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2 thoughts on “Save $2.00 on Goodnites Underwear”

  1. Rapunzel says:

    oh man…I just bought these yesterday with $1 coupons…anyway…if you need these, they are 2/$20 at rite aid (sale ends 2/21, unless you are in california it which case it ended yesterday?), anyway, you buy two, use two $2 coupons get two $5 ups…makes them essentially $3 each pack (I bought them for $4) FYI the smallest size (38-65 lbs) is 15 count

    • Southjrzyprinces says:

      did you actually pay $ 4.00 or did you pay $18.00 and the $10 ups go on your rewards card for future purchases? please respond asap lol. i dont want to go to rite aid and do whats above and winde up paying $18.00