site before, and the black cartridge I bought worked for MAYBE 25-30 pages. After that, my printer registered an “error” with the cartridge, so I’m leary of buying remanufactured inks now.

  12. Combo212 says:

    Check out http://www.ezink123.com for affordable prices on re manufactured ink products. Great customer service!!! 

  13. Lilmissrayray29 says:

    For me it’s cheaper if I get mine from staples.. Buy 2 get 1 free from staples..

  14. Cassi says:

    Dont have Samsung ML-1865W :(

  15. Tessa Byrd says:

    I have a Canon MP280. I chose to go the adventurous route and just bought an ink refill kit and refilled the cartridge myself. I bought mine at Walgreens, which came with 40ml refills for each color… my canon cartridge only takes 5ml each color soo for me it’s big savings. I watched a youtube vid on how to refill ink cartridges and then followed the instructions that came with the kit.

    It does say in the instructions to replace the cartridge every 5th time as the head may get warn out – that’s still a good deal for me.

    If your not comfortable doing it yourself, bring your cartridge to Walgreens they charge about $12.99 (does not include Canon or Epson).


  16. I don’t buy ink cartridges anymore.  I just refill them.  It’s by far the cheapest way to go.

  17. Jenni says:

    I get my ink cartridges from ebay and only pay about $18 for a pack of 12 different cartridges. Haven’t had any problems with my printer not reading them and they last just as long as the brand name ones I’ve bought a walmart.

  18. Quest says:

    I bought a whole bunch of generic ink cartridges for 2 of my printers and extra,none will work and can not return them 112.00 down the drain HP has to have HP ink.

    • bamabragger says:

      Did you buy them from inkfarm and did you call them? Why can’t you return them? I’m not getting free shipping so I’m not ordering?

      • becca says:

        Inkfarm has a 2 year guarentee on their ink – if it doesn’t work you should be able to return. For free shipping use promo code IHEARTINKFARM. If it’s not working anymore, check retailmenot for a current code.

    • Beth says:

      I’ve been getting the knockoff ones that comboink.com has for the past 2 years and haven’t had any problems with them.  I have an HP 7100 that takes black ink and 5 color ink cartridges.

  19. Dsellard says:

    Be careful that your printer might not be compatible with these off brand refilled cartridges. Once they are used the chip isnt the same. My HP 6150 will not read a refilled cartridge so it tells me its empty every time print.

    • becca says:

      I don’t think they are refilled cartrdges, they are just off brand. Maybe it’s an HP thing, because I have a Canon and have had no problems, but it seems people with an HP have problems…

  20. Ellis_crew says:

    I didn’t get free shipping or 10% off. Was that just a special they were having?

    • bamabragger says:

      It didn’t show up for me either, so I’m not ordering. I can refill at Walgreens for the same price, but I did want to get fresh cartridges. This just posted today so if it’s free shipping it should still be there!

  21. colleen says:

    I can’t find mine type on this site.   :(  HP 4240 All in one…

  22. Darlene says: