Get a 1-year subscription (10 issues) to Seventeen Magazine for only $4.50 per year!

Cover Price: $35.88 per year
OUR PRICE: $4.50 per year

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About Seventeen Magazine: Seventeen is the magazine subscription every teenage girl wants. Every issue is filled with the hottest styles and beauty tips, advice on how to handle guys and friends, and has exciting features like quizzes, music, trends, and guides for choosing the right college and career. If teens love it, you’ll find it in Seventeen.

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3 thoughts on “Seventeen Magazine, Only $4.50 per Year”

  1. Dayna Kidle says:

    I’m getting Seventeen for free and in the August issue there is a thing for FREE Orly nail polish. Just bring the Seventeen magazine to an Ulta store to get it free! You can also print off the main page or use the E-reader edition. 

  2. Chloe says:

    I’m getting Seventeen and Teen Vogue Magazine for a whole year for…$0! 

  3. Tcrystalk says:

    I found that after adding the promo code you can also add other mags like Teen Vogue and get that one at half price as well. So you get both of them cut at half price  :) Awesome deals I love these. Helps the kids want to read.