A movie isn’t a movie without popcorn, but who wants to pay full price at the theater? Save $2.00 on any size popcorn at Regal Cinemas with a new mobile coupon. Head to their Facebook page, “like” them and enter your mobile number in order to get it. The coupon is valid through 7/22; printed coupons will not be accepted.

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4 thoughts on “Save $2.00 on Popcorn at Regal Cinemas!”

  1. katlee says:

    after last night, don’t think i’ll be going for a while.  btw, i’m 30 minutes away from the movie massacre in denver,co.

  2. Lettylucio says:

    I love all this coupons so I could save money thank you

  3. Ttausaga says:

    Also if you have an AARP card you save on popcorn and soda. I think it’s $5 for both!